Top 5 Beauty Products ¦ March 2016

30 March 2016

Over the first three months of 2016, I would like to say I am proud to be following through with one of my New Year's resolution - frequently changing the cosmetics in my makeup bag so that I utilise all of my products. However, this month these five items became staples in my everyday morning routine. In fact, I've been loving them so much I just had to tell you about them!

Also, this post is in collaboration with @BeautyandBrushesX from Instagram; don't forget to check out her top 5 current beauty products on her blog!


~ Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess ~

Since Christmas 2015, I have worn this on my face every single time I've applied makeup - and there STILL isn't a significant dent in the product. Hallelujah! This bronzing powder helps me to achieve a natural, luminous glow whilst defining my non-existent cheek bones. The warmth of the brown is very flattering on my dull skin and boosts the life in my, usually very sleepy, face.  A product I will forever repurchase and rave about!

~ Real Techniques Bold Metals Contour Brush ~

When it comes to makeup application, I always acquire the best brush for the job - I have made many a cosmetic fault by using my fingers or wrong brushes to blend in my early teens. Therefore, I find it vital that I find the best brush possible to apply product. For contouring, I finally got my hands on one of Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes - The Flat Contour. Contouring has been made simple with a brush that can evenly, and precisely, apply product in the hollows of your cheeks, along the jawline, nose and elsewhere. Oh, and it's rose gold - BONUS!


~ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate & Angled 12 Brush ~

HOLY GRAIL BROW PRODUCT. My brows are a nightmare to work with - they are such a weird colour, my inner brows lack any hair at all and there are both completely different in shape. I know the old saying 'eyebrows are sisters, not twins' but mine are honestly not related. However, I have found something to cure my non-fleeky brow days - the Anastasia Dipbrow and brush. If you want to read more about my love for this product and how it has helped me, click HERE to find out more.


~ Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bond Girl ~

On Valentine's Day, I was very lucky to spend the day in London and have a mooch around all of the makeup shops - something my boyfriend didn't like doing as much. In Selfridges, I managed to pick up my very first, and well-loved, Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade BOND GIRL. This for me has been my go-to nude of the month. I don't usually wear pale, orange toned nudes as they completely wash me out, so this mauve/pink toned nude has been my March saviour. 


~ Valentino Valentina Perfume ~

Finally, I have been reaching for my old fragrances - like Valentino Valentina - this month as they somehow bring back memories for me. I always relate smells to events/days in my past and I think it is such a memorable way to reminisce. This classy, feminine bottle holds deep white floral notes with inital sweet citrus bursts of berries. Perfect for the upcoming Summer months. 

What beauty products have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of the items I spoke about?

Lots of love

Personalise your Phone Case ¦ CaseApp

29 March 2016

Personalisation is something that can make someone's day. I think personalised gifts are the key to a loved one's heart - whether is be something sentimental like a necklace or framed photograph, something creative like a scrapbook or something practical like a phonecase or mug. 

CaseApp are a brand that specialises in personalised phone/laptop cases; you are able to chose from a pre-made design, like my 'Perfect White Marble' one, or insert your own image. After seeing marble-print invading all my social media, I just had to go for this design!

Rather than overloading my masterpiece with tons of emojis, photos and text, I decided to keep it basic - simplicity is key for me. I thought bombarding the case with excess material would take away from the beautiful marble design. Thus, in pretty, elegant font I typed 'Char Emily' (my Instagram name) along with a cute black love heart, to the bottom of my design. 

On arrival, I was delighted to receive an immaculate-printed, good quality case that has already withstood a few falls. Being clumsy I always drop my phone and end up damaging ever single case I purchase; however, there is not a single mark after a couple of weeks! Also, I am in love with the smooth, matte finish - this is very aesthetically pleasing and sets aside from my other phone covers that hold 21940832487 sequins and gems.

If you are struggling for a gift idea, I highly recommend personalised ones. With swift delivery and phenomenal quality, you cannot go wrong with CaseApp. Don't forget to check out their designs!

GET 20% off your own custom phone case with this code : FHMPZT

Lots of love


This post was in collaboration with CaseApp, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Happy Easter! ¦ Mini Egg Chocolate Tiffin Recipe

27 March 2016

Happy Easter!

Without further ado, I present to you one of my favourite recipes - with a twist! I absolutely love making chocolate tiffin (malteser being my absolute fave) so since it is Easter Sunday, I thought I would bring you a delicious, easy-to-make dessert, mini egg style. 

