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9 September 2015

All women are striking in their own way. But women who know their worth are by far the sexiest and most beautiful creatures out there.

With age and maturity there comes self-confidence; plenty lessons are learnt, many things tried and adopted or dismissed, and finally – there come advice that should be cherished by all women in the world – the advice on what to do to keep your outer beauty just as gorgeous as your inner one.

Talking to experienced women in fashion and beauty industry, these successful women who pride on broad perspectives, knowledge and experience, we’ve gathered a handful of super helpful suggestions and guidance that will be of help to any girl and or/women out there. This is what we’ve learnt:

Good face is power

No matter how shallow it might sound, but a beautiful face will make everyone around you weak in the knees. This is why you need to treat it with care – stop immediately with all the frowning, biting of lips and the inside of your cheeks, popping out blemishes or touching your face with dirty hands. 

Here’s why:

The more you bite your lips, the more chipped they’ll be, and you’ll look unhygienic and sloppy. Plus, no lipstick will look good, no matter how much you exfoliate. Popping up blemishes may lead to scarring and permanent discoloration of skin.

Biting the inside of your cheeks will stretch your cheeks and create lines around your mouth and nose. Further, it only sends a signal that you are nervous, and that’s really unattractive.

We shouldn’t even mention going to bed with makeup on is absolutely forbidden? Of course not, you’ve already mastered that one.

Propping your chin on your hands? Forget about it!

Too much propping your chin on your hands will mess up your chin line. Apart from that, your elbows will get rough and you’ll unconsciously begin slouching which will negatively impact your overall posture and look. Make it your business to always sit up tall, with your back straight. Also, make sure your shoulders are down at your chin level. 

Stop it with the duckface, already

The past decade or so has brought the trend of big breasts and big, pouty lips. For some reason the latter transformed into some ridiculous trend that doesn't seem to decrease in popularity. The idea behind it was to probably enhance the lips’ fullness by lightly pouting but it took a totally wrong turn. Not only do you look ridiculous but the extreme twisting of lips and unnecessary pouting creates lines around your mouth that will, in time, only get deeper and more visible.

Razor love? Never again!

While shaving may be a quick solution to remove the extra hairs off of your body, the simple act of shaving imposes constant stress on the skin. Given that shaving is a form of physical exfoliation, it may impact the health of the skin - ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and inflammation are just some of the visible signs of trauma going on on the surface of the skin.

“Shaving triggers a high level of visible irritation and can lead to over-exfoliation, as well as a compromised lipid barrier”, agree experts of dermatology. In fact, almost all of them will agree that shaving should be replaced with ipl laser hair removal. Not only will ipl laser hair removal help permanently remove hair but it will keep it healthy, elastic and glowing!

Thanks for reading! Chao x

Author BIO:
Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty and fashion. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is also regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and style.

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  1. Great post by the guest! Really interesting and informative to read, love it
    Charlotte //

    1. Sophia is such a fab writer! Loved reading it too Char :-) xx

  2. This article you wrote is very informative. I personally think that all younger generation should read stuff like this to avoid any blemishes and to stay put throughout.

  3. You are a best blogger i have seen. Because women always look for the things which can enhance their beauty and here you have given plenty of tips.


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