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26 August 2016

Summer 2016 was all about the frills and of course, the off shoulder style. Throughout August, I've been searching the internet for all things fitting in the trend but for affordable prices. Over the month, I managed to discover this gorgeous white, off shoulder top from One Look Clothing and completely fell in love with it. I'm a huge lover of this specific Summer trend so was thrilled to pick up another off-shoulder piece to add to my growing collection. To be honest, I used to hate off-shoulder clothing, especially when I was younger. I simply found them uncomfortable to wear and always felt like my clothes were falling off...thank heavens for me growing up and completely changing my opinion on them!

A lot of off-shoulder tops that I've seen whilst roaming the web, are mainly cropped. Indeed, I think cropped off-shoulder tops look stunning; however, I feel that tops, or dresses, make me feel so much more comfortable and confident. Wearing something that covers my stomach makes me feel less self conscious, especially if I'm feeling super sensitive or having a really bad day. Also, I love how this summer staple is flared at the bottom - allowing room for comfort, as well as not sticking or irritating you on a slightly hotter day. White tops are a summer classic - enhancing your summer tan, brightening up your outfit and to be honest, the colour, for me, is extremely feminine. I feel super girly when I'm wearing white and I have no idea why? Oh, and how can I forget...the material is cotton and very lightweight. I love finding tops that cover my arms slightly but aren't too clingy or thick - this makes the top perfect for summery days when England actually decides to give us some warmth.

My ultimate trait of the top is the incredible embroidery at the bottom; if you watch my Youtube channel, you will have seen me talk about this in my recent collective haul. I adore how intricate the detail is - the floral patterns included and tassles that slightly hang. The bottom of this top definitely spices up the outfit and makes it more on the smart-casual to going out side of things. Imagine this with a nice pair of black skinnies and some white open-toed heels?! Anyone wondering - the trousers I'm wearing are from New Look and costed £13.99.

Price-wise, One Look Clothing sell amazingly cheap products, that evidently, have great quality. This little number has seriously impressed me and for £11.99, you really cannot go wrong! Overall, I know that I will be heading back to One Look's site to have another gander and see which inexpensive piece is next on my list...

What is your summer fashion staple? Are you a fan of Summer 2016's trends?!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with One Look Clothing; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Arbonne Primer | Review

24 August 2016

Primers are something I've always wrongly neglected. I've never gone out my way to avoid wearing primer behind my full face of makeup, I simply just forget. This has definitely had a negative effect on my makeup's lasting power - my concealer creases, eye makeup drips and nothing ever sits perfect for an entire night. However, after finally getting into a routine of applying primer prior to my foundation, I've noticed a dramatic difference in the way my makeup holds throughout the night. Quickly, primer has become a staple in my makeup collection, making me constantly on the look out for the next best one. Here is my current favourite...

Arbonne is a brand I've discovered very recently, by my cousin who works as one of their independent consultants. In no way does this influence me to write a post, I just simply wanted to share my positive thoughts towards this product and what it has done for me. Anyway, Arbonne are sell botanical, paraben-free cosmetics, alongside skincare and health care products. Something that really stands out for me is that the brand is completely cruelty-free - no animals are harmed and no product contains animal by-products, which is amazing! Progressively, over the past few months, I've seen a lot of people in the beauty world turning to cruelty free products, simply from finding out brands do some incredibly brutal things to animals, harming them in the process. If you wish to read my first and all-round Arbonne post referring to their skincare and other cosmetics then click this post HERE for a more in-depth, universal post towards the brand.


One thing, which I regret to say, that steers me towards a brand, or product, is the packaging. I am a sucker for fancy packaging or quite oppositely, classic mature packaging. Arbonne's products are mainly contained in block colours - their makeup primarily being stored in a black coat, with white writing embossed on the front and their qwerky logo making an appearance somewhere. When discussing the primer's attire, I cannot get enough of the sleek, classy look of the tube. The bottle is very light, however you only need to apply a small amount to the skin - 30ml seriously goes a long way. Moreover, I love the fact the primer has a pump - I've seen many a primer and foundation that come with a lack of pump, or even worse, you have to BUY the pump separately?! Therefore, having a pump, for me anyway, is definitely an added bonus!


