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23 March 2016

It isn't long now until one of my favourite periods of the year - PROM SEASON! Last year, I celebrated my Year 11 prom and had a fabulous night. However, I would most definitely say finding the perfect dress, getting together complementary accessories and buying new makeup was the highlight of my Prom experience. 

Fortunately, I found my dream dress in the first shop I looked inside - it was a little local shop in a village close to my town, 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. My dress was a beautiful pale pink with thousands of beautiful gems embroided on the top half; it was literally the exact style of dress I had been pinning on pinterest months before I went shopping. I was extremely lucky to find it...and today I've come across a very similar gorgeous dress, along with others, to inspire your prom dress shopping experience. Stay tuned until the end to find out my tips on finding the right dress for you!

Simple Dresses is an online boutique that offers a wide range of prom dresses, wedding dresses and outfits for other 'special occasion' events. Today, I am going to be showcasing my absolute favourite pieces for them Mermaid Prom Dress collection...

Elegant A-Line Long Chiffon Scoop Pink Evening Dress - Starting off with the dress similar to mine, this stunning chiffon number is perfect for those with a girly style and who also loves anything with glitters, sequins or jewels. If you're looking for that elegant entrance, this subtly striking outfit will grab lots of attention.

Mermaid V-Neck Long Sleeve Mermaid Dress - Oh how I wish I could pull something like this off!! Girls with long legs would look incredible in this sensual, flesh-showing masterpiece. I also feel that those with lighter coloured hair would suit this black dress, as the contrast in colours would draw attention to your locks. Also, I'm a huge lover of the floral/lace detailing on one arm.

Off Shoulder Mermaid Long Burgundy Chiffon Prom Dress - This tight-hugging prom dress is fabulous for defining your figure; the long mermaid style dress creates a wonderful pool of deep burgundy as it hits the floor. Additionally, the off-shoulder feature creates the ultimate classy look which would in sync with a wonderful jewelled necklace. 


1. DON'T - have a specific idea of what you want, otherwise your hopes may be shattered. Instead just choose maybe a colour or style of dress that you like and go from there.

2. DO - try as many different styles as you can, you want to find the style that you think looks best on your body. Also, it's so fun trying multiple gorgeous dresses on, so make the most of it!

3. DON'T - buy online from a store that does not offer free returns. Some companies send dresses that don't look ANYTHING like the image or the sizing could be a major issue.

4. DO - bring along people who you trust and are willing to give an honest opinion on what you look like. 

5. DON'T - buy any accessories or shoes before finding your dress. You never know what you end up liking until you've actually physically tried the dress on for yourself.

Lots of love


This post was in collaboration with Simple Dresses, however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I've got my prom this July and I'm beyond excited. I've actually already got my prom dress, it's a really light pink nude colour with lots of gems on. I think this post will be super helpful for people who haven't got their dress yet though! x


    1. Aw that sounds beautiful, is it similar to mine because it totally sounds like it! I cannot wait to see everyone in the year below me wearing prom dresses - love to see people's different styles. Thanks for reading Kate xx

  2. Love this post! Thanks for the tips ❤️

  3. She looked outstanding in this prom dress!! Red carpet glam was absolutely great. I also want to try that red dress for wedding of my sister. She has booked really classy wedding venues Los Angeles and I want to look at my best.

    1. Wow that looks amazing, you should definitely check the website to try some of these dresses out. They look gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely time <3 x

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  5. thanks for sharing your information..Extremely flattering dress with a nice thick and soft material.

    The shape makes it sexy but the length of the dress and sleeves

    keep it classy.Here YOU can have seen beautiful Prom dress/formal dress .


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