The Summer Classics

16 May 2016

Throughout the Summer, I find it almost impossible to avoid the classics - pinks and florals. These two factors are my fashion essentials in times where I 'don't have anything to wear' or 'anything Summer appropriate'.  Summer is also a season known for the lighter, vibrant colours to pop out! Pale pinks can look incredibly sophisticated under the sun's glow, making the colour perfect for evening wear alongside the entirety of the day. 

To add something extra to my block colour outfits, I love wearing light, detailed kimonos to 'spice up' my attire. For today's Summer look, I've opted for this rose-patterned kimono - the weightless, flowing material and cuffed hands worn over a strapped white crop feels comfortable under the Summer heat (looks like we finally have some this year in England!!). The mid-length pastel skirt can be easily flaunted at Summer events, evenings out or simply at a family barbecue; the thick mesh strip at the bottom was my favourite touch to the skirt, initially temping me into buy it!

Floral crowns are another of Summer's many hypes - especially for all the festival lovers. I believe choosing the right flower type/colour for your hair is vital when attempting to accentuate an outfit. For me, I always accessorize with white as it contrasts and complements my dark brunette locks. You can find these beautiful bad boys in shop and online - they are everywhere at the minute. Primark do lots of great deals on headpieces (usually ranging from £1-£3!).

The sun really brings out my skin's natural radiance; therefore, I turn to my BB creams during Summer. Fortunately, this is handy as less coverage makeup feels lighter on the skin. However, you know me, I don't love anything more than full coverage so it is very rare that I'm comfortable in my skin. To complement the 'pink overload', I popped some Bourjois Jasper Rose on my cheeks to add a rosy sparkle with the NYX Matte Lipstick in Aubrey to incorporate some vibrancy into my look.

Finally, I decided to add a gold chained, pink floral necklace to my look - as if this outfit wasn't girly enough? Statement necklaces are a winner in Summer - they make such a beautiful addition if you are wearing low cut tops and block colours.

Top - H&M (similar here)
Kimono - Select
Skirt - Matalan (alternative here)
Headpiece - Primark (huge range of crowns here)
Necklace - Next

What are your Summer Fashion Essentials?! Let me know in the comments below...

Lots of love


  1. This is such a pretty outfit - you look stunning Charlotte!! I love all of the pieces that you have chosen :)

    Jade xx |


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