The A/W15 Coat Edit

27 October 2015

Coat by Missoni from Luisa World
Coat season has returned and I'm absolutely loving it! There is nothing I love more than picking out my A/W wardrobe each year, foraging for a new definitive coat that I will wear to DEATH over the entire season. What has made it extra special this year is that I've discovered FarFetch, an online site that holds beautiful designer clothing, which has inspired me to dedicate a post lusting over 3 of their 6 DEFINITIVE COATS OF A/W15. Oh, how I wish I could afford them...

1. The English Lady ~ Brush up on your manners this season, as AW15 heralds the return of the frightfully proper English heritage coat. Savile Row mainstays such as Prince of Wales check, nubby tweed and houndstooth look modern again, especially when worn with off-kilter accessories and your favourite granny handbag.

I am in awe at this sophisticated wardrobe piece; it gives off a truly vintage vibe which everyone is loving this year! The intricately designed patterns would incorporate a dramatic statement to a monochromal dress/outfit, knee-length heeled boots and vibrant handbag to add some extra fun to the look. 

Coat by Balmain from Splash by the Beach
2. The Great White ~ Nothing makes you look expensive like winter whites - and not just because of the dry-cleaning bills. Shades like oyster, cream and purest snow white lift winter complexions and add freshness to your look. The hot AW15 update? Block it with separates in luxurious tones of oxblood and cyclamen pink.

Another trend I want to be involved with this year is the alluring white wraps everyone is wearing out and about. White is the colour to be worn in these winter months, helping to enhance those rosy cheeks and pale complexions. My personal favourite factor of white coats are that they contrast my dark locks, making my natural features one of my statements during Winter.

Coat by Derek Lam from Derek Lam

3. The Leather Trench ~ The Seventies favourite is back for 2015, fortified with a sex bomb colour palette – opt for Derek Lam’s cherry red for maximum hot-blooded appeal, and wear skin-on-skin style until winter’s bite brings out the goosebumps.

Finally, we have one of the most definitive coats I'd ever wear - I certainly wouldn't be able to pull this leather trench off but I know a lot of people who could. The vibrancy of the red is bold and striking; something you want to be wearing in the unevitable aridity of November/December. Outwear like this should totally be paired with a hot red-orange lipstick - I vote NARS Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil will do just the trick! 

Don't forget to check out the other three coats you could be rocking this season by clicking HERE.

Lots of love

The Best Drugstore Full Coverage Foundation

24 October 2015

If you know me, you'll know my undeniable love for a full coverage face - especially in the Winter! I just love having a 'perfect' complexion; although my skin rarely has spots, it is very discoloured and my overly red cheeks aren't at all appealing if I do say so myself. To solve this issue, I am constantly purchasing foundations that I hear are great to form an airbrushed, smooth base and this time I found one from the drugstore - a definite rarity!!!

In my time of trying out drugstore bases, I have never turned to Revlon. I have absolutely no idea why I didn't, as I luuurve Revlon eye and lip products! Anyway, I've seen numerous people rave about this foundation over the past few months so I thought I'd give it a go...

The Revlon Colorstay foundations are available in an array of colours and formulations, suitable for every skin type. I opted for combination/dry because I mainly suffer with dry patches in the Winter, however my T-zone remains oily all year round...great! This formulation works effectively on my skin, giving my complexion a warm, winter glow. When it comes to application, I either use a damp beauty blender or the dense-bristled base brush to blend into the skin. Due to the formulation being extremely smooth, it makes blending a dream.

A full coverage is achieved with two thin, even layers - this hides any blemishes and corrects any discoloration. On an average day, this base lasts for 10 hours before slipping off the face (without powder) and roughly 12-14 with powder keeping it in place; therefore does not match the claim, for me, on lasting 24 hours. But who even wears foundation for 24 hours, eh?! The only other flaw I've faced with the Revlon Colorstay is that there isn't a pump so you have to pour the product out. This can be very impractical and get quite messy in my makeup bag.

