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29 May 2016

Finally, I have endured the majority of my exams and I cannot be more relieved. For those still in secondary school/sixth form, it is exam season and the past few weeks have been incredibly stressful. Currently, I'm taking my AS levels (the first year of sixth form) and I've had to work my butt off to try and maintain consistent grades throughout the year. You've probably heard many people say it before but the gap is H U G E between GCSE and A Levels - the courses get harder, the work load is more intense and the amount of content increases by 300% in some of my subjects. It has been a tough, stressful and tiring year which has gone very quickly and I'm praying that the work I've put in has paid off. Fortunately, we've all earnt this week off school and I can't wait to relieve some stress before returning on the 7th of June to complete my final biology exam. 

Now that I've got some time to myself, away from revision, I will definitely spend some nights pampering myself. What's more to love that coming home from an exam, work or simply a bad day and treating yourself to a 'me' night? If you aren't quite sure what 'me-time' is - make sure to carry on reading because you're seriously missing out. Here is my relaxion and ultimate night routine to keep you and your body feeling happier than ever...

Refresh Yourself

When you've had a busy day, or a study-filled evening, nothing is better than refreshing yourself with a nice warm bath or show. Whichever your preference, giving yourself a wash always helps to cleanse your mindset, as well as your body. Every once in a while, I treat myself to a nice warm bath. I love using bath bombs from BOMB cosmetics (the ones photographed above) and LUSH cosmetics (The Enchanter and Sex Bomb are my faves)! Also, I love to look at the ingredients in them to ensure there are products that contain oils to moisturize my dry legs. When shopping for bath ingredients, always look at what the product will do for your skin - unless you simply just want to relax and look for one with your favourite scent.

Washing my hair is also a must whenever I have a pamper evening. Currently, I'm using the Richard Ward Keratin Restore collection, which you can read more about here, that has thankfully recooperated my damaged locks. I used to neglect my hair so much but seeing the difference from using hair masks, oils and better shampoo/conditioner I'm constantly looking after it! After washing my hair, I wrap it onto the top of my head with a hair towel - these things are sooo useful and help to dry my hair quicker, allowing you to avoid exposing it to heat.

Cleanse Yourself

An essential part of my ultimate night routine is skincare. I cannot get into bed without removing my makeup, cleansing my face, moistuzing and apply a lip balm. My favourite, and highly affordable, makeup removers are the face and eye ones from Garnier. I apply a small amount of product onto a cotton pad and wipe my face in gentle, small circles - this avoids spreading the makeup around your whole face. Also, these products do not sting your eyes, which I've found a lot of remover products do. Next, I cleanse with the Skinology lotion to remove any excess makeup, get into my pores and be rid of dirt that may be trapped in my skin. Finally, I moisturize with the Garnier Moisture Match for dry skin and the Body Shop Hemp lip conditioner. Sometimes, I like to grab my Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream, which I hasten to add smells and feels incredible, and give my legs a little bit of TLC. My favourite body lotion of all time - next time you are in Body Shop, please give that a whiff. You will not regret it.

Treat Yourself

Possibly my favourite part of this routine is the treatment session. When I'm feel sad after a bad day, I like to pamper myself with some face masks and give myself a manicure. Usually, painting my nails is one utter, monotonous chore; however, I absolutely love to paint my nails when I'm in a bad mood?! At the minute, I've been loving Nude Frosting (such a cute name!) from Model's Own. Although the finish is supposed to be matte, a slight glossy finish is present but I don't mind, the colour is so pretty. Nude nail polishes look incredibly feminine and go with every outfit! Face masks are also a must-have (especially if you've tagged a friend along to join you). Seaweed masks are my favourite; they are great for those with dry skin/dry patches, help to minimize pores and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Comfort Yourself

The final part of the routine is complete and utter relaxion. Do your favourite thing and try to not worry about anything. Wear something comfortable so you don't feel restricted - I love wearing baggy tees and shorts to bed, or a dressing gown and fluffy socks in the Winter. Personally, I love to just sit on my laptop, watch Youtube videos and write some blog posts. If I'm really into a book, then I tend to read that or if their is no new Youtube videos in my subscriptions, then I watch my favourite Disney film, Family Guy or something romantic on Netflix. Oh, and don't forget your comfort food to accompany your activities (mine would totally be jaffa cakes and a strawberry split ice lolly) and a hot drink! Whatever you choose you do, this is entirely up to you! Just relax...

Allowing yourself time between revision, school and sleeping is super important - you need to give your brain time to relax and shut down for a few hours, especially prior to sleeping. I've had countless sleepless nights by making the mistake of cram revising until 11/12 o'clock and it is NOT good for you. I wish you the best of luck for those who are still in exam mode and have more left. Well done to those who may have finished already - I hope you all get the grades you deserve :)

Are you currently studying at school? What subjects do you take?

Lots of love


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