The Yonce Outfit + Experience

13 July 2016

On the first weekend of July, I was enjoying my Saturday evening watching the Secret Life of Pets at the cinema and generally minding my own business. As soon as I left the cinema, I noticed I had about 150 missed calls and text messages from my best friend, asking for me to urgently ring her. I was absolutely terrified she had bad news and I wasn't there for her to reassure her etc but little did I know, she had got hold of FREE Beyonce tickets for us...for THE NEXT DAY! I love spontaneity like this, but felt super panicked. I returned home quickly and booked train tickets, organising the times and tubes we need to get to Wembley stadium, and back, safely. It was safe to say it was stressful, but I was so so happy - seeing Beyonce is on my lifetime bucketlist so you can imagine how excited I was. I decided to photograph the day, as much as I could, but unfortunately the quality isn't the best as I didn't want to risk taking my new camera and smashing it to pieces from excitement. Thus, you will have to deal with some shaky phone images; however, my outfit photos are of better quality so you can see what I'm wearing in better detail.

For my outfit, I stayed true to Beyonce by wearing a nude/grey bodysuit I bought from BooHoo for £8. Beyonce is well-known for her curves and always looks amazing in her bodysuits so I thought I would dress up a bit. However, I am not that happy with my body I could strut around London half naked in a bodysuit haha! Therefore, I paired the bodysuit with a ribbed nude skirt from New Look. This complimented the bodysuit and made me feel much more comfortable. For my shoes (not photographed, sorry!) I wore the new lace cut-out flats I included in my recent Birmingham haul. Also, I glammed my makeup with some glitter on the eyes, a warm smoky eye and a nude lip. 

We got the train at 3:30, as my best friend was working all morning! Bless her. Although we are both 17, we congratulated ourselves for getting on the correct train because we are incapable young adults. The day became so much more real when Megan whipped the tickets from her bag so we could see our seats. It didn't feel like I was actually going to see Beyonce with my actual eyes so this made even more excited. We arrived outside the stadium and stopped off for a quick Mcdonalds. The Mcdonalds near Wembley was insane! There were people walking through the drive thru to get served!! 

I had never been to Wembley stadium before so was shocked to see how huge it was. The architecture was amazing and I felt privileged to finally see how big it was in person. This is where I started shaking and was out of my mind. Beyonce was incredible, as expected. She sang a great variety of songs, old and new, as well as a beautiful cover of Prince - Purple Rain. The staging, props, band and of course, her costumes, were phenomenal. I have honestly never seeing anything like it. I simply do not understand how she can intensely dance for 4 minutes straight then sing completely normally. This was I day I know I will NEVER forget - being with my bestfriend, another avid Beyonce lover, made the day more fun as we enjoyed the night to the fullest. I cannot wait to see Beyonce again. The #FORMATIONWORLDTOUR was immense.

Who have you seen in concert? What is your favourite Beyonce song?

Lots of love


  1. You look AMAZING!!! My favorite Beyonce song is probably "If I Were A Boy" :)

    Edye | Http://

    1. Thank you so so much! I absolutely love her, I can't even pick a favourite song but I love that one too <3 x


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