Ombre Matte Lips ¦ Cailyn Cosmetics

31 May 2016

Ombre lips have become an ongoing, increasingly popular trend over the past two years. Being a beauty fanatic, I quite disappointed in myself that I hadn't indulged in this trend sooner as I'm a huge fan of the outcome. I absolutely love the gradient effect as one colour merges into another; bright colours always look incredible. They make your lips pop and give that plumped effect, giving the illusion your lips are bigger than they actually are.

Cailyn Cosmetics are a beauty brand that specialize in cosmetics and skin care. They offer non animal-testing products and the majority do not contain harmful ingredients, like phthalates and petrochemicals. This company derived from the United States and ship internationally. When the people at Cailyn Cosmetics contacted me, I was more than thrilled to receive one of their infamous lip contour kits! Read more to find out how I achieved this ombre lip look and a little insight into the 3 shades...

Bright colours are the 'go' this season so I had no other choice than to opt for the beautiful 'Purple Lilac Trio' from the 8 Blossoms range. Wrapped in a double layer of brand-printed tissue paper, I was excited to see the three different colours and how they complimented each other. Each liquid lipstick is held in a sleek plastic tube with a mirrored lid - the packaging is simplistic which I think gives the brand an appearance of sophistication.

When it comes to the application, the thin doe-foot applicators are easy to use; it took me a while to get used to them, as I had never owned a lipstick/gloss with a flexible wand, but I got the hang of it after a couple of practices. The formula is a huge winner for me! After applying the product, you have to wait 1-2 minutes, which really isn't long at all, for the formula to dry and set. A matte effect is swiftly created, leaving the product feeling secure on the lips. Therefore, the lasting power exceeded my expectations; I have eaten and drank with this lipstick on and nothing moves. Not even a glimpse of purple on the side of my glass. I was impressed that it survived a whole day without budging, although it took a hell of a lot to come off. It took 3-4 cotton pads with cleansing water to take off, which left my lips slightly sore. However, finding a product that lasts on the lips for an entire day without budging is impossible so really, this isn't a negative downfall. 

"High Voltage Colour + Perfectly Matte + Waterproof"

The lightest shade I received was the shade 19 - a blue-toned 'barbie pink' that appears true to the colour in the tube on the lips. This is probably the most wearable of the three shades, if you would prefer to wear them individually for easy, day time use. Although 19 is the lightest shade of the three, the colour is opaque on the lips, only one swipe of product is needed to achieve a single layer. This is such a fun summer shade for those wanting to create a bold look or want to match a vibrant outfit to your makeup. Also, this colour works the best with the lighter purple, as seen in the ombre look above. These two cooperate to form a wearable ombre effect on the lips, without feeling too self conscious.

Out of the trio, this definitely has to be my favourite shade. The deep indigo-purple complements my dark hair and cool complexion. Shade 14 will be perfect for an intense evening look or even to go bold at a festival. This shade is very well-loved already and I know this will be on my lips all summer. Although bright colours are usually a Summer thing, I totally think this can work all seasons!

The darkest shade is this extremely deep purple with navy blue undertones; however, when applied to the lips this can look almost black. All shades are cool-toned so work in favour of one another when applied all together. The purple arises after the formula dries on the lips. If I were to solely wear Shade 16 on its own, I would definitely rock it at a halloween party. I think it will look incredible with a dark purple eye and thick lashes. Despite the dark colour, it is not any more difficult to get off than the other colours.

Above are swatches of all the colours mentioned in order. Let me know in the comments which is your favourite. Overall, my ultimate impression is very high. The formula is impressive with its ability to turn matte after 2 minutes - a lot of companies 'catfish' and say their lipsticks are matte but still have that glossy sheen left on the surface. Additionally, I love how the three colours work together - you are able to pair two colours up, wear them individually or all together. Now, I would absolutely love to try one of the nude sets because I'm yet to try a nude lipstick that stays matte for an entire day.

Are you a fan of the ombre lip trend? Which colour of the Purple Lilac Trio was your favourite?!

Lots of love

This post is in collaboration with Cailyn Cosmetics. However, all opinions are honest and my own.

...and Relax

29 May 2016

Finally, I have endured the majority of my exams and I cannot be more relieved. For those still in secondary school/sixth form, it is exam season and the past few weeks have been incredibly stressful. Currently, I'm taking my AS levels (the first year of sixth form) and I've had to work my butt off to try and maintain consistent grades throughout the year. You've probably heard many people say it before but the gap is H U G E between GCSE and A Levels - the courses get harder, the work load is more intense and the amount of content increases by 300% in some of my subjects. It has been a tough, stressful and tiring year which has gone very quickly and I'm praying that the work I've put in has paid off. Fortunately, we've all earnt this week off school and I can't wait to relieve some stress before returning on the 7th of June to complete my final biology exam. 

