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27 June 2016

I am one very happy girl. Finally, I have my hands on a brand that I've been wanting to try so much in the past few months, let alone work with! All of my blogger friends have been showing off their beautiful new Glo & Ray products, making me incredibly envious so I was super excited to get my hands on these lip and eyes beauties. Glo & Ray are a British born company that explore the concept of light and how it can enhance a woman's individual beauty. As the name suggests, Glo & Ray strive to accentuate radiance and illuminate your features, allowing women to become more confident in themselves. With products set for face, eyes and lips, not forgetting their cleansing gel and makeup removers, I was nothing but excited to test out the beautiful products they had sent me.

'We look to harness each woman's natural radiance to deliver a stunning collection designed to illuminate individual beauty.'

With regards to delivery, my package arrived in a short space of time in a neatly wrapped parcel. The products were individually wrapped in black tissue paper, giving the brand a classy and feminine look. From arrival, I had high expectations for the product as the packaging was luxurious, sturdy and had the heir of a high end makeup brand. Here's what I thought...

Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour ~ Seduce 643

Are you looking for that perfect Summer lipstick to make your outfit pop? Well, you've come to the right place! I've fallen head over heels for this bright orange-red from Glo & Ray. The shade 'Seduce' is perfectly entitled - this warm-toned red/orange adds a seductive vibe to summer evening attire. It would look incredible alongside a monochrome outfit and a sleek hair up-do. How I wish I could get away with having my hair up and it looking flawless...Anyway, the formula of these lipsticks are said to be 'creamy shimmer', which to me sounds like a product with a sheer outcome. However, I was pleasantly surprised to experience an incredible moisturizing formula with high pigmentation. I've included swatches of all the products I'll be mentioning at the end of the post so go check out how amaaaaazing it is before you leave. The finishing effect is a glossy sheen over the lips but pigmentation of the colour is definitely not lost at all. Also, I did a test run to see how long the lippie lasted throughout the day - I'd say it lasted 3-4 hours which is relatively long considering the smooth and creamy formula. This is one of those lipsticks I know I will be reaching for all Summer long - wearing a bright lipstick always brightens up my mood! Anyone else agree?! 

Longwear Mousse Eye shadow ~ Tawny Dust 451

If you've been around here long enough, you will know how cream eyeshadows are my thaang. I love how versatile and practical they are, so handy when you're in a rush or don't have enough room in your travel bag to carry 3 shadow palettes. Not only was I thrilled to receive a cream eyeshadow, I was literally screaming when I saw the colour. This is literally my go-to Summer shade - a true glittered copper with underlying orange undertones. I am obsessed!!! I can imagine wearing a copper eye with the lipstick above on holiday, soaking up the sun. One of my favourite aspects regarding this shadow is the flecks of golden glitter - they add such a pretty little sparkle to your makeup look and honestly draws a crazy amount of positive attention towards your eyes. My warm, hazel/brown eyes work really well with golden shadows so this will go to great use throughout the next few months. It's a shame I'm staying in wet England this Summer but I'm sure it will still be a staple in my makeup bag. This is also a time where I wish I had MAC'S Tan Pigment as it would intensify the colour over the top of this base. Finally, after application, 'Tawny Dust' remained on my lid, completely un-creased, which left me a very happy bunny!

Eternity Long Lasting Eyeliner ~ Redtsingy

I'm one of those girls who find essentials, like an eyeliner, very boring to purchase. I would much rather spend an hour browsing all the beautiful shades of lipstick and how the packaging would look fab on my desk. Although they are a pain to buy, you just need them - they are an essential part of my look. One great thing about 'Redtsingy' is that it is not your average black kohl liner, it's brown! A lot of people would be disappointed to receive this, as the majority of bloggers I've seen are in love with intense blacks. However, I was literally the exact opposite. I looooove brown eyeliners as they are great for everyday wear on my waterline. Sometimes I think black liner looks too harsh and intensifies a minimal everyday look, spoiling it, so having a warmer shade that is more toned down and softer is a must in my makeup bag. The waxy formula and think nib allows precise and efficient application; some would potentially be able to use this on the brows if you are one to work well with wax formulations. I would say you need 2/3 swipes of the product on your water line to achieve full pigmentation.

