Summer Fashion Trends 2016 ¦ Boohoo

27 May 2016

This month I have become seriously addicted to the fashion trends; not that I have the money to buy Summer's finest pieces but I've been scouring the internet for cheaper alternatives to the designer attire I lust. However, I was more than happy to see Boohoo had a beautiful range of Summer clothing, which I will certainly be spending some money - a girl has just got to treat themselves during exam season!

White is really in fashion SS16 and I'm loving the ruffled and lace detailing a lot of blouses, tees and crops have. They look incredibly feminine and can make an outfit look classy, despite the simple block colour. White and navy are also a must-have colour combo at this time of year - love a bit of nautical imagery, especially when I'm not going anywhere near boats on a pretty tropical island this year. Vibrant colours and crazy patterns should definitely be worn when the sun is glowing its uttermost brightest - I love light material dresses/skirts with qwerky designs to lounge around in or wear at casual/social occasions. Also, I'm a huge fan of heeled sandals - I need to get my hands on a pair before I cry...these brown suede ones are to die for and the mirrored heel gives the shoe such a dimensional touch. Black and white is always a colour scheme that works well in the summer, ready to enhance your summer tan and glow. I love these elephant print shorts with the adorable white pom pom tassles hanging loose - total festival vibes! Finally, rucksacks and shoulder bags are essential during Summer - you don't want to carry around heavy items in the heat so it's always best to pack your necessities into a rucksack. The shoulder bag has a gorgeous embossed design which makes the accessory ideal for evening wear, accompanying a stunning white dress or playsuit.

Which is your favourite item from the items above? What is your favourite Summer fashion trend of the year?

Lots of love

This post is not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned.


  1. Ooooo I love everything =]

    1. I just want money so I can buy them all! :D x


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