Now that I've got some time to myself, away from revision, I will definitely spend some nights pampering myself. What's more to love that coming home from an exam, work or simply a bad day and treating yourself to a 'me' night? If you aren't quite sure what 'me-time' is - make sure to carry on reading because you're seriously missing out. Here is my relaxion and ultimate night routine to keep you and your body feeling happier than ever...

Refresh Yourself

When you've had a busy day, or a study-filled evening, nothing is better than refreshing yourself with a nice warm bath or show. Whichever your preference, giving yourself a wash always helps to cleanse your mindset, as well as your body. Every once in a while, I treat myself to a nice warm bath. I love using bath bombs from BOMB cosmetics (the ones photographed above) and LUSH cosmetics (The Enchanter and Sex Bomb are my faves)! Also, I love to look at the ingredients in them to ensure there are products that contain oils to moisturize my dry legs. When shopping for bath ingredients, always look at what the product will do for your skin - unless you simply just want to relax and look for one with your favourite scent.

Washing my hair is also a must whenever I have a pamper evening. Currently, I'm using the Richard Ward Keratin Restore collection, which you can read more about here, that has thankfully recooperated my damaged locks. I used to neglect my hair so much but seeing the difference from using hair masks, oils and better shampoo/conditioner I'm constantly looking after it! After washing my hair, I wrap it onto the top of my head with a hair towel - these things are sooo useful and help to dry my hair quicker, allowing you to avoid exposing it to heat.

Cleanse Yourself

An essential part of my ultimate night routine is skincare. I cannot get into bed without removing my makeup, cleansing my face, moistuzing and apply a lip balm. My favourite, and highly affordable, makeup removers are the face and eye ones from Garnier. I apply a small amount of product onto a cotton pad and wipe my face in gentle, small circles - this avoids spreading the makeup around your whole face. Also, these products do not sting your eyes, which I've found a lot of remover products do. Next, I cleanse with the Skinology lotion to remove any excess makeup, get into my pores and be rid of dirt that may be trapped in my skin. Finally, I moisturize with the Garnier Moisture Match for dry skin and the Body Shop Hemp lip conditioner. Sometimes, I like to grab my Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream, which I hasten to add smells and feels incredible, and give my legs a little bit of TLC. My favourite body lotion of all time - next time you are in Body Shop, please give that a whiff. You will not regret it.

Treat Yourself

Possibly my favourite part of this routine is the treatment session. When I'm feel sad after a bad day, I like to pamper myself with some face masks and give myself a manicure. Usually, painting my nails is one utter, monotonous chore; however, I absolutely love to paint my nails when I'm in a bad mood?! At the minute, I've been loving Nude Frosting (such a cute name!) from Model's Own. Although the finish is supposed to be matte, a slight glossy finish is present but I don't mind, the colour is so pretty. Nude nail polishes look incredibly feminine and go with every outfit! Face masks are also a must-have (especially if you've tagged a friend along to join you). Seaweed masks are my favourite; they are great for those with dry skin/dry patches, help to minimize pores and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Comfort Yourself

The final part of the routine is complete and utter relaxion. Do your favourite thing and try to not worry about anything. Wear something comfortable so you don't feel restricted - I love wearing baggy tees and shorts to bed, or a dressing gown and fluffy socks in the Winter. Personally, I love to just sit on my laptop, watch Youtube videos and write some blog posts. If I'm really into a book, then I tend to read that or if their is no new Youtube videos in my subscriptions, then I watch my favourite Disney film, Family Guy or something romantic on Netflix. Oh, and don't forget your comfort food to accompany your activities (mine would totally be jaffa cakes and a strawberry split ice lolly) and a hot drink! Whatever you choose you do, this is entirely up to you! Just relax...

Allowing yourself time between revision, school and sleeping is super important - you need to give your brain time to relax and shut down for a few hours, especially prior to sleeping. I've had countless sleepless nights by making the mistake of cram revising until 11/12 o'clock and it is NOT good for you. I wish you the best of luck for those who are still in exam mode and have more left. Well done to those who may have finished already - I hope you all get the grades you deserve :)

Are you currently studying at school? What subjects do you take?

Lots of love


This post is not in collaboration with any of the brands/products mentioned.

Summer Fashion Trends 2016 ¦ Boohoo

27 May 2016

This month I have become seriously addicted to the fashion trends; not that I have the money to buy Summer's finest pieces but I've been scouring the internet for cheaper alternatives to the designer attire I lust. However, I was more than happy to see Boohoo had a beautiful range of Summer clothing, which I will certainly be spending some money - a girl has just got to treat themselves during exam season!

