Brand Focus : Studio 10 Beauty

28 July 2016

Today I'm back again to talk about a new brand I've been introduced to. After seeing endless bloggers and influencers talk about this brand over my social media, I just had to get in contact with them. Studio 10 are a cosmetics company that sell face, eyes, lips and beauty accessories to ensure your makeup of the day is flawless. Their packaging consists of a black base with taupe writing of the company name etched on top - classy and luxurious. All the products I received were sleek; thus, able to easily fit inside my makeup bag without taking up too much space. Let's look at the products in detail, shall we?

Starting off with my favourite of the Studio 10 bunch, is this gorgeous little eye perfecting palette from the I-Definer range. This nifty compact houses 5 powder/cream formulas to keep your eyes defined in the best possible way. From left to right, the kit contains a eyelid primer, neutralising powder, a contour shade, a highlight and definition shadow. The eyelid primer is of a VERY creamy formula with a light consistency - the primer isn't thick at all so the product needs to be built up to ensure priming is at its maximum. Following this, the compact holds a neutralising powder shade - I would personally use this to set the primer and cover any veins present on the eyelid. Moving on to dimension, the next powder is a cool-toned, matte brown perfect to apply in the crease. I love matte browns in the crease, whether they are on the own or as a transition colour - they work incredibly at contouring the eyes, especially as mine are hooded. The final two shades are for finalizing the look - a cream matte powder to highlight and a shimmery dark brown to define. These powders are the most pigmented of all the formulas so work well to bring the look together and heighten the eye makeup. As I have brunette hair, the darkest shade could potentially work as an eyebrow product too - WIN WIN!!!

This double-ended liner is something I've been missing from my collection. A pencil that is creamy enough to apply to the lid without dragging and being abrasive to my skin, as well as containing a shade perfect from highlighting the brow bone. These remind me of the Urban Decay Liner's, which I've tried many a time and love, but am yet to buy. Maybe I won't have to now?! The liner colour is a dark charcoal grey; perfect for enlarging the eyes without the harsh intensity of a black. Sometimes black liner makes my eyes look ever smaller than they are so I'm very excited that this has been added to my collection.

Moving on to lip products, I was lucky enough to receive this lip liner, again double-ended, to trial and review. The coloured end of the product is a dark rosy pink, which pairs perfectly with the lipgloss following on from this. Accompanied with gloss over the top, this popping pink is everything a girl needs this summer, both day and night. Fortunately, the consistency is hydrating and creamy, meaning it isn't a struggle to apply to lips, especially when they are dry during the summer period. On the opposite end, there is a orange-toned cream shade. This would work well on warm skin tones to help define the lips - apply precisely to your outer lip and blend to define your cupid's bow. A product I am to test with my other lipsticks to see what else this works well with.

Another product that specifically intrigued me was this beautiful plumping gloss in the shade rose. This, as the name suggests, is a deep, summer rose - pink works wonders in the summer so this fits perfectly with the current months. The pigmentation is light-medium and can be built to intensify the colour. I would totally suggest applying this over a full layer of the lip liner mentioned above to bring the rosy colour to its full potential. In terms of formulation and feel on the lips, the product is slightly sticky but feels moisturizing. I will definitely be popping this into my holiday makeup bag to see how much use I can get out of this and to see if I fall in love with it. I've really been into glosses this July.

Finally, alongside all of the wonderful products, I was very grateful to receive Studio 10's infamous priming serum. This stuff does my skin justice - filling in my pores, evening out my skin and helping my makeup apply smoothly. I am very jealous to anyone who owns the full size and will definitely be purchasing one in the future. After 10 hours of makeup on, my face products didn't budge - my eye makeup did but that's always a given for me as I can't stop touching my face! This product is also said to help anti-ageing in 15 minutes so if you are looking for something to sort your skin out, Studio 10 is somewhere to look into.

Have you tried any products from Studio 10? What was your favourite product I spoke about?!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Studio 10; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Dreaming Of That Perfect Holiday Backdrop...

25 July 2016

Unfortunately, I am not going abroad this year. Therefore, I have nothing to do but scroll through holiday booking sites and admire the beautiful landscapes out the interior of sunny villas. I've only ever stayed in hotels when travelling so I've always dreamed about indulging in a completely private experience - relaxing, absorbing the sun and enjoying a culture much different to my own. Although I am off for a small holiday in England next week, spending quality time with the family and having lots of fun, I cannot wait for my next trip abroad so I can remain completely calm and not have to endure the temperamental English weather. 