Overall, I totally recommend this foundation to anyone who is lover, like me, of full coverage bases or those who like skin-specific foundations. Revlon are the one to visit!

What foundation are you wearing this Winter?

Lots of love

Charlotte x

Nokia Lumia 735 // Review

18 October 2015

Today I have a very exciting post - I teamed up with the wonderful people at Nokia/Windows for a two week project. This project allowed me to taste one of their latest smartphone additions on their branch of technology and let all of you know what my experience was like with it.

Before being contacted, I had seen the Lumia 735 in many online ads, newspapers etc with an exceptional reputation - headlines mainly consisting of 'THE BEST SELFIE CAMERA OF 2015!' Therefore, after being contacted by the Nokia community, I was nothing more than excited to know I was going to trial this fab phone and dive into all of its unique features.

On the visual end of the spectrum, I would like to point out my instant love for the large 4.7 inch screen. Huge phone screens are one of my favourite features to a touch-screen because it makes typing and navigating so much easier! As seen above, the colour phone I received was a vibrant, neon green; personally, I dislike this colour as I tend to opt for neutral phones colours (white,black&grey). However, I think that coloured phones can help incorporate individuality; there are a range of commonly-loved colours to choose from - RED, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, BLACK and WHITE.


Now, into exploring the wonderful photo features this phone beholds. With a 6.7 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera, high quality images are processed and amazing results are achieved. I was unbelievably impressed with the photos I took because iPhone cameras have a poor tendency to form blurred, grainy images. Therefore, there is a 9/10 possibility you can take the best selfie of 2015 on this - especially with the array of pretty filters to chose from when finding your best angle! Finally, camera-wise, the flash is also a fab extension to the camera's many features.

Overall, the highlights of my time with this phone would be as follows. First, I would like to praise the wonderful selfie camera and its determination to make you feel happy with your appearance. Secondly, the home screen layout has a brightly coloured design and large buttons to allow easy navigation around the phone. Next, I can't stop thinking about the insane battery power; I went two days with no charging and the percentage was on 27%! 

The only negatives I faced was the colour (but can easily be replaced with my desired colour) and the speaker wasn't as loud as I thought it would be. I'm a music fanatic so carrying music on my phone is essential; this isn't a major fault though because speakers exist!!

Lots of love

My Jim Kersie Experience | Purple & Gold

17 October 2015

Deep purple, plum and auburn are colours I opt for when putting together autumnal outfits - don't we all?! Something that has made a statement this year, for me personally, is the use of jewellery equipped with my chosen outfit. Having an evergrowing colletion of beautiful jewellery pieces, both subtle and bold, I have never seen, through my many years of hoarding, a bracelet quite like this one.

Jim Kersie is a Melbourne-originated brand that specialises in phenomenally hand crafted bracelets - each having an element of individuality. Currently, Jim Kersie have 6 unique collections in which you can chose your desired colour/one that is suited to you. With the wide range of products and colours, I'm sure everyone can find something perfect for them..

...and for me...that was this autumnal-screaming piece -

I am a enormous purple lover, hence the multiple purple items surrounding my new, beloved trinket. On receiving my product, it was luxuriously encased in a sleek, black gift box and mini leather drawstring bag with the 'JK' intials imprinted in wealthy gold. The packaging extremely impressed me - I feel like packaging can 'make or break' a company's professionalism and respectibility and JIM KERSIE definitely lived up to my standards!

Focusing now on the jewellery piece itself, I was in awe at the array of purples chosen to craft this gorgeous bracelet. It is subtle in size, which is fabulous for everyday wear because it doesn't get in the way or get caught on clothing. I also thought the 'JK' embossed 22kt Golden beads were a lovely touch as well - gold and purple compliment each other wonderfully and add a bold statement to an evening outfit.

