Organising Your Life

19 July 2016

Nothing cleanses my soul more than organisation, whether that be to de-clutter my room or write a to-do list for the week, being organised is my favourite thing. Without organisation, my entire life somehow becomes a mess, meaning I am more likely to be stressed and anxious. Therefore, I've found scheduling my life and making routines has allowed me to stay on track with all the things I do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Before my school summer of 6 weeks officially begins, I plan to de-clutter my room of any junk/unnecessary things I own but don't use, sort out my summer wardrobe and plan what I will be doing throughout my (slightly) relaxed holiday before the intense second year of A levels begin.

One thing that always helps me to stay motivated and on track with my life are notebooks. I literally do NOT know what I would do without one of these nifty things in my bag. Notebooks allow me to jot any ideas down regarding my blog and Youtube as well as pinpoint key events of the month to stop my straying mind from forgetting important dates. This month has been pretty hectic for me in terms of school life - I've almost finished my first year of sixth form and wow has it gone quick. In July, I've participated in our local schools Olympics day, helped out with the sixth form induction and attended many a university/future education talk. All of this information had been safely noted in my new edition to my notebook collection - the Passion Planner. I've seen a lot of these sort of things floating around my social media and wondered what the hype was. Fortunately, I was able to collaborate with Passion Planner so I can share with you what makes this planner stand out for all those out there.

The Passion Planner is a company that sell A4/A5 leather notebooks, that not only help to remind you of upcoming events, by allow you to reflect on each month and set goals for your future, near or far. I love the concept of reflecting back on each month, noting it down and seeing if your month/goals improve as time passes by. So far, I've been able to keep on track of my new Youtube channel, my blog posts, my school work and outside life all in one safe place. If you know me, everything has to be colour-coded, hence the highlighted school related things, purple pen for blog post dates and red pen for Youtube uploads. My Passion Planner is a limited edition, A5 aqua coloured one - they frequently bring out limited edition planners that are super cool and stand out from their standard range. I love how well this vibrant notebook suits me - how did they know this is my favourite summer colour?! Although I love bright coloured accessories, I am also a classics gal so was very pleased to receive a hefty, excellent quality black leather A4 planner alongside this funky one! Both completely suit my style and fit perfectly into my lifestyle - the black one sitting happily on my desk for home scheduling and the bright one popped in my day-to-day bag for sudden epiphanies. 

After a hectic beginning to July, I decided to relax, equipped with a pen and my Passion Planner to write down my goals/wishlist for 3 months time, 1 years time, 3 years time and my lifetime. I think these monthly reflections seriously stand out compared to other planner companies as it gives each individual a chance to evaluate the positive things that have happened within their month, allowing optimism to grow and strengthen - something which many young people, including myself, struggle to find. Unfortunately, I'm very negative about myself and achievements so being able to reflect positively, as well as constructively, has aided my self confidence immensely. Let me know in the comments below if you have any things on your wishlist similar to mine. I passed my driving test first time which is amazing! I'm already achieving some of my goals which is awesome :)

Are you an organised person? Do you love writing to-do lists and scheduling things as much as me?!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Passion Planner; however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. loved this post. I love all things planner/stationary but I'm really bad at writing things down- I need to learn haha!

    1. Aw thank you - me too! I love buying new school/stationery supplies <3

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