Formula-wise, the consistency is relatively thick and is similar to a gel. You only need a pea-sized amount for a single use - a little goes a long way. A individual coat of the primer gives a thin, smooth layer - the perfect base to apply your foundation, bb cream or concealer to. This primer significantly cooperates with my skin; the formula fills my pores to create an even layer, making my skin look flawless before applying a coverage product. Talking lasting power, if I apply my makeup at 9 in the morning, depending on what I'm doing, my face will stay in place for 8 hours. This time is somewhat greater than the usual, and rather poor, 3-4 hours before my makeup starts smudging and dripping off my face. 

Although this Arbonne primer is on the high end, more expensive side of the spectrum, at £29, it has been extremely impressive! I will definitely continue to repurchase this as I've never found a primer that holds my makeup in place for so long, alongside all the positive effects the product has on my skin. I know I'm not exposing harmful cosmetics to my face, which makes paying the money easier.

What is your favourite primer of all time?

Lots of love


This post is NOT in collaboration with any brands mentioned. All opinions are honest and my own.

A Man's Best Friend | Braun + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

21 August 2016

As my blog has progressed, I've developed new techniques, learnt numerous things and have come in contact with so many amazing people who share the same interests as myself. Saying this, I'm still and will continue to learn a lot more about the blogging world - I am not an expert..YET ;) One thing that has specifically made me proud of this little internet space of mine is that my content versatility has grown - this in turn has not only attracted more viewers, but significantly increased the amount of males that take the time to read my blog also. I love how diverse the people who support and read my blog are; it makes me incredibly proud to say that my male viewer count is growing. Therefore, to give something back to those of you who read this blog, I've decided to host a giveaway on behalf of Braun. 

In celebration of National Grooming Day last Friday, the people at Braun got in contact with me to host a wonderful giveaway for my lovely guy readers to participate in. After introducing an incredible range of new male grooming products, I chose to review, and giveaway, this Braun Full Body Groomer, which retails for £39.99. Although Braun's new range is specified to men, the Full Body Groomer can be used by women too to help shave and trim the whole body. So girls, don't think this 'male range' can stop you from entering this giveaway. Also, if a male relation's (dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, uncle, grandad etc) birthday is coming up, or perhaps you want to get your Christmas gifts early, be sure to enter this giveaway if you want to make a special guy's day. Details on how to enter will be displayed at the end of the post. 


I know I'm going to embarrass him for saying this, but my boyfriend was so excited when I got contacted by Braun. He was even more excited when I told him that I was getting sent two Body Groomers - one to test 'myself' and trial, alongside one to give away to one of you fabulous bunch. Braun are hugely known over the UK and sold in numerous popular retailers such as Tesco, Argos and Very. My family are already huge fans of the brand, making me instantly have a great impression of their products, despite not trying any myself. Let's look at the product in more depth, shall we?

Braun's Body Groomer is set to 'Shave and Trim your whole body'. The product exclaims to contain 'extra small trimming teeth for safe trimming in sensitive areas', as well as '2 integrated Gillette Fusion cartridges with 5 blades for the smoothest clean shave - no nicks or cuts'. The Body Groomer claims to do it all. This nifty grooming kit contains a cleaning brush, pouch to hold the product, a shower hanger, charging stand and, long, medium and sensitive combs. For £40, you are being supplied with all you need to achieve a perfectly groomed, hairless body, without the inconvenient cuts in sensitive areas. 

The 3 supplied styling combs (long, medium, sensitive) work to trim body hair to precise lengths - the long comb works to trim to 8mm, the medium comb to 3mm and the sensitive to 0.6mm. All combs can simply be carried with the groomer, inside the pouch, providing you with all the desired lengths you acquire over your body. Moreover, the product is thin and sleek, enabling you to take the groomer wherever you want. Whether it be a small weekend away or a 2 week holiday, it's easy to take the body groomer with you, equipped with the styling combs and necessary accessories. The pouch, very helpfully, protects the groomer from causing unnecessary damage to other belongings in your travel bag.

