~ Valentines 2016 ~

17 February 2016

On the evening of February the 12th, Aidan turned up to my door with a gorgeous bunch of 18 roses. I absolutely adore red roses and love that he puts the time and effort into buying me the perfect bunch each year. The 12th of February, as you all know, isn't Valentines day but we had to make ours last over the 12-13th because Aidan went away to see family on the 14th. 

I thought I would document this cute this day trip surprise Aidan had in store for me on the 13th, I will try not to be as cringy as possible. I promise!

We woke up at 8:30am and headed down to our train station; at this point, I still had no idea where we were going or what we were doing at all so I was super hyped up. I literally do NOT have the patience for surprises. 

I wore a striped jumper for Urban Outfitters (it was freeeezing), ripped jeans from Select, brown boots from Primark and a khaki parka from Matalan. Also, I create a soft golden/orange glitter eye to match my jumper and a nude lip (Mac's Mehr).

We arrived at Madame Tussauds at 10:30 and pretty much walked straight in, despite the large queue waiting outside. I was super excited as a couple of weeks back I told Aidan I really wanted to go here this year and he booked us a trip. 

Spending hours taking pictures with actors, pop legends, the Kardashians, HARRY STYLES, scientists, monarchs and more, my little legs started to get tired. After finishing looking thoroughly through the rooms, we watched an amazing 4D film, including multiple super heroes, followed by a small ride.

How can you go to London without having a little shopping break? I spent a lot of my time in Urban Outfitters - Aidan made a huge sigh of relief when he saw they'd placed a huge sofa on one floor - obviously created for the extremely bored boyfriends. However, I didn't buy anything from there; I just couldn't find anything I reaaaaally wanted. 

At the end of our shopping antics, I bought the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour, Charlotte Tilbury's Bond Girl Lipstick and The Girl On The Train book (which I have read already oops, it was incredible. Comment below if you've read it or would like to see a review on my blog).

As it is our tradition, we ended up in Northumberland Avenue's Prezzo for our pre-Valentine's meal; I'm a fussy eater so stuck with unadventurous options. I had the Cibatta w/ balsamic and olive oil for starters, margherita with season chicken for mains and chocolate fudge cake and icecream for dessert.

To finish the evening off on a cringe/romatic note, whichever you want to look at it as, we took a walk to the place we had a photo on our first anniversary together, followed by a long walk along the embankment. The rain was really light and soothing - we both really like the rain so it was extra addition to a great day.

Finally, before heading home, we stopped by St Paul's Cathedral because neither of us had seen it up close. The architecture/exterior was beautiful and I could only image it to be more stunning inside. I love looking at old buildings, I think there is just something so incredible about them. I would love to live in a old-styled, vintage house - how cool would that be?!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our day. Apologies that it isn't a normal fashion/beauty themed post. 

Lots of love

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