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29 October 2016

Something we never give ourselves enough of is quality 'me time'. I always seem to get caught up in a busy world - constantly doing school work, revision, working, hobbies, Youtube and blogging, leaving me no extra time to myself. Inevitably, we are all guilty of putting ourselves through a lot of stress, leading us to insanity. This can all simply be fixed with scheduled, or even spontaneous, 'me time'. A time where you just be yourself, eat whatever and basically do whatever the hell you want - make yourself HAPPY! For me, this would probably be sitting in bed, all wrapped warm with a hot chocolate and watching youtube videos or a pamper night in. For others, it could be a relaxing bath, watching tonnes of shitty tv or eating a lot of junk food. Whatever makes you happy, just do it because you will feel a whole lot better if you make time for yourself.

One thing I do to treat myself is to indulge in an extended skincare regime or give myself an OTT pamper night. What can a girl love more than pampering their skin with a tonne of beautiful smelling products? Fortunately, I was able to team up with Nugg Beauty to share their incredible face, eye and lip mask range to help you feel amazing...


Nugg Beauty are a skincare reviving brand that create luxurious formulas and products at an affordable price. Luckily, I was able to get a taster of their 5 different face masks, as well as their under-eye De-Puffer masks. Personally, I think the packaging is fresh and innovative, the bright floral patterns make the products inviting. All products are free from all nasty paraben and chemical emulsifiers - allowing your skin to feel free, fresh and hopefully better than ever before. They have a wide variety of masks to cater for the buyer's skin needs, which is very attractive for a customer's perspective. NUGG beauty is sold online for American buyers and can be bought from places like Selfridges and Beauty Bay for us British buyers.


These masks have had an incredible effect on my skin -  the yellow-packaged soothing Face Mask has honestly helped to hydrate my complexion, as well as balancing out my skin tone. The feel of the product is so luxurious, considering you only pay around £3 for a pot. The formulation is thick, gel-like and super smooth - I felt like I was giving myself a little personal massage as I was applying this to my face. The first time I tried these masks I was with my best friend and she had a great experience from what I gathered with the purple De-Stress mask too. Each mask is designed for a different buyer so that everyone's skin care needs are met - revitaliser, deep cleanser, soother, de-stress and hydrating. My favourite thing about these face masks, and what makes them stand out for me above other face mask sellers, is that the product contains the perfect amount for face application. Most face mask brands either have too little or WAY TOO MUCH product in their packets, either leaving you with half a face untouched or you end up wasting product that could easily have been used to apply a second time. If you are looking for a compact little face mask to brighten your evening, I would definitely recommend these little guys!


Throughout my teen years, my under eyes have been the worst. Struggling with school work and getting to sleep at a reasonable time, my eyes have formed permanent dark bags beneath them. This means I spend my entire life trying to find a concealer to hide all the darkness and puffiness. After testing so many under eye masks, I've never really found something that works for me because a lot of them end up drying my under eyes. I've been using this Nugg Beauty Depuff product one a week and so far, so good. My eyes, and skin, feel hydrated, my under eyes have deflates and make concealer application so much more pleasing because I don't have to sit and blend for 500 hours. 

"Like a cup of coffee for under your eyes" 

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Nugg Beauty; however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Their gel eye masks sound divine! I wonder if i can find them in Canada.

    1. I'm not sure if you can but I'm sure they would ship to you! The eye masks are perfect to brighten dull undereyes...I need them a lot haha xx


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