The Perfect Beauty Guide

7 June 2016

Historical evidence suggests that by 8000 BC humans had started domesticating animals. It was also during this time that the concept of agriculture was developed. After these two things had been
achieved, civilization came along naturally. The oldest known human civilization to date is the
Mesopotamian civilization. And even as far back as that beauty was a thing worthy of pursuit. Almond oil, a material used in most modern moisturizers, was the primary moisturizer used to beautify the skin. It was also used as a perfume. Likewise, another popular product today, kohl (eye liner), was used by Mesopotamians for beauty and to treat eye diseases.

After such a long history documenting the pursuit of beauty, it is only natural that we are inclined to
follow in the footsteps of our ancestors. It is not only essential from a purely aesthetic perspective, but also from a health perspective. Taking care of your skin and body will keep you away from awful
diseases and fast aging. However, we understand that beauty was generally considered a pastime of the rich. This is no longer valid. Today we have something which the past generations did not: extensive knowledge of the human body. So, we disagree with the popular perception that pursuing beauty is expensive. But, it does take your time.

The best way to go about it is to make a routine and follow it strictly. Divide activities on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis. Daily activities would cover proper hygiene and a good night’s sleep, along with a good healthy diet. Weekly activities can include yoga sessions, hair care, taking care of your nails, have a spa like experience, etc. Fortnightly activities include hair removal, manicure, pedicure, etc. Of course, most of these are a matter of personal preference and you can devise your own activities along the way. You can buy most of the stuff via these coupons from Groupon.

We have arranged all this and more in a neat little infographic to make it easy for you. Modify it to your needs for maximum benefit.

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