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25 July 2016

Unfortunately, I am not going abroad this year. Therefore, I have nothing to do but scroll through holiday booking sites and admire the beautiful landscapes out the interior of sunny villas. I've only ever stayed in hotels when travelling so I've always dreamed about indulging in a completely private experience - relaxing, absorbing the sun and enjoying a culture much different to my own. Although I am off for a small holiday in England next week, spending quality time with the family and having lots of fun, I cannot wait for my next trip abroad so I can remain completely calm and not have to endure the temperamental English weather. 

Fashion dominates my thoughts when I have a planned holiday in mind; I cannot stop thinking about the different styles of clothing, which shoes match which outfit, how many pairs of sunglasses will I need, do I have jewellery to compliment all my evening attire and what dress will look incredible against my desired backdrop. About a month ago, my boyfriend's mum away and brought me home this stunning monochrome, 3/4 length dress. I've never owned anything like it and knew instantly that this will be my yearly dress that I will obsess over during the summer period. The baroque style pattern quite boho, but also very classy and feminine. You can definitely imagine this being worn over the top of a bikini on a beach day or alternatively worn with a pair of black heels and silver statement jewellery. For today's style pictures, I decided to pair the outfit with black and gold flip flops for a more casual go-to holiday look but this can definitely be glammed up for evening wear (hence the dramatic lips and eye makeup). To accessorize in the day, I would pair the dress with some black round-framed sunglasses and a small tassle black bag. Also, the material of the dress is ruched and thin so it fits to the body in a flattering way whilst hanging loose, allowing you to still feel comfortable in the heat.

Let's pretend the grass is sand...haha!


Being a newbie to the whole villa fiasco, I always spend hours checking out villas, what it offers and whether it is worth the price. However, today I've found this gorgeous villa in Lanzarote that would be the dream backdrop for my ultimate holiday outfit. Lanzarote is a part of Spain I've never been to but heard so much about, as many of my family have visited and told me their incredible adventures there...

The architecture of this villa is right up my street - basic exterior colours, a block-like structure and very modernized. I love how qwerky the building looks, surrounded by stunning greenery and grey stone walls. If I were to ever spend an incredible week in Lanzarote, this would definitely be the one to take my dress too. Imagine the baroque print dress against the block white and black building! Or even lounging around the heated pool. I know for sure I would take thousands of pictures next to the water, look how blue it looks in the photos! Whenever I think of private villa pools, I instantly think of those cool, giant inflatables everyone in America seems to own and have cute pictures on. Is that just me?! 

Another huge thing regarding this villa is that it is ridiculously close to a beach. This beach looks secluded, the atmosphere so serene and much different to the cold, thick water on the British coasts. I would do anything to see clear water again - I went to Turkey last year and it was such a shock to actually see the bottom of the seabed! One last factor that drew me so much to this particular villa was the scenery encasing the villa. Their are phenomenal volcanic mountains outside the villa windows - I am a sucker for picturesque views so this literally ticked my last box. 

Lipstick - MAC Dark Side

Have you ever been to Spain before? Have you ever stayed in a villa?!

Lots of love


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  1. That dress looks amazing on you! <3

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  2. That dress is just gorgeous, and your desired villa looks so dreamy! I'm not going abroad either, but let's hope for great British weather to come!:)xx
    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog xx
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    1. Aw thank you, I absolutely love it! The villa is incredible xx


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