White is really in fashion SS16 and I'm loving the ruffled and lace detailing a lot of blouses, tees and crops have. They look incredibly feminine and can make an outfit look classy, despite the simple block colour. White and navy are also a must-have colour combo at this time of year - love a bit of nautical imagery, especially when I'm not going anywhere near boats on a pretty tropical island this year. Vibrant colours and crazy patterns should definitely be worn when the sun is glowing its uttermost brightest - I love light material dresses/skirts with qwerky designs to lounge around in or wear at casual/social occasions. Also, I'm a huge fan of heeled sandals - I need to get my hands on a pair before I cry...these brown suede ones are to die for and the mirrored heel gives the shoe such a dimensional touch. Black and white is always a colour scheme that works well in the summer, ready to enhance your summer tan and glow. I love these elephant print shorts with the adorable white pom pom tassles hanging loose - total festival vibes! Finally, rucksacks and shoulder bags are essential during Summer - you don't want to carry around heavy items in the heat so it's always best to pack your necessities into a rucksack. The shoulder bag has a gorgeous embossed design which makes the accessory ideal for evening wear, accompanying a stunning white dress or playsuit.

Which is your favourite item from the items above? What is your favourite Summer fashion trend of the year?

Lots of love

This post is not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned.

Brand Focus : Butter London

25 May 2016

Vibrancy and intensity are always summer 'thing' but this year companies are going crazy to compete for the best, unique range of summer perfect products. For some reason, the sun energizes me and gives me more confidence in my skin and my general being. I'm not sure exactly why that is but I'm sure that there is a scientific reason for it - everyone associates the sun with positivity after all...

Butter London is a brand I'm sure most of you have heard of - they are a company who are infamously known for their buttery, opaque nail polishes. Being rather slow in the grips of social media, I never really knew they sold other makeup products so when I got the opportunity to give some of their cosmetics a test, I was more than merrier to do so. Personally, I'm a huge fan of glossy, bright lips in the summer - moisture is key and I cannot stand matte lipsticks sinking into the crevices of my lips. NO THANK YOU. Instead, I opted for some very 'out there' liquid lipsticks that leave a glossy shine.

Fortunately, Butter London ever so kindly wrapped up two nail polishes to accompany my requested liquid lipsticks. I was thrilled to see varnishes that matched the seasonal colour scheme - bright oranges and yellows are incredibly eye-catching and on the nails, they can add extra warmth to a Summer's day outfit. The two shades I received were CHUFFED and CHEEKY CHOPS. Chuffed is a stunning orange glitter with golden flecks of glitter running throughout. The glitters would complement a gorgeous golden cheekbone highlight - matching nail colour to makeup can really help to enhance your favourite features. As this polish is a glitter, application requires two thin coats to achieve a full opaque coverage. Cheeky chops is bright yellow; it is slightly toned down which makes it more wearable for those not brave enough to rock a crazy fluorescent number. This shade achieves opaque perfection with a single light coat, leaving a glossy finish. Butter London nail varnishes contain vitamins that aid nail strength - something I definitely need with my poor stubby excuses for nails! They also provide a consistent, smooth layer on the nail.  

Liquid lipsticks are an evergrowing trend among the beauty lovers out there; I am a huge fan of this trend - who wouldn't want moisturized, opaque lips in the simple swipe of an applicator? The two shades I received are La Moss and Primrose Hill Picnic. La Moss is a burgundy, red-wine - the coverage lays between an opaque matte lipstick and a lipgloss with a formula rich in shea butter, creating a beautiful moisturized feel on the lips. Primrose Hill Picnic is a tropical pink - I'd say it is in between a fuschia and 'Barbie' pink. The underlying blue tones allow the product to compliment my cool skin tone, which is always a bonus on vibrant colours you are a bit tentative to wear in public. This shade would look insane on holiday - it reminds me all the tropical flowers you would see on a secluded, exotic island. You can tell I've got eternal holiday blues!!!

Don't forget to head over to Butter London to check out all their cosmetics range, as well are their very-loved varnishes. Let me know what you think of them.

Which lip colour is your favourite? Do you own any products from Butter London?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Butter London, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Flowers Bring Happiness ¦ Bloom & Wild

20 May 2016

I am a strong believer of 'small things matter' and 'it's the little things that count'. Without a doubt, things that we endure on a day to day basis can make me smile, things that do not cost like a simple gesture, a comment or spending time with someone. Flowers genuinely bring happiness to my life; they fill my room with positivity, nature's glow definitely has an emotional impact on my life. I know some people may think that's ridiculous but it is scientifically proven that nature, including flowers, can reduce anxiety, increase happiness, well-being and once received, creates an intimate connection with family and friends.