Fashion dominates my thoughts when I have a planned holiday in mind; I cannot stop thinking about the different styles of clothing, which shoes match which outfit, how many pairs of sunglasses will I need, do I have jewellery to compliment all my evening attire and what dress will look incredible against my desired backdrop. About a month ago, my boyfriend's mum away and brought me home this stunning monochrome, 3/4 length dress. I've never owned anything like it and knew instantly that this will be my yearly dress that I will obsess over during the summer period. The baroque style pattern quite boho, but also very classy and feminine. You can definitely imagine this being worn over the top of a bikini on a beach day or alternatively worn with a pair of black heels and silver statement jewellery. For today's style pictures, I decided to pair the outfit with black and gold flip flops for a more casual go-to holiday look but this can definitely be glammed up for evening wear (hence the dramatic lips and eye makeup). To accessorize in the day, I would pair the dress with some black round-framed sunglasses and a small tassle black bag. Also, the material of the dress is ruched and thin so it fits to the body in a flattering way whilst hanging loose, allowing you to still feel comfortable in the heat.

Let's pretend the grass is sand...haha!


Being a newbie to the whole villa fiasco, I always spend hours checking out villas, what it offers and whether it is worth the price. However, today I've found this gorgeous villa in Lanzarote that would be the dream backdrop for my ultimate holiday outfit. Lanzarote is a part of Spain I've never been to but heard so much about, as many of my family have visited and told me their incredible adventures there...

The architecture of this villa is right up my street - basic exterior colours, a block-like structure and very modernized. I love how qwerky the building looks, surrounded by stunning greenery and grey stone walls. If I were to ever spend an incredible week in Lanzarote, this would definitely be the one to take my dress too. Imagine the baroque print dress against the block white and black building! Or even lounging around the heated pool. I know for sure I would take thousands of pictures next to the water, look how blue it looks in the photos! Whenever I think of private villa pools, I instantly think of those cool, giant inflatables everyone in America seems to own and have cute pictures on. Is that just me?! 

Another huge thing regarding this villa is that it is ridiculously close to a beach. This beach looks secluded, the atmosphere so serene and much different to the cold, thick water on the British coasts. I would do anything to see clear water again - I went to Turkey last year and it was such a shock to actually see the bottom of the seabed! One last factor that drew me so much to this particular villa was the scenery encasing the villa. Their are phenomenal volcanic mountains outside the villa windows - I am a sucker for picturesque views so this literally ticked my last box. 

Lipstick - MAC Dark Side

Have you ever been to Spain before? Have you ever stayed in a villa?!

Lots of love


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Organising Your Life

19 July 2016

Nothing cleanses my soul more than organisation, whether that be to de-clutter my room or write a to-do list for the week, being organised is my favourite thing. Without organisation, my entire life somehow becomes a mess, meaning I am more likely to be stressed and anxious. Therefore, I've found scheduling my life and making routines has allowed me to stay on track with all the things I do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Before my school summer of 6 weeks officially begins, I plan to de-clutter my room of any junk/unnecessary things I own but don't use, sort out my summer wardrobe and plan what I will be doing throughout my (slightly) relaxed holiday before the intense second year of A levels begin.

One thing that always helps me to stay motivated and on track with my life are notebooks. I literally do NOT know what I would do without one of these nifty things in my bag. Notebooks allow me to jot any ideas down regarding my blog and Youtube as well as pinpoint key events of the month to stop my straying mind from forgetting important dates. This month has been pretty hectic for me in terms of school life - I've almost finished my first year of sixth form and wow has it gone quick. In July, I've participated in our local schools Olympics day, helped out with the sixth form induction and attended many a university/future education talk. All of this information had been safely noted in my new edition to my notebook collection - the Passion Planner. I've seen a lot of these sort of things floating around my social media and wondered what the hype was. Fortunately, I was able to collaborate with Passion Planner so I can share with you what makes this planner stand out for all those out there.

