Travel Diary : A Weekend in Paris | Day 3

11 November 2016

DAY 3 

Our earliest start was Disney day - waking up at 6:30 to get ready, wrap up warm (I say, as I wear a jumper and scarf) and hop on a metro, then the double decker train to the Disney station. Travelling didn't take long, considering I'm so impatient and my excitement was ridiculous at this point. When we arrived, we thought it would be tactical to begin in the Walt Disney Studios park, rather than Magic Kingdom, simply because it is generally the less popular one of the two. This actually worked in our favour, meaning Aidan and I went straight on the Tower Of Terror before the rides were even meant to commence. Then literally straight after we rode Rockin Rollercoaster, which meant we'd already done our favourite 'thriller' rides in the park within a time span of 30 minutes. Afterwards, we wanted to check out the new rides in the Studios park but unfortunately, the queues were 80 minutes plus so we decided to leave them and come back to them later on in the day. By this time, we were starving so sat down in one of the Hollywood diners to have an unhealthy, ridiculously pricey meal. 

Our next port of call was the main Disney park - Magic Kingdom. I was BUZZING to go here because the atmosphere is my favourite - everyone is happy, there are lots of excitable kids running everywhere, the music is feel good AND even better, the whole place was decorated Halloween themed. This excited me way more than it should have; I love autumn and Halloween so was obsessed with the very OTT, very Disney decorations. Their were pumpkins in every nook and cranny, ghosts hanging off buildings and autumnal flowers planted everywhere - they even changed the main street lamps to green and orange lanterns! Being so overwhelmed and happy, I spent about 20 minutes capturing the atmosphere on my camera in both picture and video form. I'm sure you will have seen haha...

Sticking to the Halloween theme, our first ride in Magic Kingdom was the Phantom Manor. A little ghost ride that turned out not to be as scary as I was expecting. Following this, we went on a ride spree to make sure we got all our favourite rides in - the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride, Space Mountain and It's a Small World. Unfortunately, Thunder Mountain Railroad was under construction which was gutting but all the other rides didn't let me down. My favourite Magic Kingdom ride was definitely Space Mountain; it is significantly different from Orlando and I hate to say it, but it was probably better. AMAZING! After polishing off the rides in Magic Kingdom, we watched the Harvest parade which was so cute and popped on a couple of last minute rides before quickly heading back to the Studios. Here we queued up for Crush's Coaster and Ratatouille - both were amazing and great additions to the park, I must say. By this time, it was starting to get dark and it started to rain so we thought it be best to have a bite to eat so we were ready for the firework spectacular. The food was again lovely, but expensive, and quickly followed (bad idea but so worth it) by one last ride of Space Mountain. Our night ended with a BANG (haha, so not funny) with the incredible firework, laser and fountain display. I've never seen them do a display before where they projected the characters onto the castle. I would 100% watch it every night if I could. This was such a successful, fun day and left me in the best mood before falling straight to sleep when we got back to the hotel at 12:15am.

Lots of love



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