Backless Wedding Dresses 2016 | CocoMelody

29 January 2016

Today I have teamed up with the people at CocoMelody to showcase their beautiful 'Backless Wedding Dresses' of 2016. I am overly obsessed with wedding dresses and how they can complement different peoples figures/desires so I would like you to share my favourite dresses from their collection.

                                                                           Dress 1 

My favourite of all CocoMelody's Backless Wedding Dresses 2016 has to be this stunning sleeveless ivory laced number; the deep back-cut makes the dress look eloquent, yet modern, whilst on the body, making design extremely pleasing to look at. The intricate laced details add such a gentle touch to the outfit - I would be more than happy if I could pull off this absolutely gorgeous backless wedding dress.

Dress 2 

This one is a more classic, vintage wedding look - beautifully laced upper body detail with a soft satin finish waist downwards. The underneath of the dress creates a large flowing dress, accentuating the waist and chest; I personally think this makes your upper body look particularly slim, something most girls would look for when dress viewing. Finally, the subtle mauve ribbon tied into a bow adds that ultimate elegance to the overall look.

Just to tickle everyone's fancy, I decided to include this beautiful short wedding dress, also with a lovely backless detail. Many shorter girls opt for shorter wedding dresses because they believe, and are usually advised, that they best suit their figures/height. I know if I was a lot smaller (I WISH!!) I would totally rock up to my wedding in this pretty a-line gown covered in thousands of tiny flowers and glimmering gems. This just gives me a Disney princess vibe and who wouldn't want to feel like royalty on their wedding day, eh?!

Those of you who are loving this Backless Wedding Dress collection should definitely check out their other dresses, alongside CocoMelody's current sale - don't miss out on a great bargain!

Lots of love

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

25 January 2016

If you checked my blog Saturday afternoon, you would have seen a 'Valentines Gift Guide for Men' on my blog. This evening I've decided to give you a guide for all the females in your life, whether it be your mum, auntie, cousin, bestfriend or girlfriend. I hope this has given you all some inspiration/ideas for those celebrating Valentines this year.


Personalised Items (photos, phone cases, ornaments) - Valentines Photo Heart Mug

Experience Days/Trips (Spa, Cruise, Museum) 

Lots of love

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

23 January 2016

Today's post is brought to you by an empathetic young girl in a long-term relationship who struggles to buy my boyfriend presents on Valentines, Birthdays and Christmas. I find it so difficult finding gifts to buy for each occasion, so I thought I would help you guys out this year and hopefully aid you as much as possible. 

Overall, I've pieced together a 'top 10' guide of some generic and some more unique ideas; hopefully featuring a variety of things that will suit your boyfriends/male friends this Valentines day. 


I hope this helped some of you. Stay tuned tomorrow for a 'Female Gift guide' and other Valentine's related posts over the next few weeks.

Lots of love

Westfield Shopping Haul

20 January 2016

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and his family took a trip to London for a shopping day at Westfield Stratford. I hadn't been shopping in while so ended up splashing my money on a few things, alongside raking in some of the best January sales.

MAC Blush - Melba

A soft peach blush which I was in great need of. I really wanted a natural blush shade for everyday use and the subtle coral tones make this perfect for the upcoming spring season.

Forever 21 - Striped Top

A basic, but staple, wardrobe piece which I was unfortunately at loss of; thus, I picked one up on my shopping journey as I thought it would be a perfect addition to my sixth form wardrobe.

American Eagle Outfitters - Red Suede Boots

Just by looking into the shop windows, I knew the items were right up my street. After taking a quick stroll around the gorgeous clothing pieces, I caught my eye on these set of Heeled Suede Red boots. There was a huge sale on this pair - I got them for £12 from £30!!! Just my luck, they were also in my size, with only two pairs left on the shelf.

Parmar ShoeCare - Black Knee High Boots

An absolute fashion craze at the minute is shirt dresses with a pair of beautiful knee high boots. I am in love with this current trend and decided to pick myself a cheap pair (£20) up just incase they didn't quite suit me.

VS underwear, CK underwear, Topshop Underwear

As I hadn't been shopping in a while, I decided to treat myself to some pretty new underwear. Some may think I went a bit too overboard considering I bought some from three different places but a girl has gotta treat herself every once in a while, right?!