The Passion Planner is a company that sell A4/A5 leather notebooks, that not only help to remind you of upcoming events, by allow you to reflect on each month and set goals for your future, near or far. I love the concept of reflecting back on each month, noting it down and seeing if your month/goals improve as time passes by. So far, I've been able to keep on track of my new Youtube channel, my blog posts, my school work and outside life all in one safe place. If you know me, everything has to be colour-coded, hence the highlighted school related things, purple pen for blog post dates and red pen for Youtube uploads. My Passion Planner is a limited edition, A5 aqua coloured one - they frequently bring out limited edition planners that are super cool and stand out from their standard range. I love how well this vibrant notebook suits me - how did they know this is my favourite summer colour?! Although I love bright coloured accessories, I am also a classics gal so was very pleased to receive a hefty, excellent quality black leather A4 planner alongside this funky one! Both completely suit my style and fit perfectly into my lifestyle - the black one sitting happily on my desk for home scheduling and the bright one popped in my day-to-day bag for sudden epiphanies. 

After a hectic beginning to July, I decided to relax, equipped with a pen and my Passion Planner to write down my goals/wishlist for 3 months time, 1 years time, 3 years time and my lifetime. I think these monthly reflections seriously stand out compared to other planner companies as it gives each individual a chance to evaluate the positive things that have happened within their month, allowing optimism to grow and strengthen - something which many young people, including myself, struggle to find. Unfortunately, I'm very negative about myself and achievements so being able to reflect positively, as well as constructively, has aided my self confidence immensely. Let me know in the comments below if you have any things on your wishlist similar to mine. I passed my driving test first time which is amazing! I'm already achieving some of my goals which is awesome :)

Are you an organised person? Do you love writing to-do lists and scheduling things as much as me?!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Passion Planner; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Your Ultimate Festival Guide : The Makeup

16 July 2016

I am wearing clothes btw! I promise...
Festivals are all about fun, socialising, spending quality time with friends and having a new experience. Today I've got an exciting festival-inspired makeup look to share with you - one that I've tried to relate to all the products used to what you love about going to a festival. Fortunately, I was able to team up with Lily from Lily Rose Richards and Abigail from Lady Hunter Blog to give you the ULTIMATE FESTIVAL GUIDE. As I'm covering the beauty side of things, Lily will be telling you all the vital essentials you will need whilst travelling and attending a festival, and Abi will be using her incredible fashion skills to master up the perfect festival attire. I will leave their links at the end of the post so you can go check out their festival themed posts too!


Eyes were going to be my main focus for this look. I am such a wimp and never go all out on the eyes, unless glitter is involved. I just don't think I can pull off qwerky, vibrant colours. However, I decided to bite the bullet and go for BLUE. Festivals are all about stepping out of your comfort zone and having a new experience so why not take the opportunity to experiment with your makeup collection? 

As I was going to be using dark colours and glitter, I thought it would be best to start this look with the eyes so no fallout would destroy my face makeup. I began by applying my NYX shadow stick in Milk - this is a pure, block white, making the perfect base for my shadow as it was going to help the colours on top POP! For eyeshadow, I decided to solely use my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette as it contained just what I needed to re-create my mind's conjured image. Firstly, I placed STARK in the crease and blended like crazy; this was my transition colour and enabled the darker colours I used later on to blend like a dreaaaaam! I then built up the crease by applying small doses of ZONE followed by PUNK in the outer V of my eyelid. After blending away, it was time to use the heart of the eyeshadow look...DANGER! This is a metallic, navy blue with packed blue sparkle. With a flat shadow brush, I packed a hell of a lot over my entire eyelid, making sure the middle was the most pigmented. Finally, I took BLACKOUT in the outer V (only a little bit) to darken the shadow and help ease the colour transition from earlier. To complete the eyes, I added the Barry M Dazzle Dust in 13, a duck egg blue, to my inner corner, a thin line of L'Oreal's Super Liner, Danger under my bottom lashes and two thick coats of Rimmel's Super Curler 24Hr mascara. 


