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17 October 2015

Deep purple, plum and auburn are colours I opt for when putting together autumnal outfits - don't we all?! Something that has made a statement this year, for me personally, is the use of jewellery equipped with my chosen outfit. Having an evergrowing colletion of beautiful jewellery pieces, both subtle and bold, I have never seen, through my many years of hoarding, a bracelet quite like this one.

Jim Kersie is a Melbourne-originated brand that specialises in phenomenally hand crafted bracelets - each having an element of individuality. Currently, Jim Kersie have 6 unique collections in which you can chose your desired colour/one that is suited to you. With the wide range of products and colours, I'm sure everyone can find something perfect for them..

...and for me...that was this autumnal-screaming piece -

I am a enormous purple lover, hence the multiple purple items surrounding my new, beloved trinket. On receiving my product, it was luxuriously encased in a sleek, black gift box and mini leather drawstring bag with the 'JK' intials imprinted in wealthy gold. The packaging extremely impressed me - I feel like packaging can 'make or break' a company's professionalism and respectibility and JIM KERSIE definitely lived up to my standards!

Focusing now on the jewellery piece itself, I was in awe at the array of purples chosen to craft this gorgeous bracelet. It is subtle in size, which is fabulous for everyday wear because it doesn't get in the way or get caught on clothing. I also thought the 'JK' embossed 22kt Golden beads were a lovely touch as well - gold and purple compliment each other wonderfully and add a bold statement to an evening outfit.

10/10 recommend this brand from everything of the warm customer service to the neatly packaged product. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for your mother, auntie, cousin or friend - especially with the free giftbox included! (There are also some lovely male structured pieces too, so don't forget to check them out!)

Do you change your jewellery during A/W? What colours do you usually steer toward wearing?

Lots of love


  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece! Loved reading this post char!
    Charlotte // xxx

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte :-) Means a lot!! xx


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