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9 October 2016

Hot drinks are my favourite thing about this time of year. I know tea and hot chocolate are around all year long, but there is something so much more special about indulging in a hot drink on a cold autumn night. One thing I've really gotten into this year is herbal tea. Being the fussiest person in the world, I never thought my taste buds would be able to stand something that tastes good, makes you feel good and healthy. Discovering my love for herbal tea has seriously helped my dieting over the past few months - choosing the healthier option instead of making a thick hot chocolate or throwing a heaped spoon of sugar into my tea.

After expressing my love for tea and trying to progress with my diet/fitness, I was kindly contacted by the wonderful people at Begu Tea. Herbal Tea always seems to be pretty expensive, preventing me from going out of my way to buy and fancy detox ones etc; therefore, I was so excited to be receiving so many to see if they live up to the expectation and actually work. Don't forget to stick around as the Begu team have generously send me a huge pack of 6 different herbal teas, all of which I will be talking about today, to give to one of you lovely bunch!

Begu Tea are a company who thrive to help those with weight loss ambitions, or those who wish to push their lifestyle into a more healthier form. They have conjured up beautiful blends of herbs, said to be most effective by highly qualified nutritional and fitness experts. Each tea contains the perfect ingredients that fits the criteria for each title on the packet. Something that has really stuck with me is the personalisation appeal and variety the brand holds. Begu have herbal teas to suit all of your needs - one to give you that bright morning buzz, another to ease sleep, one to get rid of all those cravings, one to calm, one to fulfill your appetite and the last to cleanse your system. 

Packaging-wise, the bags are sleek and flexible - allowing you to take these on the go, whether you want to take them to work or even on holiday. The font and logo are bold, colourful and unique, although at the same time very subtle. The colours are carefully chosen and fit well together, making the brand's overall look classy, professional and aesthetically pleasing. I am also a huge lover of the tea bags themselves - the tea's herbs are carefully encased with a silk layer (very fancy!) and a string holding the iconic 'B' logo at the end.

My favourite of them all would have to be Morning Buzz. This is the tea I reach for most frequently out of all six, simply because I love the flavour and feel I get after drinking it. It's such a perfect 'wake me up', especially for a school morning, as well as being enjoyable. The tea fills me up, preventing me from naughtily snacking, and gives me a burst of energy to start the day. Personally, I think the lemon and fruity essence of the tea help to give me such a positive, energetic start and I honestly look forward to waking up for one. Something I definitely think I would ever hear me say?!

Now for the exciting part - the bit you've all been waiting for. If you are a lover of herbal tea or want a kit to help with weight loss or an alternative, healthier lifestyle plan, then make sure to enter the giveaway. Rules are simple: Enter the rafflecopter below by simply following the guided instructions. Make sure you're following Begu on Twitter and subscribed to me on Youtube - extra entries are available as the Rafflecopter will show. 

The giveaway will end on the 23rd October, so you have 2 weeks to enter. Make sure to leave your email in the designated box so I can easily contact you when I announce the winner. Good luck <3

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Begu Tea; however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love this blog post, as a tea lover, I love finding tea brands! Fab post and cute photos💗☕️🎄!! XO

    1. Thank you lovely. I hope you've entered and good luck to you! Thanks for reading <3 xx


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