Due to my eye makeup and lips being intense, I decided to lay off the face makeup, pretty much sticking to my everyday routine. If you are at a festival dancing around, you are most likely to get sweaty so thick, heavy face makeup is NOT going to feel great. Therefore, I went with a medium coverage foundation - L'Oreal Infaillable in Ivory - to create a light base that covered all of my redness. After blending the foundation in with a wet beauty blender, I applied the YSL Touche Eclat Concealer in 01, to brighten my under eyes and highlight my T Zone. Although I have dry skin, I would definitely set my under eyes and face with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder as my makeup would inevitably run like crazy in a festival atmosphere! To give my face definition, I contoured my cheek bones with the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess and highlighted my face with the cool-toned Mary Lou Manizer on my cheekbones, nose and cupid's bow. For this makeup look, I decided to avoid blush as the shades I used were very cool-based and wouldn't work out. 


To bring the look together, I thought nothing would be more appropriate than intense lipstick. I chose my mattifying Cailyn Cosmetics Purple lipstick, as I knew it would stay on for the entirety of a festival. To prevent the dryness, I popped some lipbalm over the top alongside MUA's Lilac Belle to great a gradient effect. When it comes to glitter, I cannot control myself, so I placed some more of the Barry M Dazzle Dust I used earlier in the centre of my lips to define. Oh, I also popped my hair into space buns and put glitter in my parting to make the look even crazier! I loooove the festival vibes.

Lily's Twitter - @bloglilyrose
Lily's Instagram - @bloglilyrose

Abi's Twitter - @ladyhunterblog
Abi's Instagram - @ladyhunterblog

What did you think of this look? Are you going/have been to a festival this year?

Lots of love

The Yonce Outfit + Experience

13 July 2016

On the first weekend of July, I was enjoying my Saturday evening watching the Secret Life of Pets at the cinema and generally minding my own business. As soon as I left the cinema, I noticed I had about 150 missed calls and text messages from my best friend, asking for me to urgently ring her. I was absolutely terrified she had bad news and I wasn't there for her to reassure her etc but little did I know, she had got hold of FREE Beyonce tickets for us...for THE NEXT DAY! I love spontaneity like this, but felt super panicked. I returned home quickly and booked train tickets, organising the times and tubes we need to get to Wembley stadium, and back, safely. It was safe to say it was stressful, but I was so so happy - seeing Beyonce is on my lifetime bucketlist so you can imagine how excited I was. I decided to photograph the day, as much as I could, but unfortunately the quality isn't the best as I didn't want to risk taking my new camera and smashing it to pieces from excitement. Thus, you will have to deal with some shaky phone images; however, my outfit photos are of better quality so you can see what I'm wearing in better detail.

For my outfit, I stayed true to Beyonce by wearing a nude/grey bodysuit I bought from BooHoo for £8. Beyonce is well-known for her curves and always looks amazing in her bodysuits so I thought I would dress up a bit. However, I am not that happy with my body I could strut around London half naked in a bodysuit haha! Therefore, I paired the bodysuit with a ribbed nude skirt from New Look. This complimented the bodysuit and made me feel much more comfortable. For my shoes (not photographed, sorry!) I wore the new lace cut-out flats I included in my recent Birmingham haul. Also, I glammed my makeup with some glitter on the eyes, a warm smoky eye and a nude lip. 

We got the train at 3:30, as my best friend was working all morning! Bless her. Although we are both 17, we congratulated ourselves for getting on the correct train because we are incapable young adults. The day became so much more real when Megan whipped the tickets from her bag so we could see our seats. It didn't feel like I was actually going to see Beyonce with my actual eyes so this made even more excited. We arrived outside the stadium and stopped off for a quick Mcdonalds. The Mcdonalds near Wembley was insane! There were people walking through the drive thru to get served!! 

I had never been to Wembley stadium before so was shocked to see how huge it was. The architecture was amazing and I felt privileged to finally see how big it was in person. This is where I started shaking and was out of my mind. Beyonce was incredible, as expected. She sang a great variety of songs, old and new, as well as a beautiful cover of Prince - Purple Rain. The staging, props, band and of course, her costumes, were phenomenal. I have honestly never seeing anything like it. I simply do not understand how she can intensely dance for 4 minutes straight then sing completely normally. This was I day I know I will NEVER forget - being with my bestfriend, another avid Beyonce lover, made the day more fun as we enjoyed the night to the fullest. I cannot wait to see Beyonce again. The #FORMATIONWORLDTOUR was immense.

Who have you seen in concert? What is your favourite Beyonce song?

Lots of love

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