I hope you like the recipe and don't forget to send me photos on Instagram/Twitter if you try it out!


225g Digestive biscuits, crushed
2 tbsp Caster Sugar
2 tbsp Golden Syrup
110g Margarine
4 tsp Cocoa Powder
225g Milk Chocolate
150g Mini Eggs


1. Crush all the digestive biscuits up and place in a mixing bowl. I recommend crushing them in a bag and using a rolling pin.

2. Melt the margarine, syrup, sugar and cocoa powder over a saucepan. Once melted, add 3/4 of the mini eggs to the mixture.

3. Pour the melted mixture into the bowl holding the crushed biscuits. Mix thoroughly and pour into a baking tin.

4. Melt the milk chocolate in a separate saucepan and pour over the mixture in the baking tin.

5. Decorate the top with the remaining mini eggs (or any other easter treats) and leave in the fridge for 15+ minutes.


This Easter, I kindly asked my family NOT to buy me any Easter eggs - I am reaaaaally trying to eat better and hundreds of choccie calories were not going to do my belly any favours! Instead, I was fortunate enough to receive some vouchers, cuddly toys and money (with a couple of chocolate presents here and there). 

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter, whether you are spending it with friends, family or for some, working. Have a fabulous day! to my Nan's for a lovely family dinner.

Lots of love

Noir Lace Up ¦ Boutique of Molly

26 March 2016

Online boutiques are my weakness. I cannot get enough of their incredibly designed, celebrity-style clothing for just a small percentage of the original product's price. Recently, through the blogging industry, I have discovered Boutique of Molly; an amazing online fashion heaven that sells everything from luxurious to casual wear. Rather swiftly, I became a huge fan of their 'Alexa Lace Up Playsuit' - a comfort-fit, back lace up playsuit that I appeared to be lacking in my wardrobe.

¦ Fur Coat - Matalan ~ Playsuit  - Boutique of Molly ¦

For evening wear, I usually opt for something black. I know this can be quite boring but I feel that it can then be worn all year round, thus getting the most use out of it. This playsuit is very summer appropriate, with two thin cami straps and the partially-backless lace detailing. However, I still feel this can be worn seasonally as the outfit can be accompanied by a complementary fluffy coat. 

Material-wise, the fabric used feels sturdy and rather luxurious, considering the cheap price. The material clings to you body, corset-style, enhancing your body shape and hugging at any curves. I am in now way, shape or form happy with my figure but this outfit gives me more confidence as it generously brings out the subtle curves on my body. 

Also, the playsuit has two front pockets,which is always an added bonus for me. Personally, I hate wearing coats when I'm going to a party; it is always a hassle trying to find somewhere to store it. Therefore, these pockets are fab to store the small essentials needed - money, phone and possibly a lipstick to top up with.

Head over to Boutique of Molly to browse their different collections (I'm always lusting over their luxury collection)! 

Lots of love


This post was in collaboration with Boutique of Molly, however all opinions are honest and my own.

How To : Find The Perfect Prom Dress

23 March 2016

It isn't long now until one of my favourite periods of the year - PROM SEASON! Last year, I celebrated my Year 11 prom and had a fabulous night. However, I would most definitely say finding the perfect dress, getting together complementary accessories and buying new makeup was the highlight of my Prom experience. 

Fortunately, I found my dream dress in the first shop I looked inside - it was a little local shop in a village close to my town, 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. My dress was a beautiful pale pink with thousands of beautiful gems embroided on the top half; it was literally the exact style of dress I had been pinning on pinterest months before I went shopping. I was extremely lucky to find it...and today I've come across a very similar gorgeous dress, along with others, to inspire your prom dress shopping experience. Stay tuned until the end to find out my tips on finding the right dress for you!

Simple Dresses is an online boutique that offers a wide range of prom dresses, wedding dresses and outfits for other 'special occasion' events. Today, I am going to be showcasing my absolute favourite pieces for them Mermaid Prom Dress collection...

Elegant A-Line Long Chiffon Scoop Pink Evening Dress - Starting off with the dress similar to mine, this stunning chiffon number is perfect for those with a girly style and who also loves anything with glitters, sequins or jewels. If you're looking for that elegant entrance, this subtly striking outfit will grab lots of attention.

Mermaid V-Neck Long Sleeve Mermaid Dress - Oh how I wish I could pull something like this off!! Girls with long legs would look incredible in this sensual, flesh-showing masterpiece. I also feel that those with lighter coloured hair would suit this black dress, as the contrast in colours would draw attention to your locks. Also, I'm a huge lover of the floral/lace detailing on one arm.