SWATCHES (from left to right)

'Redtsingy' - 'Tawny Dust' - 'Seduce'

What is your go-to product in your makeup bag? Which colour lipstick do you always reach for in Summer?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Glo & Ray; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Instant Effects : Do They Really Work?

23 June 2016

Let's face girls just will never be happy with the way we look. It's such a sad thing that we feel this way but I've never met a girl that is confident enough to be happy with themselves. However, although some may not see it as a good back up plan, there are wonderful creations in the beauty world that help to enhance or adjust our natural imperfections to make ourselves happier. Some people head straight for surgery - I definitely don't have a problem with this at all! I am a huge wimp and don't think I would ever have the guts to adjust my boob size or get lip injections; however, these little tools which I'm here to talk about today are painless but can still make a difference...


A popular thing in the beauty industry at the minute is plumper, fuller lips. I am a huge fan of this trend but am too much of a woss to consider getting it done. Besides this, I usually turn to glossy lip products to give the appearance of bigger lips or slightly overdraw my lips when applying lip liner. This only creates a subtle illusion and to be honest, I can hardly tell the difference. Therefore, I was super excited to test out the Instant Effects Lip Plumper to see if more dramatic changes were made.

The Lip Plump, contained in a opaque, black tube, holds a smooth, moisturzing formulation. For applying the product, the brush is dense and compact so allows firm application. The product applies thickly, looking like a clear lipgloss once on. I really love wearing matte products but I hate the way they sit and feel on my lips so moisture is literally the KEY to keeping my lips happier as well as enlarging them. Overall, I would say I have average sized lips - not too small, not too big; although I would love for them to be evened out more. This plumping product boosted my bottom lip significantly and my top slightly; I made sure to apply the product evenly so with personal experience, I would say that this plumper helps enhance the bottom rather than the top. The only fault I would say is that it took me over 150 pumps before the product actually came out. I seriously thought it came broken but after pressing it copious amounts it finally began working. It has been fine ever since so you have to be patient if you are a first time user.


Moving on to lashes... I know plenty of people who have incredible lashes, most being boys...WHO DON'T EVER NEED THEM! Sorry for that little burst of anger...What I was trying to say, is that those who want for their lashes to be thicker and longer are usually those who suffer with none. This means us girls have to apply several coats of mascara to have our specific desired effect.

Today I'm talking the Instant Effects Lash Volumizer. The product is quite simply a mascara - a tube with a brush applicator attached to the lid. The formula is wet and gel-like; I applied this evenly to both upper lashes on each eye. As the formula was quite sticky, my lashes clumped but this can easily be adjusted with a lash brush. After waiting a couple of minutes, the product slightly set and enabled me to apply a coat of my favourite mascara - the Revlon Lash Potion. The finished look, I would say, is perfect for every day wear. Personally, I love length and volume but this product specifically worked in an extensive way. My lashes increased by about 20% more than just with my normal mascara but the thickness stayed the same. Therefore, the Instant Effects Lash Volumizer lengthens more than volumizes, making a perfect contribution for girls rocking those 'no-makeup' makeup day to give the illusion of naturally long lashes.

Have you ever trying a lip plump or lash extending product? How did you get on with it? Did it work for you?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Instant Effects; however all opinons are honest and my own.

The Multi-Use Highlighter

19 June 2016

One of the most-loved beauty products of all time is highlighter. I am ashamed to say I followed the crowd and am a highlighter addict. It's almost impossible for me to now leave the house without it on - excessive glitter is definitely something I have a problem with. Highlighting the right parts of your face is essential when contouring and ensuring the light reflects off of all the right places. However, I've noticed that people just simply follow the crowd (not a bad thing, I do it all the time haha!) and use cosmetics in the exact same way as other i.e. applying highlight to the cheekbones. In no way am I saying I don't do this, I love whacking on tonnes of highlight to my cheeks but there is so much more you can do with the product. I've been investigating the best ways to use highlighter, on both the face and body and thought you guys may want to know...

