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12 June 2016

If you read yesterday's post, you will know that I love to alter my eyeshadow routine regards to the four seasons. This Summer I'm going to try and step out of my comfort zone to explore palettes with brighter colours; however, nothing makes me more sane than reaching for a good ol' trusty neutrals palette. Nude eyeshadows are an essential part of my makeup routine, regardless to how intense my look will be. They make the perfect transition colours, help to carve and contour the lid, and are essential for 'no-makeup' makeup days. Eyeshadow palettes that enable me to create a number of subtle looks are my safety blanket in the wondrous makeup up world - I always seem to snuggle back under this blanket when beauty disasters strike. They seem to makeup everything better. Hands up girls if your neutrals palette is your go-to?! These are also great for students, like myself, who don't tend to go crazy on the eye makeup for school; my eyes look really small without makeup on so I always contour my eye lids with a muted matte shade to help them stand out.

Anyway, this month I've been introduced to 'In The Buff' - a fine makeup brand who specialise in mineral products that help people to achieve light makeup looks that do not clog your pores. In the Buff are 100% against Animal Cruelty and Testing and are certified by PETA, professionalising their company. The company abide by formulating products that cause no harm to the skin - they state 'Beauty shouldn't have to come at a cost to your health, that's why 'In The Buff Makeup' is exactly as nature intended to be - kind to you skin'. With this in mind, I almost immediately trusted the company and wanted to test out their products. First stop...eyeshadow palettes!

From communicating with the PR team to excitedly running to my front door, the delivery service was as swift as can be. The package arrived within 2 days, causing my first impression of the company to be high. The packaging was sleek; the 28 shadows contained in a sleek black case. Each of the shadows arrived in perfect condition - I have had numerous disasters with shadows crumbling from factory to my home so was very pleased on behalf of In The Buff. With my expectations raised from my happy delivery, I was glad to not be disappointed with the outcome of the palette...let's take a sneak peak inside...

28 beautiful matte shadows - this palette contains all the neutrals you need on a daily basis. Whether you are sporting an evening, date night or everyday makeup look, this palette seems to have everything for you. There are an even mix of cool and warm tones, allowing suitablility for everyone's skin tone. The pigmentation of shadows vary - the lighter ones tending to be slightly less. This is definitely an advantage for me as I like to utilise light warm shades as transition colours and the medium pigmentation enables me to build the formula slowly onto my lid. Also, the mineral-based products feel extremely light on the lid, avoiding a cakey feel, which is inevitably not good for your skin's health. I have no doubt that I will be using this palette throughout the summer, not only for comfort, but to sport simple, yet glamorous, eyeshadow looks to help me transform from day to night makeup.

The above swatches include my 3 favourite shades from the palette. After hours of experimenting and having to narrow the shadows down to my top 3, I decided these were the ones. From left to right, the first shadow is a muted brown - this has become my go-to transition shade when creating eyeshadow looks. This shade eases the harsh contrast between my lid and crease shade, creating a beautiful gradient effect. The middle shade is a subtle rosy pink - fabulous for a summer's day. This is definitely a lid colour and would look incredible with glitter over the top to jazz the shade up for evening appropriate eyes. Lastly, the third shade is a deep, mauve brown with purple undertones. I 100% will be wearing this in my crease to create a contoured eye look, helping my small eyes pop. In the summer, I tend to go for warmer toned shadows so this brown will complement the golds and coppers applied to my lid.

HURRY! This palette is discounted for a limited time only - you can get this 28 shadow palette for an incredible £15. That's just £1.86 for each shadow! Also, In The Buff have other makeup products you may be interested in - face or lips wise too. I am going to try and get hold of some to do another in-depth review. All of their makeup products are affordable, which helps students like me. The low prices are also fabby for skin and vegan friendly products, as you know they are doing your skin wonders.

Do you love neutral shadows? What shade is your favourite?

Lots of love

This post is in collaboration with In The Buff; however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love the shades in this palette, they are right up my street! I also love how this brand is against animal testing, it's nice to know there are brands like this out there. Lovely photos and blog post! xx

    Beauty Girl

  2. During summers, i also love light and neutral shades and this palette is simply wonderful collection of impressive shades I would surely give a try. I had the botox treatment from which has improved my forehead and brow lines and restored my refreshing look. So I think these shades will add more freshness to my appearance.


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