My Current Nars Favourites

27 September 2015

Good evening! 

Today, I'd like to give a brief overview of all my current favourites; let us delve into my small collection shall we?

~ Nars 'Orgasm' Blusher ~
A beauty cult favourite, loved by all. This peachy-pink gold toned blush looks stunning in sunlight, the glitters bounce of the face enhancing natural beauty to the cheeks. One of those beauty faves you can't live without, especially in the Winter months when you need that extra flush of colour.

~ Nars 'Callisto' Dual Intensity Eyeshadow ~
A recent addition to my Nars favourites is this glittery, lilac-reflecting champagne mono eyeshadow. After falling in love with the high shine factor, intense pigmentation, frosty finish and lack of fallout, I just HAD to mention it in this post. I'm on the hunt for Dione and Himalia now, they are stunning shades too!

~ Nars 'Charlotte' Audacious Lipstick ~ 
All of you A/W makeup fanantics,like myself, will love this dark red lippie. A sophisticated option for a meal out or just to simply match an outfit, this one does the job! The smooth application is heavenly and leaves your lips feeling big and full; you don't even need lip liner girls!!!

~ Nars 'Mysterious Red' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ~
This one is gorgeous and a classic; a very warm opaque brick red that is an honest showstopper for me. Despite it being striking and bold, this is a colour you and many have probably seen before. The thing that makes these lip pencils so special is the flat matte finish whilst among feeling surprisingly smooth upon the lips. Oh, and who doesn't love a crayon styled lip product?! Just line and fill in your lips...SIMPLE!

I hope you liked reading about my current obsessions on the Nars front (I'd also like to add I'm a huge fan of their radiant creamy concealer but completely forgot about it - OOPS!). 

Do you own a NARS product? If so, what is your favourite beauty item from this brand?

Lots of love

Winter Hair Care | Maple Holistics

23 September 2015

Today, I've got a very exciting collaboration with Maple Holistics. I cannot wait to share with you guys the products I have to show you this evening. Maple Holistics are a brand that cater for those who want to enhance health, beauty or daily living. Their products are created in a way to therapeutically improve your average pampering session and turn it into a unique journey. 

The items offered by Maple Holistics are multiple skin care(face masks, oils&serums) hair care(shampoos&conditioners) and bath products(bubble bath,scrubs&salts). It is simple to get your hands on one of these A/W must-haves because of their worldwide shipping service - you can also get free shipping on orders over $25. 

Since I'm obnoxiously lazy when it comes to caring for my locks, I thought I would try some hair care products for a change. The Winter Blends set seemed appropriate/ideal considering the time of year so I opted for these blue bottled beauties.

On receiving the Winter Blends shampoo and conditioner, the first thing I had to do what smell them. Honestly, they've got the smell of Winter down to a T; the intense mint undertones and cold winter fragrance made me feel like I was walking through a snow-embedded forest. Wild mint, Spearmint, Peppermint, Bergamot Mint and Eucalyptus Mint are all included in the formula as well as other ingredient such as Botanical Keratin and Jojoba Oil. This mixture of elements work together to stimulate root growth, help the scalp's blood flow, create a glossy effect, remove dryness, aid thickness and restore and replenish your hair's general health.

After using these over a short period of two weeks, I've already been noticing minor differences with my hair. Primarily, the change that stood out the most was the amount of time my hair stayed fresh for. Usually, I have to wash my hair every other day to avoid greasy-ness or overly clean hair. However, on applying the Winter Blends products, my hair was feeling fresh and cleansed for three days straight. This made a huge impact on my hair care routine, as now, I'm able to leave my hair for an extra day before re-washing. Oh, and not to mention the compliments I've received from my family and boyfriend about my hair's new minty scent!

Maple Holistic's ever-so kindly sent me this little gem to add that extra mint-i-ness to my order. This Peppermint Natural Lip Balm contains vitamin E and sunflower oil to moisturize the lips; not to mention, it is a great handbag size! I will definitely be popping this in my bag to avoid the dreaded dry winter lips!

Don't forget to check out their vast range of products here.