Currently, I've been non-stop using Benefit's Watts Up golden highlight - an oldie but a goldie! Warm-toned highlights work the best on my face, as I tend to steer towards warmer-toned shadows and base products. The creamy formulation allows smooth, accurate and intense application. At the opposite end of the stick, there is a sponge applicator. Although at first I didn't get on well with this when blending the product into my cheekbones, I have found many a way to use it when trialling Watts Up in different ways. As the product is super creamy, it glides and stays on the skin for hours. I never have an issue with the product falling off my face so this definitely ticks all the boxes for me.


I'm going to start off with the most obvious use of highlight - to accentuate the cheek bones. By applying Watts Up to the highest points on my face, it helps me to achieve further definition. I love how the product holds a LOT of glitter so under the sunlight you are glowing without. This highlight looks beautiful accompanied by warm, defined cheekbones. To apply cream highlight, I usually place the product onto the cheekbones via the stick and blend out with my fingertips.


Another popular way to use highlight is by placing a small amount of product to the brow bone. This helps to enhance your brow arch and sharpen the overall brow. I struggle a lot with making my eyebrows look nice as my hairs are very sparse towards the middle. This means I have to apply a lot of brow product to my face which can get a little messy. To avoid messy brows, I use concealer around the perimeter of my brow to sharpen and a dab of Watts Up on my brow bone.


Something that has becoming increasingly known and shared within the beauty industry is applying product on the right areas of your face. By doing so, you will draw attention to the light in all the right places. This trick is always good for flash photography as you can still achieve definition without looking like a pale, shiny mess. I like to apply highlight on the tip of my nose, on my forehead and cupid's bow to draw attention to the centre of my face. Powder highlight is probably better for the nose but creamy formulation works best in the other areas. 


Many people never think about actually wearing highlight on other parts of their body, other than their face. This is a great beauty hack for those who perform on stage or want to shine on a specific occasion, or night out. You can apply highlighter to your collarbones, arms or even your legs - this can aid the illusion that you are skinnier or simply enhance your favourite features. As a dance and drama enthusiast, I perform a lot and spend time on stage. I love wearing highlight and glitter on my body as it looks incredible under the stage lights!


Whenever I work with highlighters, I can not help my place some on my eyelid. I love the way the light hits them and makes the colour of your iris stand out. My most-used beauty hack is definitely wearing highlight as eyeshadow, whether it be a cream or powder formula. I love to wear Watts Up as a base for shadow - this primes my eyelid and creates a pretty golden foundation for my shadows be built upon. I also love to apply some to my inner corners to make me look more awake. If I'm feeling lazy, I love to pop Watts Up on my eyes, simply on its own, as it still looks like I've made an effort even though it takes seconds to apply!


Being the poor, unfortunate soul that I am, I suffer from dry skin. This makes it so hard to find a suitable foundation to hug my skin in the right way without clinging to gross dry patches. After experimenting with my makeup products, I've found that liquid highlight has improved the look of foundation on my skin. If I'm having a bad skin day, I love to mix my current foundation with a liquid highlight. This creates a beautiful dewy formula that gives the appearance of glowing skin. This is such a great hack for those who love dewy skin - it would also look incredible in Summer.

Before I let you go, I just wanted to let you know that my first Youtube video has gone live on my channel. Search 'Charlotte Emily XXXX' or simply click the link HERE to go and view it. I shared my Everday Makeup Routine with you guys. If you have any improvements or suggestions for further videos, let me know in the comments below. 

What is your favourite highlighter? Have you tried Benefit Watts Up?

Lots of love


The product mentioned is not in collaboration with the brand. All opinions are honest and my own.

Face Of The Day ¦ Discovering Arbonne

15 June 2016

Being introduced to new brands is one of my favourite things about blogging; every single day of my life I look at my social media and discover a new company, either via fellow bloggers, trending posts or brands following me. The attention brands get by social influencers will always amaze me - it is so crazy how much bloggers, for example, can unconsciously cause their viewers to lust after a new product or brand they've reviewed. Despite talking about social influence, I am not here today to talk about a brand I've collaborated with. I'm here to let you know of an incredible brand I was introduced to by my cousin, one of which you may or may not have, heard before.

