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20 September 2015

Urban Decay, I must say, have the most stunning eye shadow palettes and shades - more than any other brand I know of. One of their new releases is the new Smoky palette from the infamously -loved Naked range. I've tried the second and third Naked palettes as well as the Basics 2; Urban Decay never failing to impress me. 

It came as much a surprise to me when my best friend Megan invested in this beauty for my birthday; I couldn't thank her enough! Getting my hands on some more of their highly pigmented, cool-toned and fun named shadows made my birthday extra special.

 Let's take a look at the product in closer detail - shall we?

Encased in a golden, gunmetal embossed palette with a marble and brown smoke effect on top, there are 12 sultry, cool-toned shades (9 of which are new and exclusive to this palette!) to create the perfect smoky eye, as well as the cooler undertones being ideal for the Winter months. Throughout my makeup hoarding time, I've never really had the right colours to even attempt an in-depth smoky eye so now I have this, I can't wait to get stuck in and spend my days working on new looks that I could potentially upload as tutorials later on.

With a mix of both glittery and matte, light and dark, options, I believe this palette to be one of the most versatile, universal products I've owned in a while. The contrast in finishes and tone envelope a uniqueness too - further making it a NEED for every single beauty blogger in the planet! Also, another difference spotted from the other NAKED palettes, is the new brush style. The two-sided eye crease brush is darker in colour with fluffier bristles; one end a blending brush and the other a more pointed for precision. In my opinion, I prefer this than the ones in the previous NAKED palettes.

HIGH -  A champagne, pink-toned highlight shades with a slightly pearlescent coating. One of the few warm tones in the palette; holds a frosted, metallic sheen on the eye.
DIRTYSWEET - Yellow under-toned metallic gold shade; one perfect for all-over-the-lid.
RADAR - A chestnut, warm brown with small glitters running throughout; idyllic transition shade.
ARMOR - A cool, taupe/grey glitter shade that would add sparkle to your smoky eye.
SLANTED - A pale blue,grey shimmer with a muted metallic essence.
DAGGER - Very dark grey with intense blue tones; a deep matte that would work great creating a dramatic eye.

BLACK MARKET - A navy, jet blue satin shade with a thin, easy-to-blend formula.
SMOLDER - A mix between a plum purple and taupe with an iridescent shine.
PASSWORD - A light matte grey.
WHISKEY - A rich matte brown (I cannot wait to use this in my crease; fab eye contour shade)
COMBUST - A soft, blush pink that will look gorgeous on the inner lid.
THIRTEEN - A pure, beige satin shade; matte but good for brightening, nonetheless!

Overall, I'm phenomenally impressed with each and every aspect of this palette. I couldn't fault any of the colour choices; each shade is wearable and 100% will use! Everything from the gorgeous packaging to the densely bristled brush is an absolute bonus. I just can't wait to try out some new looks!

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Lots of love

Charlotte Xx


  1. Your imagery has improved so much since you first started. Great post, I don't use bloglovin:(
    Charlotte //

    1. Aw Char, thank you so much!! You should totally get bloglovin, it is amazing <3

  2. Dirtysweet and radar would look so beautiful together! I want this so badly!xx
    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog

  3. Urban decay never fails to impress me with their palettes, this one is to die for! x

    Lisa | Speckle of Lisa

    1. Me too, it is absolutely stunning! Just like the rest Xxx

  4. It's so pretty! I just got their Naked 2 palette after much deliberation, you just can't go wrong with an Urban Decay palette!x

    1. The second palette is my favourite out of the original three. The cool tones look amazing with my brown/hazel eyes xx

  5. Really want to get my hands on this palette it looks amazing!! xx


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