When at home, the Body Groomer can conveniently sit on its charging stand - the product is rechargeable (YAY FOR NO BATTERIES), allowing 14 hour charge for 50 minutes of cordless trimming. Fortunately, the charging stand also has an LED, indicating when the groomer is fully charged and ready for use. Finally, my favourite component of Braun's finest grooming kit, is that the product is 100% waterproof. Shaving in the shower is so much better, allowing easy cleaning, trimming and maximum in-shower use. 


Those who wish to enter the giveaway will have to complete the mandatory Rafflecopter requirements to be entered into this competition. You are then given the option to complete other tasks to give you extra entries if you wish to do so. This giveaway is worldwide so anyone has the opportunity to enter. The giveaway will close on the 1st September at 5:00pm and the winner will be announced at 6:00pm. The winner will be contacted via social media/email so I can get their address and post it out ASAP. Entrants who are under the age of 18 must have permission from their parents to enter, as I will need your contact details if you win. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Braun; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Hemsby+Yarmouth | Travel Diary

19 August 2016

Documenting my travels is something that I want to do more often - whether it be near or far, 2 weeks or just a day, I want to keep an open diary to share my experiences as well as be able to reminisce some of my favourite adventures in the future. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have seen my posts last year from Turkey - I uploaded daily which was super hard but so worth it, I love looking back and knowing exactly what I done every single day of the holiday. Without further ado, I'm going to cram a week's worth of fun, unhealthy eating and relaxing into this little internet space...

Day 1 

After a very hectic morning packing the car and collecting the last of our holiday must haves from around the house, it was time to set off. We left home at around 11 o'clock but arrived in Hemsby at 3:30!! The journey was only supposed to be 2 and half hours but being the unlucky family we are, we encountered 3 separate traffic jam/accidents on the way. Due to arriving so late, we decided to have a quick dinner - my Grandad thoughtfully cooked a roast chicken the night before so we only needed to buy some chippies from down the road. Oh, I completely forgot to say - I went away with my family (parents, brother, grandparents, auntie and cousin) as well as my boyfriend. We stayed in a chalet for a week just a 10 minute walk from the Hemsby sea front. The evening came very quickly, forcing us to rush around getting ready and trying to find a seat in the local holiday club. My mum won bingo, which I was so excited about and my brother, cousin, boyfriend and I finished the night off with a few games of pool. 

Day 2 

Sunday was very hot - for England anyway! This meant it was a great opportunity to spend a relaxing Sunday on the beach. Us kids decided to spend some time playing frisbee further down the beach in a spacious area - we are very clumsy and would simply end up hitting everyone around us. To cool off, we had a little paddle in the FREEZING sea, so cooling down did not take long at all. After lying down for a good hour, soaking up the sun and falling asleep, 6 of us decided to get active and have a game of mini golf. I ended up coming 4th which isn't ideal if you're the most competitive person in the entire world (don't worry, I improved over the week!) The rest of the day was spent relaxing, mooching round the sea front shops and standing in countless arcades trying to force my little cousin out of them. In the evening, following from our unlucky bingo game, I drove me and my boyfriend down to the sea front. We ended up munching on some hot, freshly baked donuts (15 for £1.80! BARGAIN).

Day 3

Monday's weather was forecast to be hot and sunny so the family planned to take a trip to Yarmouth, a 15 minute drive, sea front. In the morning, we all went to the Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, got a wristband and enjoyed all of the rides. I absolutely love fair ground/theme park rides so always find this a fun thing to do with the family, or friends. My makeup went really well today - I went for a glowy, dewy complexion and a golden glittery eye! Our fairground fun was successful and completed with a 'Make-Your-Own-Slush-Puppy'. Slush puppies are definitely my guilty pleasure;despite the amount of sugar and food colouring in them, I ate them all week. Bubblegum, blue raspberry and tropical - mmmmm! Around midday, the pokemon hunting began as we walked the full length of the sea front, and along Regent Road to the shops. 