“To me success is pure transformation. When we help someone transform their life, and they in turn transform others, well, that's a goal worth living.”

Arbonne is a Swiss-born skincare and cosmetic company that have developed in quality, and awareness, over a huge 36 years. The brand was introduced to me by my cousin, Vicky, which I will link later on in the post so you can talk to her, get her expert advice and have a chat about the company itself. Vicky invited me along to her launch party, as a newly-employed Independent Consultant for Arbonne - I was super excited because I'd never attended a launch party and was couldn't wait for a new experience. On arrival, my mum, best friend and I were graciously greeted with a welcome drink and sat down to listen Vicky, and her mentor, tell us all about Arbonne, the products and what their jobs entail. It was so interesting seeing people so passionate and genuinely love what they do - who wouldn't want to recommend their favourite products to their loved ones whilst getting rewarded?! Fortunately, the party attendees were allowed to trial and test the skincare and cosmetic products present at the launch. This was definitely my favourite part because I just love trying new items to see if they can sneak my way into my all time favourites. Read on to see how I got on...


Exploring and rummaging through all the beautiful makeup pieces was lots of fun. I was even able to create a makeup look that incorporated a range of products from the whole range (seen and linked below). As I used and tested a LOT of the cosmetics, I will only talk about a few that really stood out to me - if I told you about every single one I could be here for hours!! My favourite base products were the loose powder and the bronzer. The loose powder applied smoothly to my face, via my favourite brush - the Mineral Powder Brush - the SPF in the product also allows you to remain confident in your skin whilst enjoying the Summer sun. Also, the bronzing powder was warm-toned with tiny flecks of golden glitter running throughout - the glimmering effect adds warmth to your makeup look and helps to define your facial features in a natural way. I applied powder underneath the cheekbone, on my temples, down the sides of my nose and a little along my jawline. A beautiful Summer glow in a matter of seconds! When it came to eye products, I was very impressed with the quality. The eyeshadow duo consisted of two natural shades - a highlight and matte crease colour. These are the two essentials you need in your everyday makeup bag - they are very compact so will not occupy a large amount of space in your bag. The mascara cooperated with my lashes providing a lengthened and voluminous finish. Oh, the liquid eyeliner was super pigmented - always a bonus - however, I am not the best at applying so excuse the awful application below. I will just have to get used to it, haha! Finally, the finishing touch included a swipe of this beautiful tea rose nude lipstick over my chapped lips. My lips have been very sore recently so lipsticks with added moisture and avoid sticking to dry patches are my go-tos. Luckily, this did just the job and is the perfect colour for an everyday natural lip.

How could I forget?! One huge, beneficial factor of Arbonne is that they only sell pure, safe and healthy products that bring out the better in your skin. Not only does the skincare, which I will get onto later, contain these products but the makeup itself does not clog your pores. The usual harmful ingredients of makeup products, like mineral oil, phthalates, paraben and bulk fillers are NOT present in the formula, making longwear of the products on your face not so much of a sin or worry. All ingredients used are botanical, never tested on animals, or contain animal by-products and even the nutrition range are vegan certified! My favourite part is that the cosmetics contain optilight - a technology that reflects light off your face in all the right places!  

Arbonne's Ultra Premium Skincare range is the most popular and enticing part of the brand. All ingredients again, are botanical, and sink into the skin to remove bacteria and all other nasties smothering your pores. Two products that stood out to me was the facial oil, which I have used tried, and the deep poor cleanser, which I am yet to indulge in. Originally, I was very tentative to apply oil to my face because I have combination skin - my T-zone is super oily and applying oil would only seem to make it worse?! Oh how I was very wrong...I applied the facial oil in gentle massaging motions to my skin. The formulation was strange as it seemed to dry and not leave a greasy, uncomfortable feel to my face, which I expected. This almost instantaneously formed a luminous layer on the surface of my skin, attracting light to all the right places. My skin felt so much healthier after using products I knew were going to be beneficial, leaving an inner, as well as outer, radiance. You can see below how glowing and clear my skin looks after cleansing my face with the Clear Future products photographed above. 

