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27 November 2016

Eden's Semilla are a skincare brand that sell an incredible range of serums, essential and 100% natural oils. The company were originally formed in the USA and began from their demand for the ingredient rose hip. Fortunately, the oil that was kindly sent by the team at Eden's Semilla not only contains organic Rosehip, but Jojoba oil as well. These two ingredients are said to naturally improve, revitalize and soothe the skin, alongside the 100% naturally sourced vitamin E.


Eden's Semilla Vitamin E oil retails for £18.85 - you can save £6.00 if you purchase through Amazon as they are currently selling it for £12.95!! Personally, I think the price is incredible considering you are provided with a 120ml bottle containing the perfect concoction of ingredients to aid skin repair. Also, the oil can be furthered used on the hair and nails so is super versatile. You are only advised to apply 2-3 drops on application so the product will last for a very long time - definitely worth the money in my opinion. 


So far, I have only used the product in my hair and on my fair - I am still yet to try it on my nails and hopefully receive fantastic results. When applying to the face, 2 drops is more than enough as the liquid formula covers all areas. One thing that really stuck with me is that the oil didn't have a greasy effect once layered on my skin. Usually, when I've used oils before, a really nasty greasy appearance is left and it leaves me feeling horrible. However, I was super surprised to see that the formulation absorbed into my skin after a couple of minutes. After using the oil for two weeks, I have honestly seen a difference in the lower area of my face - the area that gets easily attacked by my dryness. The dry patches are gone, or very minimal, and the rest of my face looks glowing and healthier. I love how the oil has made me feel in my skin and I strangely feel more comfortable to wear no makeup in public! 

When discussing the oil results on my hair, I can't give a very reliable opinion as I've only used it 3 times so far. I found I had to apply 3-4 drops on my fingers to ensure my hair is covered - having long and fairly thick hair requires a lot more that expected. The oils leave a greasy touch to the ends of my hair and feel super nourishing. One night I decided to leave this in my hair after showering and slept with it in overnight (and then washed it out in the morning!). I've done this before with other oils so decided to do it with Eden's Semilla Vitamin E oil to see if I could compare. From this experience, I would say that my hair felt lighter and had a little more life than usual. I reckon with a few more uses, my hair will feel hydrated, less dry and hopefully better than ever before.

"Topical vitamin E contains excellent healing properties for damaged or tired looking skin. A rich blend of organic Jojoba and Rosehip delivers a natural carrier oil that is easily absorbed, fast acting and full of natural goodness. Hydrates and nourishes all in one"

Do you use oil in your skincare regime? If so, which one?!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Eden's Semilla; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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