Day 4

Our first few days were very action-packed, making our whole days rushed and exhausting. Today we wanted to give ourselves, especially my grandparents, a little bit of a break. Some of my family stayed in Hemsby but my boyfriend, mum, grandparents and I decided to visit a nearby village called Potter Heigham. It is seriously small but adorable - there is a small marina, LOTS of ducks and a couple of shops. My mum bought a loaf of bread so we could feed the ducks - the swans were extremely greedy so we had to throw our bread further just so the ducks could actually get some food. The weather was much colder today so I opted for a jumper and jeans - I was seriously digging the mustard, so-autumnal jumper I was rocking this day. Later on, us kiddies decided to have another game of mini golf on a different course. This time I came 3rd (little improvement)! The night was finished off by watching a firework display on the beach.

Day 5

One of my favourite places to go when my family stay in Hemsby is Wroxham. Wroxham is a slightly larger village than that of Potter Heigham - there are more shops, places to eat, a pub, the chance to go on a steam train and copious boat rides. Firstly, we stopped in the main, largest shop 'ROYS' that sells literally EVERYTHING in! I bought a L'Oreal Foundation and Collection Concealer as I was running low on face products, alongside two crossword books to keep me entertained. I love solving puzzles and crosswords! After a drink at the pub, we went for our annual hour and a half boat ride. The sights are incredible, as you can see above, and I never stop envying the beautiful cottages and houses along the river. One day I will stay in one, one day... For dinner, my boyfriend and I stayed in Hemsby's Hollywood Diner. I absolutely love this little, qwerky restaurant. The plate mats are vinyls and the wall is plastered in cool american quotes and images. I had chicken and chips and my boyfriend has spaghetti bolognese. 

Day 6

It was an early rise for my boyfriend and I on day 6. We woke up at 7, got ready and headed for an early morning beach walk. The sun looked incredible as it reflected of the water's surface and I felt immensely content at this moment. After a lovely walk and breakfast at the hollywood diner, we returned to the chalet and joined my family in Yarmouth. Our day consisted of pokemon hunting, playing air hockey on the pier, another game of mini golf (I came 2nd! WOO!), ice cream and some amazing shopping deals. Fortunately, Sleek were doing a 2 for £12 deal on all of their face products. I couldn't quite believe I managed to pick up a £10 Highlighting Palette and £11 Cream Contour Kit for £12 together. GO TO BOOTS PEOPLE! Unfortunately, we had no luck at the bingo again - not one of us had won anything the whole week apart from my mum on the first night. At least the comedian/entertainer was hilarious enough to cheer us out of our unlucky spirits. 

Day 7 & 8

Today Aidan and I were on a mission to complete the last few things we wanted to do whilst on holiday. The first was going back to the diner to try their ice cream and waffles; although the service wasn't impressive that day, the waffles tasted yummy but there were so many! I could only eat half a portion! We then picked up presents for people at home - specifically, Aidan's mum; we purchased this cool dream catcher and gorgeous pair of earrings for her, in hope that she would love them as much as us. Also, last time we came to Hemsby together we had to get some memorabilia for ourselves. To carry this on, we both found bottles of glitter - on the last day we travelled to the beach in the morning, emptied the glitter into the water and filled our bottles with sand to remember our trip. Back to the Friday, we spent the day chilling in Hemsby, had a classic fish and chips and had a nap before going out for the final night. Again, none of us managed to win bingo but instead...we exchanged our tickets. I completely forgot to mention that throughout the week my family helped to collect and save a huge 7,000 tickets for me, my cousin, brother and boyfriend to share between us. Aidan and I put ours together to buy a waffle maker, mugs, candles and sweets. 

Spending time with family is simply one of my favourite things to do in the world. It is so important to cherish and spend time with those who you love, and love you, as you will never have someone so supportive than your family. My week was incredible and although it wasn't an abroad summer holiday, I still had just as much fun. 

Where did you go this Summer? Where is your favourite destination to visit?

Lots of love

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