Off Shoulder Mermaid Long Burgundy Chiffon Prom Dress - This tight-hugging prom dress is fabulous for defining your figure; the long mermaid style dress creates a wonderful pool of deep burgundy as it hits the floor. Additionally, the off-shoulder feature creates the ultimate classy look which would in sync with a wonderful jewelled necklace. 


1. DON'T - have a specific idea of what you want, otherwise your hopes may be shattered. Instead just choose maybe a colour or style of dress that you like and go from there.

2. DO - try as many different styles as you can, you want to find the style that you think looks best on your body. Also, it's so fun trying multiple gorgeous dresses on, so make the most of it!

3. DON'T - buy online from a store that does not offer free returns. Some companies send dresses that don't look ANYTHING like the image or the sizing could be a major issue.

4. DO - bring along people who you trust and are willing to give an honest opinion on what you look like. 

5. DON'T - buy any accessories or shoes before finding your dress. You never know what you end up liking until you've actually physically tried the dress on for yourself.

Lots of love


This post was in collaboration with Simple Dresses, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Creme Egg Brownies ¦ Easter Recipe

20 March 2016

My last recipe (Oreo-Filled Cookies) post received lots of positive comments, views and general feedback so I thought it would be a good idea to post another. Even Easter-themed dessert!

Enjoy these chocolate-y treats, maybe even make them in the Easter holidays if you are still at school like me? Don't forget to tweet or email me your version if you decide to make a batch for yourself :)

Ingredients : 

85g Plain Flour
180g Margarine
270g Caster Sugar
180g Dark Chocolate
3 Large Eggs
40g Cocoa Powder
6+ Cadbury Creme Eggs

Method :

1 ~ Grease your chosen baking tin (I baked mine is a circular tin) and preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius/Gas Mark 4/350 Fahrenheit.

2 ~ Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over hot water. 

3 ~ In a separate bowl, break all the eggs and thoroughly mix in the caster sugar. I would recommend using an electric whisk for this stage - it really quickens the process!

4 ~ When the melted chocolate and butter is cooled, pour it onto the egg-mixture and fold together.

5 ~ Next, sift the cocoa powder and plain flour, making sure to fold the mixture again.


6 ~ Carefully cut your desired amount of Cadbury's Creme Eggs into halves. 


7 ~ Pour the mixture into the baking tin and cook for roughly 20 minutes. Remove the tin from the oven and place the Creme Egg halves into the mixture. 

8 ~ Finally, put the mixture back in the oven for a further 10-15 minutes. Allow 10 minutes cooling time after the brownies have been removed from the oven.

VoilĂ !

What is your favourite dessert? 

Lots of love

My Sunglasses Obession (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

13 March 2016

It all began last year...OK, it wasn't my fault. Basically, I became obsessed with Sarah Hashcroft from the incredibly inspiring 'That Pommie Girl' blog. Accompanying many of her gorgeous outfits, she often wears stunning sunglasses - holographic, metallic, reflective and varying shapes! Since becoming a fan of her outfits and blog, my passion for sunglasses as accessories grew and grew until I uncontrollably started to buy more and MORE and M O R E!!! 

Here are my top 5 favourite pairs : 

These are by far my favourite pair - I loooove the pink/purple holographic reflection!

Black Half-framed Blue Holographic Sunglasses 

I bought these on holiday from an individual gift shop but there are similar affordable ones HERE

You can find these in Primark inside a matching pastel bag for a crazy £1! I can only find close high end dupes, so here is a similar pastel pair for £14.99. 

These are also from Primark for £1!!!

Here is a River Island alternative for slightly more money

These were originally from New Look but they are not sold online anymore. Click here for a relatively close snake-skin dupe!

Now for the fun bit...

Firmoo are an upcoming sunglasses retailer with a stunning array of beautiful sunglasses, both prescription and not. I've teamed up with them to bring to you a giveaway where five people can win their own pair of Firmoo's!! Make sure to read the rules before applying below via the rafflecopter :) 

Rules : 

1. Entrants need to comment below your giveaway post with the link to the glasses they like.
2. This giveaway is open to people who never purchase glasses at


Five complete pair of glasses at specified page  for 5 differnet winners. The prize will be offered in the form of voucher after the giveaway ends on the 24th March.
 This voucher covers the frame with 1.50 index single vision lenses. The winner will need to pay the shipping depending on the country and handling fee. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is your obsession during the Summer? Do you have a favourite pair of sunnies? 

