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4 April 2016

Coconut Lane are a wonderful brand that offer an array of qwerky phone cases, wall art, jewellery, home accessories and much more. Fortunately, I was able to work with them and review some of their beautiful products from their range of insanely popular items. 

Prior to receiving my goodies, I was overwhelmed with excitement; I fell in love with everything I chose before I purchased them. When I say excited...I mean EXCITED! This is why....

Wall Art and Prints are probably one of my favourite products Coconut Lane sell. They look super qwerky and fit perfectly in my room. The shabby-chic frame was already mine, as I waiting for a quote like this to put inside. However, you can order a pre-framed print for a small added cost. 

Beyonce is literally my goddess - she is my favourite pop artist! I am in love with her voice, her songs, her style, her figure & life. Hence, I could pick no other quote than this for my wall. Saying that, I am now looking forward to building a collection of Coconut Lane quotes for my wall. I think they have picked a fabulous variety of wall art - including confidence pick-ups, sassy one-liners, famous movie quotes and phrases that simply make you laugh. 

Next on my list are jewellery pieces. Jewellery, in my opinion, is something that can complete an outfit - from a small pair of studs to a large chunky statement necklace. When browsing the jewellery section on the Coconut Lane site, I was immediately enticed by the anchor bracelet and adorable elephant studs. 

For certain, the anchor bracelet will be my Summer go-to accessory - I chose a white band as I feel that it would compliment tanned/sun-kissed skin. Also, the white and gold colours are extremely  versatile, enabling you to wear the bracelet with almost every outfit. This is something handy for me as I always seem to be in a rush.

Additionally, I am also loving these cute little elephant earrings. I cannot stop seeing elephant-themed jewellery all of my Twitter and Instagram so it was about time I purchased something of my own. Silver-coated earrings are my favourite to wear so this was an added bonus - I know I will be getting lots of use out of them! Next on my wishlist...the ELEPHANT RING!!!

Coconut Lane are well-known for their flashy, vibrant and fun phone cases. Being a follower, I know, I had to try out one of the crazy all-over-glitter covers. This looks incredible in sunlight - it was so difficult to capture the beauty of this case as my camera just couldn't quite pick up the stunning reflections of the glitter particles. Phone cases are an accessory for me, just like jewellery, so I love to match them with my outfits. This means I will probably become a hoarder of their phone cases - just like my friend Abi Hunter from Lady Hunter blog.

Recently, Coconut Lane have released a stunning range of product - the LUXE collection. I am in awe at their new classy phone cases and sunglasses; my hands will definitely be on those in the next few weeks! 


Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Coconut Lane - all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Haha I am such a Coconut Lane phone case hoarder!xxx

    1. Thought I'd drop you in a little bit haha, know your love for their cases! xxx


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