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10 July 2016

I'm sitting here literally ecstatic that I'm writing this post. My highend eyeshadows and palettes are my beauty babies and I'm so excited to be sharing them all, alongside swatches, for you all. I hope you end up appreciating their beauty just as much as I do and I hope you love them as much as me. I've always found that no drugstore shadows have been able to compare to my highend ones; they are more pigmented, more longwearing and less chalky. Being a total loner, I've decided to collab with myself and share with you my highend lipstick collection over on my Youtube channel. The video is HERE if you wish to watch that after you've check out this post! Let's goooo...


Urban Decay Naked 2 – This was my first ever highend eyeshadow palette which was bought as a kind gift from my boyfriend. I wrote a full review ages ago which you can read HERE. I apologise that the quality will be horrific and my writing ability will have changed a lot so I can do an updated one if you so wish. You probably won’t though as this palette is probably ‘dead and gone’ now, seeing as the majority of people have already purchased it for themselves.

Urban Decay Naked 3 – If you are a lover of subtle eyeshadows and a real girlie girl, the Naked 3 is the palette for you. Full of pinks and glitters, this palette has everything you need to create a feminine, effortless makeup look. Unfortunately, this is full of warmer toned shadows which don’t work as well with my skin; however, I wish to get more use out of it this summer. Who wants to see an eyeshadow look on my Youtube channel featuring solely this palette? Hands up!!!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette – In the Naked eyeshadow palette range, the SMOKY is the most recent. These gorgeous cool toned shades were on my eyes all winter long and I literally cannot wait for the darker evenings and cooler nights to start wearing these shades all over again. For some reason, I have this thing about wearing certain palettes in specific seasons!? You’ve probably gaged that over my posts previously but I thought I would just address that, haha! Before you think I neglect my beloved highend shadow palettes. FULL REVIEW : HERE.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani - As you would have seen from my Youtube video, I purchased a lipstick that was from the same Limited Edition collection as this palette. I am honestly a huge fan of both and think Gwen has done wonders for herself! I love how the palette caters for all, including the gorgeous range of mattes to shimmers and darks to brights. Find out all about the shades and why I love this palette so much by reading my full review HERE.

Urban Decay Basics 2 - Clearly, I am a huge fan of the Naked range by Urban Decay - hence the overload of Naked eyeshadow palettes. Although I'm a massive fan of the huge 12 shadow palettes, I thought it would be ideal to carry around a small one in my bag in times of need. This palettes is perfect for a natural, neutral eyeshadow look - 6 matte shades that can be blended to suit either an evening or day event. One of my highend staples! Full review : HERE.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - If you've been a keen follower of my social media and blog for some time now, you will know my excessive obsession with this palette. Although I've only had this since Christmas, I've been non-stop using it since. The array of colours contained in the palette are stunning - holding a variety of glittery/matte pigmented shades, which I must say smell amazing too! Despite talking about this all the time and photographing many picturesque images of it, I've never actually sat down and written an in-depth review. God knows why?! If you would like this, you know what to do - COMMENT BELOW :) 

Sephora Green Eyes Shadow Palette - When my makeup passion first began, I was ecstatic to set my eyes on a Sephora in Spain; this was on a school trip I hasten to add. I literally ran to the shop (CRINGE) and couldn't pick what I wanted for ages. Unfortunately, I had little money so could only buy one thing so I decided to pick up this beauty. Although I don't actually have emerald green eyes, the colours in the palette definitely screamed ME. I love how sultry and deep the shades are - it is also handy that there are instructions and guidelines on how to apply each of the shadows for newbies, like me at the time!

Dior Sundeck Limited Edition - Sadly, I haven't been able to find anywhere that still sells this gorgeous palette from Dior. I managed to pick this up in Ireland, along with my Dior lipgloss, for half the price. Yes, that's right! This palette only cos me the equivalent of £23 pounds!!! The shades are perfectly arranged and work collaboratively together to create a summer suitable shadow look. LOOK HOW PIGMENTED THE ORANGE IS! Read more about my Dior purchases HERE.

Bobbi Brown Pink Opal Palette - I popped my Cohorted cherry two years ago and bought this stunning Bobbi Brown palette for a lovely fraction of the price. Despite being disappointed in the small size when it arrived, I grew to love this very quickly. When applying the product, I tend to mix the shades together to create a lilac, champagne sheen as a stunning lid colour (seen in the swatch above). In fact, my Cohorted post is one of my most read so click here if you're interested in more information about the site and the product.


Nars Callisto - An iridescent, champagne with pink and lilac undertones.

Urban Decay Solstice - A metallic, holographic pink with stunning green and blue reflects.

Urban Decay Mushroom - An ash grey with light shimmer.

MAC Woodwinked - A golden copper which will always be my favourite mono eyeshadow.

MAC Cranberry - An autumnal berry with red overtones and little glitters.


MAC Bare Study – A white to cream shimmer with golden undertones.

MAC Rubenesque – A peach-orange with a hell of a lot heavy golden glitter.

Benefit RSVP – A champagne pink that adds a subtle pop of colour


Mac Vanilla – An off-white with silver glitter. Perfect for inner corner/brow bone highlight.

Mac Kitschmas – A glistening lilac with pink/silver glitters. I wore this to prom last June (see my prom makeup HERE)

Don't forget to check out my Highend Lipstick Collection video! CLICK HERE!

Do you prefer highend or highstreet eyeshadows? What is your favourite palette of all time?!

Lots of love


This post is not in collaboration with any brands mentioned; all opinions are honest and my own!


  1. What a collection, I'm so jealous! I REALLY want the Naked palettes but I can't justify spending so much; I think they may have to be on my Christmas list;) The Mac pigments look stunning too. Lovely post<3
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

  2. I love the Urban Decay Naked palettes! They're so pretty and the quality is amazing.

    xo, Liz

  3. That's a great collection! I wish the UD Smoky palette was more warm toned as I can't pull off any cool tones at all...but it's so pretty and I still want it lol! xx

    Sarah from iheartcosmetics

  4. You've got so many lovely palettes! Naked 3 is top of my list to buy! x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com


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