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21 November 2016

As a beauty lover, packages like this excite me. When Nur Besten offered to work with me, I was so excited because I've seen a tonne of blogging gals get their hands on these beautiful brushes. After being super jealous of their Instagram pics, I knew I had to grab these as soon as I got the offer. Brushes are the 'foundation' (accidental pun...) of the beauty world - without brushes, my makeup would look hideous...let's be honest! Since using brushes, I could never imagine applying base or eye makeup without one. Something that always strikes me when testing brushes is how easy it is to tell whether the quality is good or bad. With brushes, I always know whether they are going to make my makeup incredible or simply worse than before. Let's see how I get on with these beautiful little gems...

Aesthetics-wise, I am more than happy. How cute do these look tucked up in my spotted glitter glass?! I love how the light-cream wood complements the golden hardware and how the brush hairs ombre darker at the ends. Personally, I think these look a lot more expensive than they are. I mean, how often do you see a quality, good-looking brush set for under £20? Their are 8 brushes in the set - 4 face and 4 eye brushes. Each are very different and versatile, in the best possible way. I can honestly say that I've used every single one of these and none have let me done. Obviously I love some more than others but the quality is just incredible. All of the hairs are tightly-packed, making the bristles super dense and a dream to apply any formula. My favourite brushes have to be the thick eye brush for perfect lid application and the flat contour brush for precise contouring. 

Price-wise, you are essentially paying £1.50 for each brush. That to me is an astounding bargain and I would definitely recommend grabbing a bundle for you, or even as a Christmas present, before the price rises! You can instantly tell from the feel of the brushes on you fingers, and face, that these are made with care and a lot of time. The brush hairs don't flake off the handle - always a good thing. I absolutely hate when cheap brushes start to malt all over my makeup desk and clothes!! Additionally, the quality of the brushes are mainly appreciated, for me, after makeup application. Literally, my contour and eye makeup seem to have improved, simply by changing the brushes I used. I've never really invested in a really expensive brush set and this proves that you don't need to! You get everything you need for just £12 - prettiness and quality.

If you wish to purchase some brushes or any of the other makeup products, tools or accessories Nur Besten have to offer then feel free to use my 10% discount code - CPD10. Let me know in the comments if you love the brushes just as much as I do!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Nur Besten; however all opinions are honest and my own.

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