When I got in touch with Bloom and Wild, I was so excited to try out their unique flower delivering service. I had heard so much about them through social media and was extremely eager to receive my flowers - through my letterbox!

The Arrival 

Two days after packaging up my beautiful flowers, my Bloom and Wild delivery appeared swiftly through my letterbox. I honestly found their service so unique, as delivering flowers usually requires a huge box which can only be delivered when people are present. This unique 'letterbox' delivery worked incredible in my home; my parents are out working all day and my brother and I attend school so we don't have to mess around collecting extra parcels from the post office.

On opening the sleek, cardboard box, the flowers lay neatly wrapped in netting, a protective plastic cover and a decorative ribbon. I love when companies take the time to package their products in special ways; I believe it makes the customer feel special and happier. Also, along with some lovely voucher codes which I will share with you at the end, my stunning flowers were accompanied by some flower food and instructions. 

The Product 

Kindly, I was gifted with the beautiful 'Charlie' bouquet. This set can be sent for £20 to an address of a loved one, which I feel is a reasonable price for a stunning arrangement. 

My bouquet consisted of an brightly coloured array of alstroemerias with bright yellow craspedia; the craspedia are a form of daisy which progress to achieve a similar yellow tone to the other flowers. The Bloom and Wild team advise the craspedia to be a lovely keepsake - I will definitely dry and imprint these so I have a memory of this lovely opportunity. 

Within 24 hours of putting the budded flowers in water, along with the flower food, they are supposed to blossom. Honestly, I would say these bloomed within 12 hours - the flower food acted quickly and had a lasting effect. My mum told me she loves alstroemerias but tends not to buy them as they wither in a couple of days; however, the food clearly increased their life span as they only began wilting 3 and a half weeks after placing them in my vase.

Overall, I would totally recommend the Bloom and Wild service - from swift delivery to an everlasting natural beauty perched on my windowsill. In the future, I will most certainly turn to this flower service whether it be to thank someone, send a good luck, an additional birthday gift or treat my mum on mother's day.

Here's a £10 off voucher for those wanting to purchase a flower gift for someone in the near future - SCARLETT10 :)

What are your favourite types of flowers? Do flowers make you happy?

Lots of love

This post is in collaboration with Bloom and Wild. However, all opinions are honest and my own.

The Summer Classics

16 May 2016

Throughout the Summer, I find it almost impossible to avoid the classics - pinks and florals. These two factors are my fashion essentials in times where I 'don't have anything to wear' or 'anything Summer appropriate'.  Summer is also a season known for the lighter, vibrant colours to pop out! Pale pinks can look incredibly sophisticated under the sun's glow, making the colour perfect for evening wear alongside the entirety of the day. 

To add something extra to my block colour outfits, I love wearing light, detailed kimonos to 'spice up' my attire. For today's Summer look, I've opted for this rose-patterned kimono - the weightless, flowing material and cuffed hands worn over a strapped white crop feels comfortable under the Summer heat (looks like we finally have some this year in England!!). The mid-length pastel skirt can be easily flaunted at Summer events, evenings out or simply at a family barbecue; the thick mesh strip at the bottom was my favourite touch to the skirt, initially temping me into buy it!

Floral crowns are another of Summer's many hypes - especially for all the festival lovers. I believe choosing the right flower type/colour for your hair is vital when attempting to accentuate an outfit. For me, I always accessorize with white as it contrasts and complements my dark brunette locks. You can find these beautiful bad boys in shop and online - they are everywhere at the minute. Primark do lots of great deals on headpieces (usually ranging from £1-£3!).

The sun really brings out my skin's natural radiance; therefore, I turn to my BB creams during Summer. Fortunately, this is handy as less coverage makeup feels lighter on the skin. However, you know me, I don't love anything more than full coverage so it is very rare that I'm comfortable in my skin. To complement the 'pink overload', I popped some Bourjois Jasper Rose on my cheeks to add a rosy sparkle with the NYX Matte Lipstick in Aubrey to incorporate some vibrancy into my look.

Finally, I decided to add a gold chained, pink floral necklace to my look - as if this outfit wasn't girly enough? Statement necklaces are a winner in Summer - they make such a beautiful addition if you are wearing low cut tops and block colours.

Top - H&M (similar here)
Kimono - Select
Skirt - Matalan (alternative here)
Headpiece - Primark (huge range of crowns here)
Necklace - Next

What are your Summer Fashion Essentials?! Let me know in the comments below...

Lots of love

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