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9 June 2016

Being an extreme beauty/fashion enthusiast with a passion for Youtube, I've decided to bite the bullet and start a channel. Hold on...I am yet to upload a video but you will see why later in this post. You won't be waiting for long though. For over 5 years now, I have been an avid Youtube lover and huge fan of many big, small, old and recent Youtubers. Seeing everyone express their personality and passions over a camera is something that really fascinates me - I do a lot of performing, singing and dancing on a regular basis, as that is the career path I dream of pursuing, so I thought why not give Youtube a shot?! This way it was coincide with my future career choices, my beauty and fashion blog and my love for Youtube. Writing is something I find very therapeutic so love to tell you all my latest buys and review them, however I thought delving into a Youtube channel would push my creative senses into finding ways to engage with people and expressing my favourites in a different way. This in no way means I will neglect my blog - I will still update it AT LEAST twice a week (and a lot through the Summer); I've already planned multiple blog posts that will collaborate with my video ideas. For instance, I would film a 'Get Ready With Me' makeup look over on my channel and an outfit post would be there on my blog - this way I can satisfy those who love beauty one way, and fashionistas the other (or both if you're like me!) 


For some reason, I have never invested in a DSLR camera - over the years, I've had to put up with awful digital ones with poor quality that break easily, resulting in me sometimes having to use my pixelated iPhone 5s. NOT GOOD. However, as I am proper into getting a Youtube up and running, I have decided to spend my next wages on a DSLR camera. I definitely think I'm going to go for one of the Canon EOS series or a Nikon - I'm not fab with technology and all the fancy things cameras can do at the minute so do let me know if you have any recommendations. I will hopefully get the hang of it after a while! Most importantly, I want my videos have good quality - something that has an heir of professionalism and potential. Oh and this would also aid my blog because I will finally have better quality photos to accompany my writing!!


Now this is the fun part. I have so many plans and ideas of what I want to go up on my Youtube channel. Like my blog, my Youtube is going to be based around beauty and fashion, however it won't solely focus on these. I would also like to film some challenges to help express my personality more. As a blogger, it may be hard to sometimes get your personality across to your audience as people can interpret words in many different ways. Therefore, my personality will hopefully come across stronger through videos. This leads me onto my next thing - VLOGGING. I would absolutely love to vlog and share my daily life with you (if you would be interested) although I have a feeling I will be very nervous to do it publicly. This confidence level should boost up over time, hopefully. My first post will definitely be an 'everyday makeup routine', as they are a classic. This way you can all see if you like my style and whether you want me to carry on making videos. I'm also planning on going to cool locations to film a 'Summer Lookbook', which would be super fun. I love creating outfits that coincide with a season! Leave a comment below telling me your favourite type of Youtube video to watch! 


My blog and passions are my main reasons for starting a Youtube channel but I do have a few channels that inspire me with their personality, content and overall appearance. Olivia Jade is a beautiful American Youtuber who films mainly beauty videos with a few hauls, fashion and challenges now and again. I love her style and how adorable she is - she is doing so well for a 16 year old! One of my absolute all-time-favourites has to be Shani Grimmond (someone who many people compare Oliva Jade to, looks-wise) - Shani is an Australian Youtuber who appears so genuine, honest with her viewers and down-right hilarious. I literally sit in my bed watching her videos crying my eyes out!! She is incredible at makeup tutorials too. Recently, I've been loving Saffron Barker - a 16 year old daily vlogger - she manages to upload a vlog everyday with a main channel video up every weekend. You can see how much commitment she puts into making her viewers happy and that's what makes me love her more, as well as the fact her confidence is so uplifting. Finally, you just have to love the Saccone Joly's - an Irish born family living in the UK. I love them - their family, dogs and overall positivity. They have gone through some tough times recently and they still remain so strong - I love their enthusiasm and hardwork, always a pick-me-up on those days where I'm feeling down. I follow them on every social media, guilty!

If you've got this far - well done and thank you so much for reading. Sorry if this isn't a post of interest to you but I just wanted to make you guys aware, in case you were interested. If you would like to watch my videos, click the link below which will direct you to my channel. 

Subscribe if you're feeling nice :) Before I forget, I have also make a blogger/vlogger snapchat which is now up and running. My username is : scarletslippers - so if you want to be updated on my blog and my youtube videos, maybe even a bit of vlogging, then don't hesitate to add me!

Lots of love


  1. How exciting! Can't wait for your videos! I'm hoping to start a channel in the near future too! I'm subscribed and very excited :)

    Lily xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! OMG let me know as soon as you do, I cannot wait for you to start a channel too :) <3 x

  2. I'm so proud of you for setting your youtube up you have no clue!! Was so nice to hear that you're not going to neglect your blog and really it'll just help along with both your channel and your blog. Lookbooks are always fun to watch, especially with groovy music in the background! I cannot wait for more videos as I love you so so much! Girl Shani is literally who I want to be in life!


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