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11 October 2016

WOOOOO. It's that time of year again. The time where I get to share my current Autumn makeup faves and what I love to wear on my face during the cooler months. Berries and mustards and rust oranges have taken over my life yet again - GOD, you should see how seasonal my new and updated A/W wardrobe is! As for beauty, I always enjoy wearing a deep purple and popping some golden glitter on my eyes. If you are more into Youtube videos, I incorporated the majority of these products into a simple Autumn makeup tutorial - you can watch it HERE.

Let's see what products have stuck with me this Autumn and show you some newbies in my seasonal makeup faves...


If you know me well, I love a high coverage foundation - simply because my natural skin colour is very red and unbalanced. I love to even out my skin tone with a good quality, high coverage foundation. This year, I've re-cooperated my love for the L'Oreal True Match foundation, which I had an obsession with back in the day. I neglected it for quick some time as it eventually started to reject my skin and cling to dry patches - NOT PRETTY. However, since repackaging the product and re-formulating the liquid, my skin has never been so healthy and glowy. During this time of year, my skin always seems to lose it shine and look extremely dull so having a product to brighten up my face is a must-have for me. Not to mention the incredible lasting power - I rarely have to touch up my face throughout the day. 

As always, my trusty Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess makes it into my favourites all year round. I literally cannot get enough of it and I don't think I ever will. Giving you a beautiful, soft bronze with a light sweep under the cheekbones or building it up to create an intense contour - this bronzer is 100% multi-purpose and worth the money. Honestly, I've had this product for almost two years and I've only just hit pan. Considering how much I use this (everyday I wear makeup), it has lasted a ridiculous amount of time, making ever penny worth it. Definitely grab this up if you are looking for a good quality, long-wear bronzer to help define your complexion.

Something I have a love-hate relationship with is blush. This is probably because I'm so heavy-handed and end up ruining my makeup by accidentally shoving heaps of colour onto my cheeks. As I've developed my makeup applying skills, I have learnt to lightly apply blush and build it up if necessary. I like to stick with subtle blushes, due to my heavy-hand, so MAC's Melba works perfectly. A muted peach-orange that adds a natural pop of colour to your face. Unfortunately, I can't rock the gorgeous rosy cheeks so MAC's Melba has saved me from looking like a ghost or a ragdoll.

Finally, a recent purchase of mine is the Sleek Solstice palette. After seeing endless reviews, photos and blog posts about this product, I just had to buy it! The palette contours a 4 incredibly glittery highlights - 3 powder and 1 cream. The ones I've been getting the most use out of since Autumn began, are the white-champagne and the peach-orange. These two always seem to compliment my makeup the most, especially collaboratively with the blush and bronzer mentioned above. For anyone as obsessed with glitter and highlight as much as me, add this to you wishlist right away!


Looking at eye shadow palettes, the one I've been carrying in my makeup bag and turning to the most on a school morning, is the Naked Smokey Palette from Urban Decay. I received this as a gift last year and honestly, this has saved my awful attempts of smokey eye days. All 12 shades are super creamy, easily blendable and highly pigmented - I wouldn't expect anything less from Urban Decay. The majority of the shadows are cool-toned, which I love to wear on my eyes in the cooler months (apart from gold, OBVIOUSLY). I'm trying to venture out into using more coloured shadows too, instead of always sticking to neutral so hopefully the purples and blues scattered in this palette will help to experiment more.

MAC Woodwinked is one of my first MAC products and first high end eye shadows. You will have heard me talk about this on a few occasions so I won't go into too much depth. However, I am insanely love with this shadow during this time of year. It goes with practically anything - any outfit, any lipstick and any occasion. This eased me into the high end makeup world smoothly because the shadow is so accessible with little skill. The eyeshadow can be applied straight to the lid and blended upwards into the crease creating a range of tones within. Therefore, although you've only used a single product, it looks like you've blended about 3-4 in there too. 

Now, moving onto the infamous berry trend that is loved by many a makeup hoarder during Autumn, I've decided to include Kiko's 204 shadow in this year's autumn makeup faves. Not only is this product aesthetically pleasing to photograph and look at, the shadow's intensity is strong and leaves a beautiful deep burgundy on the lid/crease. Personally, I think this is a great crease colour, either for a matte look, cut crease or to pair with a golden glittery eye. It's also a drugstore shadow so a lot more inexpensive but holding the quality of a high end product.


The moment you've been waiting for...the lip products. Lipsticks are always my favourite things to discover as there are a crazy array of colours to try and buy on your lips. One of my favourite things about Autumn is it being a bit more socially acceptable to wear darker colours on my lips. I always opt for purples/ deep berries when this time of year comes around, as these colours seems to suit my hair a lot more than true reds. MAC's Dark Side is a rich purple that glides onto the lips, leaving them shiny and feeling moisturized. The finish allows my lips to feel comfortable whilst still be able to rock a dark colour - I hate dark mattes as they always seem to sit in the wrong places and end up all over my face. Usually, I like to accompany Dark Side with Night Moth - another MAC product (promise I'm not sponsored, I wish...). Night Moth is a lip liner suitable for all dark berries and purples. The thick formula prevents any lipstick product from seeping out into the creases and maintaining a sleek, crisp line.

If you are on a bit of a budget (totally me right now), I've included a drugstore alternative to Mac's Dark Side. This is Maybelline's Color Drama in Berry Much; the colour match is almost exact to Dark Side, just slightly more purple and less dark. My favourite thing about this dupe is that the product is in a pencil form - this makes application a dream and allows you to get the most of your product as you can sharpen it down. Although the lasting-power isn't as high, the product stays on for roughly 3 hours before having to touch up so paying a 1/3 of the price isn't too bad!

What is in your Autumn makeup bag? What is your favourite Autumnal lipstick?!

Lots of love


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