Swarovski Vittore White Ring

My boyfriend's mum was so so lovely and bought me this stunning white, Vittore ring from Swarovski; I cannot stop staring at the embellished sparkling chatons circling the entire ring. I was so grateful and extremely lucky to be surrounded by such loving, generous people.

Tiger (Random Purchases)

I came across this shop called Tiger, of which I had never seen/heard of before in my life. Being drawn to the pretty pastel colours in the window, I had to enter and pick up the most random bunch of items ever. I bought a 2kg weight to help with my fitness (one of my new years resolutions), a notepad because you cant have enough, a little silver bucket to put cute little things in and some cotton buds. Such a weird combination - I know...

Thanks for reading!!

Lots of love

Pastel Lips! | FlashMob Cosmetics

14 January 2016

January always seems to come and go sooooo quickly every year. Thus, Spring is swiftly approaching, meaning  a complete change in your makeup bag is due - swapping out all of berry lips for something to match the brighter, warmer atmosphere. 

FlashMob Cosmetics have kindly collaborated with me to share with you their vibrant lip-smacking products to get you all in the Spring spirit! Like most girly-girls, I'm a huge fan of the pastels during Springtime and Flashmob have created the perfect lipsticks to make your lips fit right into the season. These are such an awesome Easter gift for those who ask for gifts rather than chocolate or a birthday gift for younger girls.

Colours in the Electric Kisses Set:

Orange - A vibrant peach/coral 

Dark Pink - An intense barbie pink with heavy blue undertones

Lilac - A pretty, light purple shade with a frosty sheen

Light Pink - A subtle pink lip with slight pigmentation

The thin, slick and 'flashy' packaging makes these lippies appeal to the younger generations; their comic-styled font and images evoke instant attention. Also, the brightly colour-coordinated tubes match their complementary lip colour - for extra satisfication (this is something I am definitely drawn to). The infamous # has also been used to create a modern essense and appeal further to younger audiences.

Finally, here are some swatches of the colours mentioned above! The pigmentation of the orange and dark pink were much more intense than the other two but still fabulous, nonetheless. One factor that made me particularly impressed was the light, weightless feel on the lips after application - sometimes the feeling of lipstick is very heavy and irritating so this was refreshing and different for me. A slight flaw I found after applying the orange colour, was that the colour sank into all of the creases in my lips. However, it might just be my chapped, gross lips - who knows?!

FlashMob Cosmetics are affordable gifts that can be found at stores like Markwins Beauty and Argos.

Lots of love


This post was in collaboration with FlashMob Cosmetics, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette | Review

12 January 2016

After witnessing the huge social media and blogger/vlogger community craze about Gwen Stefani's limited edition eyeshadow palette, I couldn't resist not buying it for myself. This palette is different from any I currently own - a mixture of fun, qwerky colours combined with neutral/champagne shades. Versatility is such an important component to any palette, making it perfect for travelling, as well as enabling day/night use and opening up the audience to those who love neutrals, colours or both.

Being a huge fan of Urban Decay and their incredible, best-selling eyeshadow palettes, I was never worried about the pigmentation or look on the lid. Encased in a classy golden compact, there lay 15 shades, ranging from beiges, taupes, golds to popping,vibrant colours. The palette was smaller than I anticipated but that wasn't too much of an issue because it will be handy to slip into my makeup bag when I'm out-and-about!


Blonde - a warm, ivory/beige with a hint of pink iridescence

Bathwater - subtle golden beige with warm undertones

Skimp - a neutral peach with a satin sheen effect

Steady - a metallic, peachy/copper shade with high warm undertones

Punk - a  matte, muted plum with berry-like undertones

Baby - a sparkly rose-copper shade that appears rose-gold on the lid

Anaheim - a soft, taupe matte (something I love to shove in my crease on a lazy day)

Stark - a naked peachy beige, perfect as a transition colour

Zone - a standard medium brown, matte & muted

Serious - a dark smoky gray with tiny glitters, purple undertones

Pop - a champagne, coral with intense iridescent sparkle

Harajuku - a frosty, vibrant pink with intense blue undertones

Danger - a rich royal blue with lots of sparkle/shimmer

1987 - a classy metallic yellow-gold with a frosty finish

Blackout - a matte black (from the Naked 2 also, perfect for lining the eyes) 

Overall, as expected, the pigmentation and colour payoff is, and will always be, flawless on Urban Decay's behalf. They never fail to impress me with their beautifully arranged eye shadow palettes and creamy, pigmented colours. My top 3 fave colours from the palette have to be : Punk, Baby and Pop!

