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1 July 2016

Being a dry skinned girl can be tough at times - you have the struggle of finding a dewy foundation to boost your complexion as well as one that stays clear of those dreaded dry patches. For a VERY long time now, I've been mooching around, both online and in store, to find the perfect skincare product to hydrate my skin whilst trying to avoid irritating it even more with harsh scrubs. Fortunately, I've partnered with CLEARISTA, a new luxury skincare brand fit to solve all of your resurfacing issues, to test their first product - THE RETEXURIZING GEL. Not only do they state this product will be perfect for dry and dull skin, they claim to reduce facial ageing, sun-related wrinkles and skin bumps. I was simply impressed with all the results this product was said to overcome, considering it is was their first launch, making me more than excited to give it a go. Will this solve all my dry skin issues?!

Let's talk packaging first...The gel is contained compactly in a large 120ml tube with a sophisticated glass-like lid. Can we just appreciate the colour choice? I am in love with turquoise; it just gives me instant Summer vibes and looks adorable on my vanity. On the rear of the tube, there is guidance on use of the product, both applying and how regular you should use it. What I really loved about the overall package was that the generous team at CLEARISTA send two sample sizes of any products bought from them. This gives you the chance to test out the gel before actually opening the full size bottle - skincare can be quite expensive, making you tentative to buy them so this solves everyone worrying by allowing people to try before they 'officially' buy the product. They are also essential for your travel bag - me being very naughty, I always forget to skincare that can help carry out my full regime. Now I have these, it will make my lazy habits so much easier as I will have something that simply looks after my dull/dry skin wherever I am. You could also potentially gift your friends and family the samples if you are really impressed with the product, allowing them the chance to fall in love with it just as much as you do. Oh, and if you aren't happy with your product, you have a 30 day money-back guarantee - perfect if you don't see a difference in your skin or if this just isn't right for you!

Onto formula, the gel is white, non-sticky and holds tiny gritty particles that help to resurface your skin. Grit-like formulas always scare me, as my skin turns red in seconds when harsh products or friction is applied. Alternatively, this did the complete opposite and smoothed my skin into a soft complexion. As the gel was non-abrasive, I applied a relatively thick layer onto my skin to see if it had a greater effect. This surprisingly brought a lot of bacteria and dirt to the surface of my skin, which was then swiftly washed off with warm water. After massaging the product into my face for a minute, I rinsed it off and dried gently with a towel. My skin instantly felt hydrated and made me feel better without makeup on. Although these effects were instantly seen, I wanted to see if this had a lasting effect. I've been using the retexturizing gel for two weeks now and have HONESTLY seen a significant difference. The dry lumps on my cheeks are reduced to almost nothing and the gel has helped rekindle my skin's natural glow. This has quickly became one of the products in my skincare routine as it has done my dryness so much justice. I'm finally on the road to achieving healthier and less dry skin!

What is your favourite product in your skincare regime? Have you heard of CLEARISTA before?!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Clearista: however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Oh wow this brand looks amazing! I too struggle with dry skin so this sounds great for me. <3
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

    1. It has seriously improved my skin. My skin has become so much more hydrated since using this, alongside drinking lots of water xx


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