You can buy the Clear Future range as a set or individually.

If you would love to know more about Arbonne, whether it be to know the ins and outs of the company, whether you want to be an independent consultant or simply want to know an in depth response on a product, then get in touch with my cousin below. She will be more than happy to help you and give her expert advice. You, as my wonderful followers and avid viewers, are welcome to try these amazing products for FREE - yes Vicky will do that. Simply contact her below, organise a free consultation and you are able to take away the products you want to try for free, allowing you to trial them before you purchase!! 

Vicky's Instagram - @vicky.longland

Have you heard of Arbonne before? Which is your favourite product mentioned?!

Lots of love


This post is not sponsored by the brand mentioned. 

Rockin' the Nudes ¦ In The Buff

12 June 2016

If you read yesterday's post, you will know that I love to alter my eyeshadow routine regards to the four seasons. This Summer I'm going to try and step out of my comfort zone to explore palettes with brighter colours; however, nothing makes me more sane than reaching for a good ol' trusty neutrals palette. Nude eyeshadows are an essential part of my makeup routine, regardless to how intense my look will be. They make the perfect transition colours, help to carve and contour the lid, and are essential for 'no-makeup' makeup days. Eyeshadow palettes that enable me to create a number of subtle looks are my safety blanket in the wondrous makeup up world - I always seem to snuggle back under this blanket when beauty disasters strike. They seem to makeup everything better. Hands up girls if your neutrals palette is your go-to?! These are also great for students, like myself, who don't tend to go crazy on the eye makeup for school; my eyes look really small without makeup on so I always contour my eye lids with a muted matte shade to help them stand out.

Anyway, this month I've been introduced to 'In The Buff' - a fine makeup brand who specialise in mineral products that help people to achieve light makeup looks that do not clog your pores. In the Buff are 100% against Animal Cruelty and Testing and are certified by PETA, professionalising their company. The company abide by formulating products that cause no harm to the skin - they state 'Beauty shouldn't have to come at a cost to your health, that's why 'In The Buff Makeup' is exactly as nature intended to be - kind to you skin'. With this in mind, I almost immediately trusted the company and wanted to test out their products. First stop...eyeshadow palettes!

From communicating with the PR team to excitedly running to my front door, the delivery service was as swift as can be. The package arrived within 2 days, causing my first impression of the company to be high. The packaging was sleek; the 28 shadows contained in a sleek black case. Each of the shadows arrived in perfect condition - I have had numerous disasters with shadows crumbling from factory to my home so was very pleased on behalf of In The Buff. With my expectations raised from my happy delivery, I was glad to not be disappointed with the outcome of the palette...let's take a sneak peak inside...

28 beautiful matte shadows - this palette contains all the neutrals you need on a daily basis. Whether you are sporting an evening, date night or everyday makeup look, this palette seems to have everything for you. There are an even mix of cool and warm tones, allowing suitablility for everyone's skin tone. The pigmentation of shadows vary - the lighter ones tending to be slightly less. This is definitely an advantage for me as I like to utilise light warm shades as transition colours and the medium pigmentation enables me to build the formula slowly onto my lid. Also, the mineral-based products feel extremely light on the lid, avoiding a cakey feel, which is inevitably not good for your skin's health. I have no doubt that I will be using this palette throughout the summer, not only for comfort, but to sport simple, yet glamorous, eyeshadow looks to help me transform from day to night makeup.

The above swatches include my 3 favourite shades from the palette. After hours of experimenting and having to narrow the shadows down to my top 3, I decided these were the ones. From left to right, the first shadow is a muted brown - this has become my go-to transition shade when creating eyeshadow looks. This shade eases the harsh contrast between my lid and crease shade, creating a beautiful gradient effect. The middle shade is a subtle rosy pink - fabulous for a summer's day. This is definitely a lid colour and would look incredible with glitter over the top to jazz the shade up for evening appropriate eyes. Lastly, the third shade is a deep, mauve brown with purple undertones. I 100% will be wearing this in my crease to create a contoured eye look, helping my small eyes pop. In the summer, I tend to go for warmer toned shadows so this brown will complement the golds and coppers applied to my lid.

