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2 June 2016

Setting goals is something I love to do - not only to motivate myself but also to have that sense of accomplishment. On a daily basis, I love to write down things down that I need to do or goals I want to achieve before the end of the day. The satisfaction of ticking each task as the day goes on fills me with a humble feeling of pride. A couple of days ago, I saw 'Perks Of Being Ami' write a post called '101 in 1001' which you can read here. In this post she made a list of 101 things she wanted to do, achieve and purchase in the next 1001 days. This style of post was right up my street and inspired me to create my own personal list of 101 things I wish to achieve before 28th February 2019 (OMG THAT'S SO SCARY!!) 

Things to Buy 

1) Tiffany necklace
2) Designer Handbag (Valentino, Kurt Geiger or YSL)
3) Own an Hourglass beauty product
4) My first car
5) A DSLR camera
6) A New Laptop
7) A Beauty Box Subscription
8) Pair of Quay Australia Sunglasses
9) New Fur Coat for Winter
10) Polaroid Camera

Places to Visit

11) Greece (Mykonos/Santorini)
12) Venice
13) Fancy Hotel in London
14) Theatre Cafe in London
15) Paris again (sightseeing)
16) Harry Potter Studios London
17) Go to another country for my birthday
18) Have a Spa Day
19) Trinity Laban University
20) Switzerland

Things to do

21) Go on the London eye
22) Drive through safari in my own car
23) Go camping in a random field
24) Drive in cinema
25) Take blog pics outside cool cafes/cool houses in London
26) Vlog an entire holiday
27) Take a photo everyday until 1001 days are reached
28) Drive to somewhere random and have a picnic
29) Carve a pumpkin
30) Attend a masquerade ball
31) Host a themed party
32) Release a lantern
33) Go to a music festival
34) Make a scrapbook of memories
35) Watch Les Miserables in the West End
36) Make my own face mask.
37) Bake 30 new recipes.
38) Learn how to cook...
39) Play messy twister
40) Name a star
41) Do a colour run
42) Catch a last minute flight to a random destination
43) Ride a gondola in Venice
44) Visit the Louvre in France
45) Go on a long bike ride
46) Wake up early and get ready before 12
47) Have a romantic dinner on a rooftop
48) Go on a road trip with my best friend
49) Try new foods
50) Be part of a flash mob
51) Skydive!!!
52) Go to Bounce/Gravity Force
53) Stay at a 5 star hotel
54) Take a yoga class
55) Bungy Jump
56) Get a standing ovation in a theatre production
57) Watch the sunset on a beach
58) Go on a boat trip in Greece
59) Meet some of my blogger friends for lunch
60) Write to someone in a different country
61) See Beyonce in concert
62) Learn to do an aerial (no-handed cartwheel/walkover)
63) Improve my posture
64) Improve my diet
65) Watch a Derren Brown show
66) Visit a psychic
67) Stay in a log cabin for a night
68) Learn how to do accents
69) Row a boat
70) Go windsurfing
71) Adopt a puppy
72) Keep my room tidy for at least a month!!
73) Cut out carbs for a month.
74) Give up chocolate for lent (this is defo the hardest)
75) Put a lock on the love bridge in Paris
76) Go to a bonfire event in November
77) Make a wall full of polaroid photos
78) Go to Winter Wonderland in London
79) Get a piercing other than my ears
80) Make my own lemonade
81) Set a scavenger hunt for a friend/boyfriend to a fun surprise
82) Make fruit ice lollies
83) Win a bowling game against someone (I SUCK!)
84) Have an incredible 18th birthday WEEK
85) Plan an incredible summer
86) Pay for a first holiday without parents
87) Waste a day solely watching Disney films
88) Go to a water park outside the UK

Goals to Reach  

89) Get into a dance company
90) Get my Driving License
91) Own an apartment
92) Get into a dance/theatre university
93) Have my blog reach 1,000,000 views
94) Start a Youtube Channel
95) Reach my goal weight and maintain it
97) Be invited to a Blogger's Event
98) Audition for a West End Performance
99) Have my blog reach 20,000 followers
100) Achieve half of this '101 in 1001' days list before 28th Feb 2019.
101) Receive good A level grades in 2017.


I've tried to be as realistic as possible, evidently with some extremities. However, I hope to achieve as many as I can in the time frame. It seems like ages away but I bet it will come round sooner than I think... Will keep you updated every couple of months to see I've achieved any of the above :)

Lots of love


  1. This is such a cool post idea! Good luck in achieving your goals!

    xo, Liz

    1. Thank you so much lovely <3 You should totally do it yourself <3 xx

  2. This is such a lovely idea- they sound like such amazing goals! Good luck with them <3 fab post x


  3. I will happily come and meet you for a spa day haha!xx

  4. Such a creative idea! I think I may have to write my own post for this. Your places to visit sound absolutely lovely too. Good luck! Xx

    1. Aw thank you Sydney! Definitely do it - it was really fun making it :) xx

  5. great list . check mine : http://jidhuclicks.blogspot.qa/p/101-goals-in-1001-days.html


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