Lots of love

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade | REVIEW

9 March 2016

Brows are one THE most important part of my makeup routine. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who suffer with sparse brow hairs; therefore, they are difficult to shape when I get them waxed whilst further costing me an eyebrow tint for the beautician to ever SEE the hairs they need to wax. 

Finally, after many years of trying out awful brow pencils and powders, I have at last found the formula to satisfy my brows righteous needs...

Formulation - The highly-pigmented formula aids smooth application onto the brows - the creamy texture allowing the product to glide with ease. Also, the 'gel' is thick so a little product goes a long way; realistically, one dip covers one of my brows.

Colour - Not being able to buy Anastasia in England is such a pain when choosing colour matches. Therefore, I tentatively trusted Google Images to supply me with the correct colour match. To my luck and fortune, I succeeded and the shade 'Chocolate' matched my brows perfectly. This shade is slightly warm toned, complimenting my pale/ivory complexion. Finally, it is simple to create the gradient effect (dark to light from ends to where the brows meet) - all you need to do is apply more product onto the end of your eyebrow.

Angled 12 Brush - This brush has saved my life; it gives me ultimate precision when crafting my eyebrows, simple application due to the thin bristles and angled shape, and accompanied with a spooly to help tame those annoying stray hairs!! I would 100% recommend picking this up along with the Dipbrow Pomade. I totally plan on purchasing one for gel liner too. 

Sorry for the cringey selfie, but this is what the product looks like on my brows.

Have you tried the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade? What is your holy grail brow product?

Lots of love

Winter to Spring Makeup Transition

5 March 2016

When a new season comes around, it is absolutely vital that I alter my makeup bag to fit the appropriate weather/theme. In Spring, I can't help reaching for all my favourite pastels, pinks and shimmers. Here is what you are most likely to find in my makeup as we change from Winter to Spring...

Although I'm a sucker for full coverage foundation, I can't help opting for this incredible BB cream from Garnier. This leaves my face feeling light, even and fresh - the smell is an added bonus, it reminds me of being on holiday!! The lightest shade matches my skin colour perfectly too; I always seem to be paler than pale after undergoing the cold Winter. 

When it comes to complexion, I'm not one to go for intense contour and excessive highlight in the Spring, unless I'm going out in the evening of course. To create a more subtle bronze/contour, I use L'Oreal's Glam Bronze Eau De Soleil for slightly definition. The formulation is very liquid-y and can be messy, so be careful otherwise it will go everywhere - TRUST ME!!!

Jasper Rose by Bourjois is the one to go for if you like pink, rosy cheeks like myself. The powder formula is highly pigmented so you don't need to apply more than two strokes onto your cheek to create the desired effect.

Finally, face-wise, I'm into dewy highlight; Rimmel Wake Me Up Shimmer Touch in Flush of Pearl is supposedly a great dupe for Benefit's well-loved High Beam. The liquid formula forms a dewy, iridescent glow on the cheek bones which instantly draws sunlight. 

During this time of year, all of my pink-based eye shadow palettes come out the drawer and become much more utilised. Recently, I've been loving my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette as it contains both winter/spring appropriate shades to take me from one season into the next. My fave shades definitely have to be Salted Caramel, Creme Brulee and Haute Chocolate.

 Also, I love to use my Bobbi Brown Pink Opal palette for a quick shimmer on the lid - this can add a glitz to your makeup if you don't have time to go create a whole eye look. This would also work as a beautiful, pink-toned highlight!

Finally, my Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP gives the perfect base for a Spring eye shadow look. I cannot stop using it throughout the season, whether I'm wearing eye products over the top or not!

Leaving the best till last...LIPS! Pink seems to be a running theme in my posts whenever Spring hits us... Anyway, Mac's lustre finish lipstick in Lovelorn is essential in my makeup bag throughout this time of year. Pink lips are so feminine and really lighten my complexion; this blue-toned pink also makes your teeth look insanely white.

In the warmer months, I like to delve into my lipgloss collection - I have such lovely shades but am always hesitant to use them in the Winter, as the wind just blows my hair onto my lips and it is a NIGHTMARE. Urban Decay's beautifully encased LIAR lipgloss is part of the infamous NAKED collection - the colour is less dramatic than the lipstick so would work for those who are tentative at wearing vibrant colours.

Don't forget to check out my Winter to Spring Fashion outfits post! 

What products do you always reach for at this time of year? What is your go-to Spring lipstick?!

Lots of love

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