Online Avenue's Suede Stilettos

2 February 2016

What girl doesn't like strutting into a party with mega high stiletto heels (well, unless you're me and occasionally feel like a 7 foot giant)?

Today's post revolves around Online Avenue's insanely high, black suede, golden ankle-strapped heels - aren't they just gorgeous?! I was in awe when I received these and wondered why I didn't own anything like this in my shoe collection.

Itzel Retro Look Heels - RRP £23.99

These stunning high heels can make any girl's dreams come true - I was in heaven when I tried these on and looked in the mirror to see my legs appear longer. I have such short and stumpy legs so this was a huge bonus for me; the 'lengthening' of my legs also made them appear slimmer, another thing that satisfied my needs. Also, something I find with pointed-toe heels is that they can squish your feet but these feel super comfortable at the front and are completely squish-free! My favourite aspect is the golden, metallic strap that hugs at your ankle - personally, I find these a lovely additional touch to a shoe and can really complete an outfit.

One thing I would definitely recommend is to purchase your shoes one size larger than your normal size; my feet were insanely squished in the first pair I bought so I had to return and get the next one up. The delivery and exchange was insanely swift with no time wasting - I had these beauties back in my hand in no time!

I will most certainly be getting the Red and White pair of these retro styled shoes. My other favourite pair of shoes from Online Avenue's trainer collection would have to be their Elyse Lace Up Mesh Running Shoes; the black and turquoise look incredible together and would be amazing for a cheap pair of gym trainers at £14.99.

Lots of love


  1. This shoes are gorgeous!!! I definitely have to get myself a pair! x


    1. Thank you honey!! They are super affordable so you should totally consider buying some :-) x


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