10/10 recommend this brand from everything of the warm customer service to the neatly packaged product. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for your mother, auntie, cousin or friend - especially with the free giftbox included! (There are also some lovely male structured pieces too, so don't forget to check them out!)

Do you change your jewellery during A/W? What colours do you usually steer toward wearing?

Lots of love

Desert Sage: The Reason To Add This Colour To Your Wardrobe

15 October 2015

This autumn, designers predict an evolution in the panorama of colours – they adopted an 

androgynous approach to colours this season, looking for a style in dressing and fabrics to 

define this time of year. This fall, designers pay homage to different moments in American 

history, from the 20s, hippies and bohemians to the modernists 60s and 70s, while the affection 

shown by the colours and style is innately easy to use by both men and women.

The importance of neutral tones continues to evolve with the Desert Sage, mix of fresh grey and 

relaxing green, which serves as the starting point in the palette for autumn 2015.

Desert Sage suits everyone!

As stated by the designer, timeless and discreet but powerful enough to take ownership alone, 

Desert Sage speaks of the sense of colours inspired by nature, reminiscent of real and 

uncorrupted things. The trendy colours for this autumn have their roots in many facets that can 

be used to represent sophistication effortlessly through the fashion of men and women – It is the 

first time that there is a truly unisex palette of colours.

Swampy shade and endless combinations!

A neutral grey-green hue is very autumnal and works perfectly with other colours. Desert Sage 

is a fashionable but understated colour, a shade that works alone without being juxtaposed 

against other colours. It is one of the colours that dominated the menswear but became very 

popular with ladies, too. It combines very well with almost any colour, such as black, blue and 

red colours (burgundy, marsala, maroon, etc.). It also combines with different shades of green, 

brown and grey. It is serious, discreet and elegant.

Depending on the tone, it can make the person wearing it look thinner or be fairly neutral. In 

combination with warm colours and unusual textures it provides comfort and warmth. Also, 

many predict that this particular colour could replace the black in the fashion field this season.

Every style looks great with this colour!

Desert Sage is trendy and can be used in formal and evening dresses, too. So if you're 

wondering what to wear to a wedding, you can take into account this rich and beautiful colour. 

Women can combine romantic silk dress in this shade with a coat in military style to add a little 

drama. A skirt in this earthy tone would look gorgeous as well, combined with a maroon or black 

dickie. Dashing gents would look even more fashionable with a Desert Sage coat which pairs 

perfectly with custom dress shirts in white or some other neutral colour.

This year, there are many choices for the fall when it comes to fashion, and the trends are 

always on their way to major changes. From real autumn colours, brown and yellow in an 

antique style to modern designs and cheerful colours, this year’s fall fashion is interspersed with 

styles. Still, Desert Sage managed to come above all others and deserve the title of the queen 

of autumn colours.

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, fashion  and 

graphic design. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty 

related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics 

related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Find her on: 

 *Guest Post*

Autumn Pay-Day Wishlist // Fashion

13 October 2015

Born Pretty Store // Review

7 October 2015

When ever a new makeup brand arises, I am always hesitant to try them out incase they don't quite meet my expectations and I feel like I've wasted my money/time. This is where Born Pretty Store comes in handy - an online, EXTREMELY affordable brand that sells cheap makeup for those who are sting-y like myself or who don't want to splash their cash on expensive beauty products.

Complementing their makeup related items, you can also find handy beauty tools for an amazing price too (brushes, tweezers, nail accessories etc). Shipping is surprisingly good, considering the low-priced items; there is free international shipping within 24 hours of your purchase! Pretty good, huh?

Let's indulge in the pretty pieces I picked out to show you guys...

With the option of three different mini shadow palettes, I opted for this cool-toned, intense glitter trio.
The cool tones are perfect for the A/W season, suit my dark hazel eyes and the countless tiny sparkles are very flattering when caught in sunlight. Also, I'd like to mention how impressed I am with the high pigmentation and longevity of the shadows - for £2.75 I was, of course, shocked.

