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28 July 2016

Today I'm back again to talk about a new brand I've been introduced to. After seeing endless bloggers and influencers talk about this brand over my social media, I just had to get in contact with them. Studio 10 are a cosmetics company that sell face, eyes, lips and beauty accessories to ensure your makeup of the day is flawless. Their packaging consists of a black base with taupe writing of the company name etched on top - classy and luxurious. All the products I received were sleek; thus, able to easily fit inside my makeup bag without taking up too much space. Let's look at the products in detail, shall we?

Starting off with my favourite of the Studio 10 bunch, is this gorgeous little eye perfecting palette from the I-Definer range. This nifty compact houses 5 powder/cream formulas to keep your eyes defined in the best possible way. From left to right, the kit contains a eyelid primer, neutralising powder, a contour shade, a highlight and definition shadow. The eyelid primer is of a VERY creamy formula with a light consistency - the primer isn't thick at all so the product needs to be built up to ensure priming is at its maximum. Following this, the compact holds a neutralising powder shade - I would personally use this to set the primer and cover any veins present on the eyelid. Moving on to dimension, the next powder is a cool-toned, matte brown perfect to apply in the crease. I love matte browns in the crease, whether they are on the own or as a transition colour - they work incredibly at contouring the eyes, especially as mine are hooded. The final two shades are for finalizing the look - a cream matte powder to highlight and a shimmery dark brown to define. These powders are the most pigmented of all the formulas so work well to bring the look together and heighten the eye makeup. As I have brunette hair, the darkest shade could potentially work as an eyebrow product too - WIN WIN!!!

This double-ended liner is something I've been missing from my collection. A pencil that is creamy enough to apply to the lid without dragging and being abrasive to my skin, as well as containing a shade perfect from highlighting the brow bone. These remind me of the Urban Decay Liner's, which I've tried many a time and love, but am yet to buy. Maybe I won't have to now?! The liner colour is a dark charcoal grey; perfect for enlarging the eyes without the harsh intensity of a black. Sometimes black liner makes my eyes look ever smaller than they are so I'm very excited that this has been added to my collection.

Moving on to lip products, I was lucky enough to receive this lip liner, again double-ended, to trial and review. The coloured end of the product is a dark rosy pink, which pairs perfectly with the lipgloss following on from this. Accompanied with gloss over the top, this popping pink is everything a girl needs this summer, both day and night. Fortunately, the consistency is hydrating and creamy, meaning it isn't a struggle to apply to lips, especially when they are dry during the summer period. On the opposite end, there is a orange-toned cream shade. This would work well on warm skin tones to help define the lips - apply precisely to your outer lip and blend to define your cupid's bow. A product I am to test with my other lipsticks to see what else this works well with.

Another product that specifically intrigued me was this beautiful plumping gloss in the shade rose. This, as the name suggests, is a deep, summer rose - pink works wonders in the summer so this fits perfectly with the current months. The pigmentation is light-medium and can be built to intensify the colour. I would totally suggest applying this over a full layer of the lip liner mentioned above to bring the rosy colour to its full potential. In terms of formulation and feel on the lips, the product is slightly sticky but feels moisturizing. I will definitely be popping this into my holiday makeup bag to see how much use I can get out of this and to see if I fall in love with it. I've really been into glosses this July.

Finally, alongside all of the wonderful products, I was very grateful to receive Studio 10's infamous priming serum. This stuff does my skin justice - filling in my pores, evening out my skin and helping my makeup apply smoothly. I am very jealous to anyone who owns the full size and will definitely be purchasing one in the future. After 10 hours of makeup on, my face products didn't budge - my eye makeup did but that's always a given for me as I can't stop touching my face! This product is also said to help anti-ageing in 15 minutes so if you are looking for something to sort your skin out, Studio 10 is somewhere to look into.

Have you tried any products from Studio 10? What was your favourite product I spoke about?!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Studio 10; however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. The I Definer sounds amazing, I love the shades in the palette! Seen a lot of their products on Instagram lately, will definitely be having a closer look!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. It is incredible! I love it so much. Definitely do xx

  2. This sounds like a brand I'd love. Definitely need to look into Studio 10, thanks so much for the share!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. It's amazing, defo take the time to check them out xx

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the look of the lip products! Thank you for sharing x

    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog xx

    1. Thank you! They are gorgeous. Thank you for reading x


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