Top 5 Christmas Fashion Gifts for Men | Under £50

18 November 2015

1. Ted Baker Wallet & Cardholder Gift Set - £50.00

This gift set is perfect for guys looking for a smart way to carry around their cash and cards. Guys rarely change wallents on their own and often wait until they're literally FALLING apart, which not only looks rubbish but isn't a great way to secure you belonging on a night out. The Ted Baker leather set is made from real leather and includes gold text for the logo - really smart! There's multiple slots to store cash and store cards, plus the handy card holder that also forms part of the gift set is a neat way to leave the cash at home. The box looks great too and is easy to wrap.

Available from ASOS

2. Ralph Lauren 3-Pack Socks Gift Box - £42.00 

The classic Christmas gift for guys. But this time from a brand they love. This 3 pack collection of socks from Ralph Lauren is great for guys looking for a stylish start to any outfit. Made from 79% cotton, these feel super soft and certainly worth the price tag. Once again the gift box is also really stylish.

Available from Selfridges

3. Jack Wills Navy Polo - £39.50

This is a classic navy polo from Jack Wills - one of my favourite British brands. This is described as regular fit so I'd go a size down if your guy likes to wear slim fit tees like in the the image below. These are 100% cotton and actually really good value for less than £40. A guy can never have too many polos and these are also available in a wide range of colours and style. A must-have.

Available from Asos

4. Red Plaid Scarf - £18.00

Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite places for shopping on the high street for some exclusive brands. However, for this gift guide I've actually chosen on of their own brand products which is this awesome red plaid scarf. It's incredible value for just £18.00 but also great quality. It's made from acrylic so you're not going to get the same feel as a £100+ Ralph Lauren scarf (or the big brand name) but this still feels great and the red plaid pattern is super stylish for the winter months.

Available from Urban Outfitters

5. Penfield Conway Beanie - £30.00

Another pick from Urban Outfitters. This Penfield navy beanie is a mixture of acrylic and cotton so again you're not getting the best fabrics but for £30 this is as good as it gets in terms of quality and finish. The Penfield logo is also present on the folder cuff at the front. Teamed with one of Penfield's infamous jackets this makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Available from Urban Outfitters
~Guest Post by Matt Maidment~

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