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1 May 2016

Over my years of makeup hoarding and testing loads of different products, I have come to terms with what works for me and what looks like a complete disaster. Recently, I've been trying to narrow down my makeup into a very small 'ten products you can't live without'. However, I found this too challenging, as I'm a huge lover of both the expensive and affordable makeup. Therefore, I would like to bring to you part 1 of my favourite makeup products of all time. 

Also, I've been thinking about uploading my top 10 drugstore products of all time over on my Youtube Channel to coincide with this blog post. I'm starting a Youtube Channel in the next few months as I am so close to saving up for a new, good quality camera. I cannot wait to start making videos and hopefully receive a positive response, as I've been sooooo scared to do this. If you are interested in watching my future youtube videos, don't hesistate to click on the link above or type 'CharlotteEmilyXXXX' to find my channel and subscribe. Leave a comment below if you do!

On with the fun stuff...


Without a doubt, I always prioritise my highend base goodies over my (also-very-loved) drugstore ones. Personally, I feel that they provide such a luxurious feel on the skin, alongside creating an effect that lives up to their high prices. I'm 100% a full coverage girl and my NARS Sheer Glow fulfills my every need; with a smooth, silky finish, even complexion and long-lasting power, this foundation is one to settle anyone's 'flawless finish' needs. Accompanying Sheer Glow comes my trusty NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Nars base products really work on my skin, building a firm base with a glowing radiance that counteracts my dryness. This concealer does my under eye circles wonders - illuminating my dull areas (under eyes, around my nose) and my T zone to highlight the centre of my face. 

Powder products are definitely my safety net when it comes to adding extra definition to my face. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, which you are probably sick-to-death hearing about from me, is a dream to blend when contouring, accentuating the hollows of my cheeks and structuring my face. The tiny golden flecks running through the product makes it perfect for the summer months when you want your face to glow under the sunlight. Blush is something I have love-hate relationship with; I am horrendously bad at applying the correct amount to my cheeks so I tend to avoid wearing it. However, after picking up MAC's Melba at the beginning of 2016, creating a soft, flushed effect has never been so easy. The warm, peach undertones form a natural look on my cheeks, something I've been wanting to achieve for months years! Saving the best till last - highlight!!! MAC'S infamous Soft and Gentle and The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer are the highlights you will always find lurking in my makeup bag; I alter between the two depending on my makeup look. If I've chosen cooler tones on my eyes/lips, I will opt for Mary Lou. Alternatively, Soft and Gentle compliments warmer tones so I pop some of that on my cheeks when I'm wearing a copper shadow and I'm good to go :)


Finding a single eyeshadow palette that I adore with all my heart was a challenge - I own many a shadow palette so it was very difficult to decide which met all my criteria. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette won! This was simply because it met everything I could ever want in a shadow palette - a mixture of matter and shimmers, intense pigmentation, all wearable/versatile shades, a variety of colours, a handy mirror and sleek packaging to fit in your makeup bag. I will honestly never stop raving about this palette because I love it soooo freaking much! My most used shadow is definitely Creme Brulee - it creates a gorgeous golden lid colour for those days where you just cant be bothered to spend 113432 hours perfecting your eye makeup.


Another very difficult product to condense into my top favourites were my lipsticks. Fortunately, I've managed to narrow my choices to my top 3 lippies - a deep pink, a nude and a dark shade. Starting from the left, Charlotte Tilbury's stunning rose-gold packaging holds my all-time favourite 'your-lips-but-better- shade - BOND GIRL. This cool-toned, mauve pink is perfect for everyday wear but can also look glamorous in the evening too. The versatility of this lipstick is endless and it will never leave my purse/handbag/pocket no matter where I am. Nudes are my fall back if I'm wearing little makeup or don't want to draw any attention to myself - Chanel's Satisfaction is always something I go back to when I acquire a nude lip. The creamy formula feels incredibly luxurious on your lips and lasts for several hours, not something many lip products can do. Lastly, MAC's Dark Side is a more recent discovery; the dark, red/purple undertones really complement my ivory complexion and leave a thin, yet intense, satin finish.

What are you favourite high end makeup products? Do you have any dupes for the products I mentioned above?!

Lots of love


  1. The MAC Soft & Gentle looks gorgeous! Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is also one of my favorites.

    1. They are both incredible. I love golden highlights, especially in the Summer!xxx

  2. Bronze Goddess sounds so good! I've been meaning to pick it up but I keep buying all these other bronzers hahaha :') I reckon it's a good one though!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. Honestly the best bronzing product I have ever owned. You should defo purchase this one next Xxx

  3. All of this make up looks so, so nice. I'm with you when it comes to base - spending money on a good foundation is so worth it. I couldn't live without my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation - however unlike your trusty Nars duo, the concealer from the same Estee Lauder collection is dreadful and I regret ever purchasing it! Maybe a good dupe for the Bronze Goddess would be The Body Shop Honey Bronzer, although it doesn't have any shimmer or sheen to it.

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

    1. Totally - spending that extra money is so worth it with base products. You can certainly tell the difference in quality, coverage and lasting power. Oh that's a shame - I've heard amazing things about the estee lauder foundation though. I think I may have to invest in that soon:) xxx

  4. Ahhh everything looks lovely! I adore the Too Faced chocolate palettes at the moment, they are just beautiful :D those lipsticks are such lovely shades! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  5. Everything looks so lovely :)


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