HURRY! This palette is discounted for a limited time only - you can get this 28 shadow palette for an incredible £15. That's just £1.86 for each shadow! Also, In The Buff have other makeup products you may be interested in - face or lips wise too. I am going to try and get hold of some to do another in-depth review. All of their makeup products are affordable, which helps students like me. The low prices are also fabby for skin and vegan friendly products, as you know they are doing your skin wonders.

Do you love neutral shadows? What shade is your favourite?

Lots of love

This post is in collaboration with In The Buff; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Cloud 10 Beauty | ft. Sleek & Blank Canvas

11 June 2016

Changing my makeup routine is something that occurs seasonally, especially the transition from the cool winter tones to vibrant summer shades. Summer is all about colour for me - I love to spice up my eyeshadow routine by adding a splash of colour to my crease or applying a dramatic orange lip. Either way, I am always excited to increase my Summer appropriate makeup collection. As you will see throughout the next few months, many of my upcoming posts will show you how I like to style my clothes, what I get up to and of course, my go-to makeup of the ever-loved season of Summer.

Today's post includes a beautiful little palette chaperoned by a very practical blending brush...more onto that later. First, I'm here to talk about Cloud 10 Beauty - an incredible online online retailer, similar to Feel Unique, that sells some of the nation's most popular brands including : Sleek, Bioderma, Bourjois, theBalm, EOS, Eylure, Sigma and many other worldwide favourites. Want to know the products I received in my first ever parcel from Cloud 10 Beauty? Then carry on reading, I'm sure you will love the palette as much as I do... 

Storm - one of the most raved about palettes since I bought my first product Sleek product. I was ecstatic when I received this; an array of deep colours that push me out of my comfort zone. I'm not one to wear lots of bright, 'out-there' shades, as I don't think they suit me but I do love to add a pop of colour to an Summer outfit. This palette will do just the job because the blue and green shadows are toned down, allowing those who aren't as comfortable at pulling off crazy colour, like myself, the chance to branch out a bit more. Prior to this package, I own and have tried Sleek shadows before so I was expecting great things from this palette. The creamy and highly pigmented formula enabled the product to be applied onto both the lid and the crease with ease. Pigmentation is something I love about eyeshadow; the product can last for ages as you only need the tiniest amount on your brush. Also, the chalky texture allows efficient blending - when I first swatched the Sleek shadows in store, I was scared about the chalky feel. However, the product is easily blendable and simply to work with. I would also recommend applying this before face makeup as you can get a lot of fall out on your cheeks. Finally, the palette is filled with matte and shimmer shades - the shimmer are so pretty for evening wear and the matte shades are insane as transition colours. My favourite shades are Sand Storm (a golden glitter), Perfect Storm (a rose gold) and Storm Cloud (a cool-toned green, not my usual type but I think it will look pretty against dark eyes). 

Cloud 10 Beauty clearly thought about practicality when they generously sent a blending brush alongside the palette. This was exciting as I had never used, or heard of, Blank Canvas Cosmetics before; an Irish Cosmetics brand that sell brushes, applicators and makeup products. The brush sent was perfect to fit comfortably in my crease, not too big and not too small. The thin, fluffy bristles allow product to be swept over the lid, creating a soft finish as well as being flexible to fit into the crease. E10 was utilised to my advantage; this is simply because I do not get on with the doe-foot applicators present in drugstore, and even highend, shadow palettes. They always apply products too cakey onto my lid and feel rough against my skin. Fortunately, Blank Canvas Cosmetics had soft-haired brushes that left my lids in good, healthy condition, as they should be! Haha! If you want to pick up a bargain, definitely head over to Cloud 10 Beauty through the link above as all eye brushes are below £10 which is insane for the quality you are given.

Let me know if you wish to see an in-depth eye look revolving around these two products, either on my blog or my upcoming Youtube channel.

Do you own anything from Sleek or Blank Canvas? What is your go-to eye look for the Summer?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Cloud 10 Beauty; however all opinions are honest and my own.

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