Fluorescent Liquid Lip Gloss #4 ~ £3.25

Despite not expecting the shade to be a powerful, vibrant pink, I am overall glad to have picked shade #4. There are an array of 12 fluorescent lippies to chose from and I picked something very 'out there' - away from comfort zone, for once. This appealed to me particularly because I love pink lippies with blue-undertones (they make my teeth look whiter)! This would 100% be perfect for anyone dressing up as Barbie for halloween - especially as it stays on the lips for a solid 2-3 hours which you can't find much when looking for the idea gloss.

If you would love to purchase a few cheap makeup products to try out, you can use this coupon code (giving you 10% off your overall order) MTH10.

Lots of love

OOTD | Sixth Form Edition

4 October 2015

If are lucky enough to have gone or been to sixth form like myself, you will know the struggle of planning an outfit every single day. For me, I honestly see it extremely stressful to buy new clothes that fit the 'smart-casual' standard alongside being versatile so you can pair them with other pieces in your wardrobe. Besides this, I haven't yet developed the ability to collate a suitable outfit in the morning so it has become a chore to plan a night in advance.

Anyway, enough of me complaining..let us get onto the outfit! 

Shirt - Wallis (similar here)
Trousers - Primark (only in store, but similar here)
Necklace - New look (similar here)
Bracelet - Pandora
Shoes - Primark

Overall, this look has a sophisticated element to it, perfect for schools that are strictly formal wear. This year, I have become a great fan of patterned trousers and would love to find more that suit me and could wear to school. If any of you know of specific items or shops that sell some, please leave a comment below. Also, I went all out on makeup in this particular look - the gorgeous Eylure 071 lashes came out, implementing an elegant edge. Oh, and my go-to nude lip at the moment is Mac's Mehr!!

What are your favourite fashion pieces of A/W 2015?

Lots of love 

Charlotte x

Gold & Subtle | Orelia Jewellery

3 October 2015

During this time of year, I seem to approach my golden jewellery more often than usual. Autumn, for me personally, is a time for golden, warmer tones so my beloved silver-wear gets shoved to the back of my jewellery box for a while. Additionally, this year I've gained a growing passion for subtle accessories to incorporate a little extra to my outfits.

Therefore, I couldn't do anything but get excited when contacted by Orelia Jewellery early September to collaborate on a post including their gorgeous products. I've been a huge fan of this trusted brand for some time now; they work alongside well-known brands, like topshop, to deliver the best jewels to girls who loooove adding a little sparkle to their attire. 

As seen on the left of the photo, you are introduced to a pretty rectangular crystal bar thread necklace with 4 diamontes in the centre. This is a necklace I've been pairing with many of my sixth form outfits; it is so versatile and works with absolutely everything/any occasion. One of those must-have jewellery pieces, I think!

My favourite of the three pieces has to be this Star Lariat bangle - this thin, simple golden bangle is fastened by a star through a cut-out moon. I love this very subtle but unique look - the night theme is appealing and would be a great addition to an evening outfit. This also reminds me of bonfire night, everyone spends their evening outside roasting marshmallows, sitting around a campfire or watching fireworks - one of my favourite days in the A/W period.

Finally, I was kindly gifted a stunning Open Circle Crystal Stone ring. The simplistic detailing instantly drew me in - understated, small rings are something I enjoy adding to any combination. The use of both contrasting jewellery colours also appealed to me because you get the best of both worlds and I get to include a little sparkle to the outfit. (BONUS!!!)

If you've never heard of Orelia before, where have you been? You definitely need to take a browse at the wonderful things they have to offer; they cater to anyone's jewellery preferences and needs!

Thank you so much to Etail Pr for giving me this oppurtunity; if you're a smaller blogger who wants to get noticed and take part in collaborations, sign up at ETAIL PR ASAP!!!

Lots of love

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