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28 October 2016

Brows are something I've always struggled with, throughout my makeup years. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with naturally full, and shaped, brows - I was cursed with sparse brows that are very difficult to shape. I've always found this confusing as I have very dark, thick locks and would expect to have the same darkness and thickness on my eyebrow hairs too. This has made it very challenging to not only shape, but tame my brows as well. Therefore, as you can see, I am endlessly neglecting my brows to try and let them grow out in the hope that they grow thicker (which they never do...). Thankfully, I was able to collaborate with B Perfect Cosmetics to showcase their brow kit to you and test it to see if they make brow forming that little bit easier.


BPerfect Cosmetics are an Irish born beauty company based in Belfast. They are sellers of a range of versatile, easy-to-work with products that are fit for beauty experts to makeup amateurs (like myself). One thing I love about this brand is that they have dedicated time to cater for those who struggle with makeup, as well as provide unique products perfect for makeup artists too. However, the B Perfect team are highly renowned for their brow products so I thought why not give their Ultimate Definition kit a go to see what it was all about...


Talking formulation, the main product is powder-based and relatively pigmented. I used to work with powder a lot before I got hooked on brow wax. For me, I think powder works extremely well for those who have full brows and just want to tidy them up, or to set brows into place after a wax/liquid formula is applied. Using their double-ended brush, I used the denser, angled brush to apply the product onto my eyebrow. Surprisingly, the powder wasn't chalky and I only needed to apply a couple of coats onto my brow - I was expecting more as powder is generally less pigmented than a wax. Onto colour, one thing I would like to point out is that I advise you to pick the colour up from what you think you will be. B Perfect Eyebrow kits have 4 colours - Brown, Dark Brow, Irid Brown and Charcoal. I opted for Irid Brown as I have really dark brown hair but not black (charcoal) so I thought it would be most appropriate. However, the actual product is slightly too warm for my hair and is much lighter than expected. This isn't too much of an issue as I can still use it to set product or use it on my inner brow for a lighter gradient, or even build up the product further. Finally, the lasting power is my favourite thing about this brow powder. I love how powders never seems to budge when you wear them on your brows.


Alongside the product and brush, this kit is also equipped with 3 useful stencils to aid beauty babies when outlining their brows. I've never used an eyebrow stencil before so this was very different but so fun. Personally, I love thick brows as I am so used to having thin and sparse ones. Therefore, I was slightly disappointed that the thickest stencil didn't fit over my thin brows. However, the stencil still allowed me to get the general slick shape and then after, I thickened them up to suit my personal preference. Luckily, the kit also included a step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect brows so you can be led by experts without the pressure of an actual makeup course.

Have you tried B Perfect Cosmetics before? What product do you use on your brows?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with B Perfect Cosmetics; however all opinions are honest and my own.


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