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11 August 2016

After a little break away, eating extremely unhealthily and having some time off my standard routine, it's time to get my summer blogging back on. At the minute, I've been really inspired to post very 'summer' themed posts, whether it be advice, travel tips or simply what I like to wear in summer. Today I have a few bits and bobs that I cannot live without during the current seasonal period, abroad or not. Although the combination of minis I have are extremely random, I have become obsessed with every single one. Here are my favourite beauty, haircare, skincare + random minis...


Being a sufferer of thick dry locks is not a good. Therefore, I have to find suitable, personally appropriate choices when searching for haircare products. This, for me, is very difficult as I am no hair expert and am ridiculously bad at trying to tame and care for my hair. Luckily, I got some advice from the OGX Hair Care team, informing me that their coconut milk and argan oil of Morocco range would be perfect to hydrate my hair. Each ingredient present in both the shampoo and conditioners target those with damaged and dry skin; so far, my experience has been great with this brand and I cannot wait to see further results. These are also fab as holiday minis - they would be great for 1-2 week holidays as each bottle contains 88ml of product. 

Also, one of my high must-haves regarding hair care is, of course, my tangle teezer. If you haven't heard of these before, where have you been? Just kidding...They are a compact hairbrush that works at detangling the hair with limited/no pain. For someone with a low pain threshold, like myself, these work very well for me - my hair tangles from doing absolutely nothing so these come in very useful when I'm out and about. I have the purple and pink one so they are easy to find in my handbag - they are also super compact so do not occupy a large amount of space in your holdall too.


All I seem to do is moan about my dry skin on my blog and youtube. So let's cut to the chase - I HAVE VERY VERY DRY SKIN. Thus, it is more than a must to carry products, on holiday or a weekend away, that help to moisturize and cleanse my dryness. A brand I've recently become introduced to are Aurelia Skincare - I wrote a full post about many of their product minis here if you want to have a more in-depth insight onto what they have to offer. Anyway, their Miracle Cleanser and Hand Cream have been products I've been reaching out to most. Cleansing my face with such a luxurious formula is something that my skin has needed for a long while and since I've been using it, I have honestly felt a great difference. Furthermore, the hand cream has helped soothe skin dryness on my palms and hands, leaving them with a sensational aroma and silky touch.

My next mini is something that may seem hypocritical - Shine Absorbance Sheets. These Kleenex oily absorbing pads are perfect for people who (TMI) sweat really easily or are prone to oily skin. Although my skin is super dry, I sweat easily, especially in the summer. My T-Zone and nose can become very shiny when exposed to heat for a long period of time so keeping these nifty, compact pack of shine-absorbing sheets in your handbag is ideal.


Makeup is my favourite thing to purchase and hoard, as you will know. I love finding products that work well on my skin, can work for different occasions and which are best to be taken when travelling. Choosing which makeup to take on holiday with me is a huge task, I always end up taking too much and cramming tonnes of products in a huge toiletry bag. However, I've recently discovered some minis ideal for travel, are not overly expensive and work extremely well on my face. The Smashbox travel/mini sets are the kits to buy when travelling short or long distances. My favourite set is the one that contains the lipgloss, eyelid primer, photofinish primer and full exposure mascara. I consistently use each product on my face and cannot think of a fault in any. In particular, I love how enhancing the gloss is and how effective the mascara is at curling my straight lashes.

Nails are something I neglect a lot. I always tell myself I will get them professionally done or paint them myself before going abroad or away for a few days. This never materializes and I end up suffering with gross nails whilst I'm trying to enjoy a relaxing time away. Finding some mini nail polishes have been a great way to stop my neglecting tendencies. I've popped a mini varnish in my makeup bag so that I can paint my nails once relaxing and at my destination. The mini Ciate nail polishes are practical, cute and relatively affordable if you buy them in sets. Navy and white are my fave nail colours to wear when tanned to help my skin colour pop!


Finally, notebooks are something that gets me through my day and saves me from forgetting plans or tasks I need to do. Popping a small notebook in a summer bag/suitcase is ideal for someone like me who constantly gets surges of blogging ideas or things I need to do before returning back home. Notebooks are so handy for making lists, one of my favourite things to do, even before your holiday and you need to write what you plan to take. This adorable world notebook was from Ebay for simply £1 so they are ridiculously inexpensive. You could also purchase one if you like taking a notebook into school.

Do you have any mini products you use in the summer? 

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with OGX; however all opinions are honest and my own.

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