Travel Diary : A Weekend in Paris | Day 2

10 November 2016

DAY 2 

Waking up with a very early 7am start, we got dressed and had breakfast in a nearby bakery - Midore. We ended up having breakfast two mornings here because the food was lovely and no way near as expensive as the other places around us. Aidan devoured a cheese, ham and gherkin baguette with a madeline cake and I ate a classic french butter croissant, alongside a madeline cake as well. Saturday the 22nd was our designated 'sightseeing' day - we wanted to see as many of the classic Parisian sights as possible. On our walk to the Louvre, we ended up seeing the Opera - the exterior was absolutely gorgeous and was the perfect background for some outfit photos haha! Anyway, our first stop was the Louvre. Walking around the museum was interesting - getting to see the different sculptures, paintings and artwork throughout time. The layout was super cool and I loved admiring the artists' work; however, after a while, walking around the museum became exhausting and draining. Therefore, as soon as we saw the Mona Lisa, which I must say was a slight anti-climax...we headed to Notre Dame. Strolling alongside the river Seine was very scenic - Parisian artists propped along the side of the road trying to get their masterpieces seen, beautiful boats floating down the river and autumn leaves falling onto the pavement. My feet were already getting super tired (DO NOT WEAR NEW SHOES IF YOU WANT TO WALK AROUND PARIS) so we took a pit stop outside Notre Dame, again admiring the stunning architecture of the building. 

After I sucked it up, Aidan and I took the metro to the Eiffel Tower. I've only been to Paris a couple of times early on in my childhood so I couldn't quite remember how I felt about it. I was super excited when we walked up from the metro stairs and you could see the top of the tower overlooking the autumn trees. Waiting in line to go up the tower took quite a while - we queued for an hour and a half but I can tell you, it was sooooo worth it. We paid for tickets to go to the very top because we didn't want to miss the opportunity! The second floor, which we arrived at first on the lift, seemed ridiculously high anyway. I had a cup of tea and we shared a pretzel, looking down at the tiny heads and incredible views from every side of the tower. It was time to go to the top...This was exhilarating; the lift felt like it was never going to stop as we headed higher and higher. One thing my boyfriend and I weren't too keen on was the flooring - it felt like you were going to fall through any second. I can't even begin to describe the views from the top. It is honestly indescribable and I 100% recommend any of you to go to the top if you ever take a trip to Paris. 

Finally, our evening consisted of a one hour cruise along the River Seine - my boyfriend kindly bought us tickets before we went and it was such a lovely gesture. We sat on the bottom floor, outside so we didn't have to see the view through glass and honestly, so I could take some cute night-sunset pictures. It was super romantic and I would totally recommend taking a boat trip in the evening as you get to see the sights in both the light and dark. The Eiffel Tower looked extraordinary at night - it had a golden glow that looked stunning against the dark blue sky. I tried to capture it the best I possibly could for you guys but the photo does NOT do it justice. By this time, my feet were so sore and achy that we headed back to the hotel. The night was drawing in and we didn't want to go to bed too late because we had an early start for Disney the following day, so we hopped on the metro from the Eiffel Tower to St Lazaire. Our room was warm, cosy and I couldn't wait to give my poor feet a rest, ready for a very exciting trip the next day! 

Lots of love



                                                                      PARIS HAUL
                                                               MY PARIS OUTFITS 


  1. I am desperate to visit Paris - it looks like you had the best time! :) xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thank you so much!! You definitely need to go sometime, I had the best experience over the weekend xxx


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