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15 June 2016

Being introduced to new brands is one of my favourite things about blogging; every single day of my life I look at my social media and discover a new company, either via fellow bloggers, trending posts or brands following me. The attention brands get by social influencers will always amaze me - it is so crazy how much bloggers, for example, can unconsciously cause their viewers to lust after a new product or brand they've reviewed. Despite talking about social influence, I am not here today to talk about a brand I've collaborated with. I'm here to let you know of an incredible brand I was introduced to by my cousin, one of which you may or may not have, heard before.

“To me success is pure transformation. When we help someone transform their life, and they in turn transform others, well, that's a goal worth living.”

Arbonne is a Swiss-born skincare and cosmetic company that have developed in quality, and awareness, over a huge 36 years. The brand was introduced to me by my cousin, Vicky, which I will link later on in the post so you can talk to her, get her expert advice and have a chat about the company itself. Vicky invited me along to her launch party, as a newly-employed Independent Consultant for Arbonne - I was super excited because I'd never attended a launch party and was couldn't wait for a new experience. On arrival, my mum, best friend and I were graciously greeted with a welcome drink and sat down to listen Vicky, and her mentor, tell us all about Arbonne, the products and what their jobs entail. It was so interesting seeing people so passionate and genuinely love what they do - who wouldn't want to recommend their favourite products to their loved ones whilst getting rewarded?! Fortunately, the party attendees were allowed to trial and test the skincare and cosmetic products present at the launch. This was definitely my favourite part because I just love trying new items to see if they can sneak my way into my all time favourites. Read on to see how I got on...


Exploring and rummaging through all the beautiful makeup pieces was lots of fun. I was even able to create a makeup look that incorporated a range of products from the whole range (seen and linked below). As I used and tested a LOT of the cosmetics, I will only talk about a few that really stood out to me - if I told you about every single one I could be here for hours!! My favourite base products were the loose powder and the bronzer. The loose powder applied smoothly to my face, via my favourite brush - the Mineral Powder Brush - the SPF in the product also allows you to remain confident in your skin whilst enjoying the Summer sun. Also, the bronzing powder was warm-toned with tiny flecks of golden glitter running throughout - the glimmering effect adds warmth to your makeup look and helps to define your facial features in a natural way. I applied powder underneath the cheekbone, on my temples, down the sides of my nose and a little along my jawline. A beautiful Summer glow in a matter of seconds! When it came to eye products, I was very impressed with the quality. The eyeshadow duo consisted of two natural shades - a highlight and matte crease colour. These are the two essentials you need in your everyday makeup bag - they are very compact so will not occupy a large amount of space in your bag. The mascara cooperated with my lashes providing a lengthened and voluminous finish. Oh, the liquid eyeliner was super pigmented - always a bonus - however, I am not the best at applying so excuse the awful application below. I will just have to get used to it, haha! Finally, the finishing touch included a swipe of this beautiful tea rose nude lipstick over my chapped lips. My lips have been very sore recently so lipsticks with added moisture and avoid sticking to dry patches are my go-tos. Luckily, this did just the job and is the perfect colour for an everyday natural lip.

How could I forget?! One huge, beneficial factor of Arbonne is that they only sell pure, safe and healthy products that bring out the better in your skin. Not only does the skincare, which I will get onto later, contain these products but the makeup itself does not clog your pores. The usual harmful ingredients of makeup products, like mineral oil, phthalates, paraben and bulk fillers are NOT present in the formula, making longwear of the products on your face not so much of a sin or worry. All ingredients used are botanical, never tested on animals, or contain animal by-products and even the nutrition range are vegan certified! My favourite part is that the cosmetics contain optilight - a technology that reflects light off your face in all the right places!  

Arbonne's Ultra Premium Skincare range is the most popular and enticing part of the brand. All ingredients again, are botanical, and sink into the skin to remove bacteria and all other nasties smothering your pores. Two products that stood out to me was the facial oil, which I have used tried, and the deep poor cleanser, which I am yet to indulge in. Originally, I was very tentative to apply oil to my face because I have combination skin - my T-zone is super oily and applying oil would only seem to make it worse?! Oh how I was very wrong...I applied the facial oil in gentle massaging motions to my skin. The formulation was strange as it seemed to dry and not leave a greasy, uncomfortable feel to my face, which I expected. This almost instantaneously formed a luminous layer on the surface of my skin, attracting light to all the right places. My skin felt so much healthier after using products I knew were going to be beneficial, leaving an inner, as well as outer, radiance. You can see below how glowing and clear my skin looks after cleansing my face with the Clear Future products photographed above. 

You can buy the Clear Future range as a set or individually.

If you would love to know more about Arbonne, whether it be to know the ins and outs of the company, whether you want to be an independent consultant or simply want to know an in depth response on a product, then get in touch with my cousin below. She will be more than happy to help you and give her expert advice. You, as my wonderful followers and avid viewers, are welcome to try these amazing products for FREE - yes Vicky will do that. Simply contact her below, organise a free consultation and you are able to take away the products you want to try for free, allowing you to trial them before you purchase!! 

Vicky's Instagram - @vicky.longland

Have you heard of Arbonne before? Which is your favourite product mentioned?!

Lots of love


This post is not sponsored by the brand mentioned. 

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