Just For £5?!

11 September 2015

This month I've luckily been introduced to an incredible brand; one that I've quietly been waiting to exist - a fashion place where EVERYTHING is £5! Fortunately, I was able to collaborate with 'JUST FOR £5' and chose a couple items I style and share with you all to give you a taster on what they have to offer. Each product sold is modern, fashionable and some are made to make a statement - I particularly love the huge variation in items, you can choose from dresses, trousers, shoes and bags. They seem to have covered everything! Not only does the brand hold one of the world's most afforable products, they offer a swift service costing only a measly £3.00 delivery - AMAZING!

First product - Monochrome Satchel 

To accessorise my basic attire, I opted for a small clutch monochrome bag. This satchel is perfect for events that requires little to carry; a bit of lippie, powder and my phone is all I need when attending a party. What I seem to love about monochrome accessorising is that you can pair it with any outfit in your wardrobe. It also has a golden chain so you can wear the bag on your shoulder, which is always handy too!

Second Product - Black Floral Print Shift Dress 

My 2nd item choice was inspired by the 'back to school' season, as I thought this little floral print skater dress would be perfect for sixth form. It fits wonderfully in the 'smart but casual' criteria as well as looking super cute and girly. Due to the upcoming winter months, I would possibly wear some knit black tights underneath too. Also, I've co-ordinated my outfit with my bag - such a 'me' thing to do! Finally, I adore the collared top and the way the dress hugs my figure in the right places.

Shoes worn are from Primark for £8 but here are a few from this site that are similar/school appropriate:

Overall, Just For £5 is a great place to go for people on a budget or who don't like to spend much on clothing. The items I received were of fab quality and I couldn't fault a thing. Sometimes I think it is too good to be true?! Like how can a brand sell such beautiful items for such an affordable amount - it honestly baffles me, but I'm not complaining!!!

Head over to their site 'Just For £5' or interact with them over on Twitter or Facebook
Thank you so much to Etail PR for giving me this oppurtunity; if you're a smaller blogger, who wants to get noticed and take part in collaborations, sign up for Etail PR ASAP!!!

Have you gone back to school/college/sixth form/uni this week or have you finished education altogether? Are you struggling organising an outfit everyday, just like me?

Lots of Love


  1. Oh my gosh such a gorgeous outfit! I'll have to check out the website!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Thank you lovely, you definitely should :-) It is amazing <3

  2. Beautiful photos! You look so incredible in that dress! <3


  3. Great Post! I have actually nominated you for a tag, it is under the url http://gracexkate.blogspot.co.uk/.
    Grace xx

    1. Thank you so much, I will be sure to check it out Xxx

  4. Love the dress so much!! Great post Charlotte :)

  5. This sounds amazing and the dress suits you so well char xxx
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  6. Gosh, that dress is so a bargain - it looks great on you!

    1. Yes, I know! It is so good for the money and thank you so much :-) x


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