Grab one now before they leave the shops -REMEMBER they are only limited edition!!!

What are your favourite shades from the palette? Do you love Urban Decay makeup as much as I do?!

Lots of love

Stripes and Rips | OOTD

6 January 2016

Jumper - Urban Outfitters (£32.00)
Jeans - Select (17.99)
Boots - Primark (£22.99)

I threw this little boxing day outfit together and really liked the overall look. The Urban Outfitters jumper I received at Christmas is gorgeous;the auburn, mustard and black colours are so complementary, making the piece jump out in my wardrobe. I love new clothing that is so different from anything you've worn before - such a lovely feeling to have a change :-)

I'm so excited with what this year holds. My new years resolutions are:

  •  To lose weight until I'm happy with my figure!
  • Improve my flexibility. 
  • Be more positive towards situations instead of entering them negatively.
  • Take a photo every day of the year (I did this last year in a private facebook album and it is so cool to look back on)
  • Save my money.
  • Try out new beauty products rather than sticking to the same ones every day.
  • Try new foods (I'm really fussy and want to eat like a normal human being)
  • Have my blog reach 30,000 views and 3,000 followers. 

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Lots of love

Wedding Dresses 2016 | ROSA NOVIAS

4 January 2016

WOOHOO! We've entered 2016 and I'm so excited for the year ahead of me. I know a lot of people, like myself, hoping for this year to be filled with happiness, optimism, (weight loss) and for their wishes to come true. So...when Rosa Novias contacted me to write a post about their gorgeous wedding dresses/site I was in! How could I miss an opportunity where I'm able to ramble about dresses I hope to be wearing/trying on in the future?!

Gentle Lace Zipper Floor-length Sweetheart Empire Bridal Gown 

This beautiful gown, and the last one I'll be talking about, are 2 of my dream wedding dresses. The style of them is so flattering; it enhances your chest, hugs your curves and flows into a gorgeous white pool at the floor. I'm a huge fan of the lace detailing at the top of the dress; I think it creates that extra class/elegance to the outfit. IN LOOOOVE!!!

Another lace-trimmed number, but this time with a vintage edge to it - the classic white wedding has been altered to a warm, soft beige to form that older, vintage look. The minimal embroided jewels and intricate lace detailing help to express the this vintage take of a wedding and I really love how this looks and shapes the models figure.

Charming Hand Made Flowers Bateau Neck Cap Sleeve A-line Tulle Wedding Dress

A chic, floral gown with chiffon fabric trailing into a small tail at the floor surface. This depicts a super girly dress - the way the white flowers are scattered provide a feminine essence to the outfit. I know so many people who would love to wear this girly dress for their wedding day.

A-Line Short Sleeve Bateau Appliqued Lace Mini Wedding Dresses 

For those into shorter wedding dresses (I know a few shorter females feel that shorter dresses look best on them), here's one for you. This short-sleeved, lacey number would be perfect for myself because I'd want my shoulders hidden. Also, I adore the mini scalloped hem at the bottom of the dress because it is so unique to the standard-styled wedding dresses. Finally, how could I not mention the cute bow at the back of the dress? Adorable.

Another one for those who prefer the shorter dresses, this is cute, sweet girly dress that again, hugs at your waist to give off that skinnier look (something we all want eh?). Moreover, I love the contrast in the beautifully laced sleeves to the chiffon flowing material that hangs lightly above the knees. A contrast in material can seriously look stunning when worn with the right accessories to embrace it.

Finally, I have my ultimate dress of the post - a glamorous, royal outfit involving intense lace embroidery and gorgeous little gems. This model completely works this gown, making it look stunning on her figure, expressing the ever-so classy look and pairing the outfit with appropriate jewelled earrings to match the dress. I'm in utter awe at this dress and it has quickly become my dream wedding gown.

Not only do Rosa Novias sell online's most beautiful wedding dresses, they offer outfits for other prestigious occasions, like Prom, Bridesmaid and Evening Dresses. Don't forget to check out what they have in store because I can guarantee you will fall head over heels for a gorgeous dress. Treat yourselves or keep it in mind for your special day!

Lots of love


This post was in collaboration with Rosa Novias, however all opinions are honest and my own.

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