Desert Sage: The Reason To Add This Colour To Your Wardrobe

15 October 2015

This autumn, designers predict an evolution in the panorama of colours – they adopted an 

androgynous approach to colours this season, looking for a style in dressing and fabrics to 

define this time of year. This fall, designers pay homage to different moments in American 

history, from the 20s, hippies and bohemians to the modernists 60s and 70s, while the affection 

shown by the colours and style is innately easy to use by both men and women.

The importance of neutral tones continues to evolve with the Desert Sage, mix of fresh grey and 

relaxing green, which serves as the starting point in the palette for autumn 2015.

Desert Sage suits everyone!

As stated by the designer, timeless and discreet but powerful enough to take ownership alone, 

Desert Sage speaks of the sense of colours inspired by nature, reminiscent of real and 

uncorrupted things. The trendy colours for this autumn have their roots in many facets that can 

be used to represent sophistication effortlessly through the fashion of men and women – It is the 

first time that there is a truly unisex palette of colours.

Swampy shade and endless combinations!

A neutral grey-green hue is very autumnal and works perfectly with other colours. Desert Sage 

is a fashionable but understated colour, a shade that works alone without being juxtaposed 

against other colours. It is one of the colours that dominated the menswear but became very 

popular with ladies, too. It combines very well with almost any colour, such as black, blue and 

red colours (burgundy, marsala, maroon, etc.). It also combines with different shades of green, 

brown and grey. It is serious, discreet and elegant.

Depending on the tone, it can make the person wearing it look thinner or be fairly neutral. In 

combination with warm colours and unusual textures it provides comfort and warmth. Also, 

many predict that this particular colour could replace the black in the fashion field this season.

Every style looks great with this colour!

Desert Sage is trendy and can be used in formal and evening dresses, too. So if you're 

wondering what to wear to a wedding, you can take into account this rich and beautiful colour. 

Women can combine romantic silk dress in this shade with a coat in military style to add a little 

drama. A skirt in this earthy tone would look gorgeous as well, combined with a maroon or black 

dickie. Dashing gents would look even more fashionable with a Desert Sage coat which pairs 

perfectly with custom dress shirts in white or some other neutral colour.

This year, there are many choices for the fall when it comes to fashion, and the trends are 

always on their way to major changes. From real autumn colours, brown and yellow in an 

antique style to modern designs and cheerful colours, this year’s fall fashion is interspersed with 

styles. Still, Desert Sage managed to come above all others and deserve the title of the queen 

of autumn colours.

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Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, fashion  and 

graphic design. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty 

related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics 

related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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