Nokia Lumia 735 // Review

18 October 2015

Today I have a very exciting post - I teamed up with the wonderful people at Nokia/Windows for a two week project. This project allowed me to taste one of their latest smartphone additions on their branch of technology and let all of you know what my experience was like with it.

Before being contacted, I had seen the Lumia 735 in many online ads, newspapers etc with an exceptional reputation - headlines mainly consisting of 'THE BEST SELFIE CAMERA OF 2015!' Therefore, after being contacted by the Nokia community, I was nothing more than excited to know I was going to trial this fab phone and dive into all of its unique features.

On the visual end of the spectrum, I would like to point out my instant love for the large 4.7 inch screen. Huge phone screens are one of my favourite features to a touch-screen because it makes typing and navigating so much easier! As seen above, the colour phone I received was a vibrant, neon green; personally, I dislike this colour as I tend to opt for neutral phones colours (white,black&grey). However, I think that coloured phones can help incorporate individuality; there are a range of commonly-loved colours to choose from - RED, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, BLACK and WHITE.


Now, into exploring the wonderful photo features this phone beholds. With a 6.7 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera, high quality images are processed and amazing results are achieved. I was unbelievably impressed with the photos I took because iPhone cameras have a poor tendency to form blurred, grainy images. Therefore, there is a 9/10 possibility you can take the best selfie of 2015 on this - especially with the array of pretty filters to chose from when finding your best angle! Finally, camera-wise, the flash is also a fab extension to the camera's many features.

Overall, the highlights of my time with this phone would be as follows. First, I would like to praise the wonderful selfie camera and its determination to make you feel happy with your appearance. Secondly, the home screen layout has a brightly coloured design and large buttons to allow easy navigation around the phone. Next, I can't stop thinking about the insane battery power; I went two days with no charging and the percentage was on 27%! 

The only negatives I faced was the colour (but can easily be replaced with my desired colour) and the speaker wasn't as loud as I thought it would be. I'm a music fanatic so carrying music on my phone is essential; this isn't a major fault though because speakers exist!!

Lots of love


  1. Such an amazing opportunity!
    Charlotte //


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