Lots of love

Naked Smoky Palette | Review

20 September 2015

Urban Decay, I must say, have the most stunning eye shadow palettes and shades - more than any other brand I know of. One of their new releases is the new Smoky palette from the infamously -loved Naked range. I've tried the second and third Naked palettes as well as the Basics 2; Urban Decay never failing to impress me. 

It came as much a surprise to me when my best friend Megan invested in this beauty for my birthday; I couldn't thank her enough! Getting my hands on some more of their highly pigmented, cool-toned and fun named shadows made my birthday extra special.

 Let's take a look at the product in closer detail - shall we?

Encased in a golden, gunmetal embossed palette with a marble and brown smoke effect on top, there are 12 sultry, cool-toned shades (9 of which are new and exclusive to this palette!) to create the perfect smoky eye, as well as the cooler undertones being ideal for the Winter months. Throughout my makeup hoarding time, I've never really had the right colours to even attempt an in-depth smoky eye so now I have this, I can't wait to get stuck in and spend my days working on new looks that I could potentially upload as tutorials later on.

With a mix of both glittery and matte, light and dark, options, I believe this palette to be one of the most versatile, universal products I've owned in a while. The contrast in finishes and tone envelope a uniqueness too - further making it a NEED for every single beauty blogger in the planet! Also, another difference spotted from the other NAKED palettes, is the new brush style. The two-sided eye crease brush is darker in colour with fluffier bristles; one end a blending brush and the other a more pointed for precision. In my opinion, I prefer this than the ones in the previous NAKED palettes.

HIGH -  A champagne, pink-toned highlight shades with a slightly pearlescent coating. One of the few warm tones in the palette; holds a frosted, metallic sheen on the eye.
DIRTYSWEET - Yellow under-toned metallic gold shade; one perfect for all-over-the-lid.
RADAR - A chestnut, warm brown with small glitters running throughout; idyllic transition shade.
ARMOR - A cool, taupe/grey glitter shade that would add sparkle to your smoky eye.
SLANTED - A pale blue,grey shimmer with a muted metallic essence.
DAGGER - Very dark grey with intense blue tones; a deep matte that would work great creating a dramatic eye.

BLACK MARKET - A navy, jet blue satin shade with a thin, easy-to-blend formula.
SMOLDER - A mix between a plum purple and taupe with an iridescent shine.
PASSWORD - A light matte grey.
WHISKEY - A rich matte brown (I cannot wait to use this in my crease; fab eye contour shade)
COMBUST - A soft, blush pink that will look gorgeous on the inner lid.
THIRTEEN - A pure, beige satin shade; matte but good for brightening, nonetheless!

Overall, I'm phenomenally impressed with each and every aspect of this palette. I couldn't fault any of the colour choices; each shade is wearable and 100% will use! Everything from the gorgeous packaging to the densely bristled brush is an absolute bonus. I just can't wait to try out some new looks!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE : I'm about 40 followers away from 1000 on Bloglovin!!! When I reach 1000, I hope to hold a giveaway and would love to know what you would like to see in it?! Make sure to comment below what you would like to win!

Lots of love

Charlotte Xx

Pretty in Pink | Get The Label

17 September 2015

Want to know where you can get designer clothing for up to 75% off?! You should probably head over to Get The Label. Get The Label have an expectional range of famous branded products (eg. Adidas, Converse, Nike, Timberland, Lipsy, Pineapple & more!); clothing, shoes and accessories for both women and men. 

Being contacted by such a trusted company was thrilling. then to be told I could collaborate with them and receive this gorgeous Vera Moda dress was unreal. With a swift delivery and my adrenalin rushing, I opened my package to find this...

THE LITTLE PINK DRESS. I'm in awe at how flattering this cute, dusty pink looks against my skin tone. This is honestly the most prettiest and girliest dress I now own and I'm not ashamed of that at all! The material is floaty, falls in little crease-patterns and would be absolutely ideal for formal occasion wear. Honestly, I can just imagine wearing this classy number to a family wedding or out to dinner with my boyfriend.

One of the main reasons I opted for this dress was because of the front detailing; I luuuurve the diagonal cross-over style on the chest; none of my evening attire look anything like this which is why it stands out immensely. Lastly, the laced back of the dress and shoulders add an additional touch of femininity and elegance to the outfit. It looks super pretty paired with a floral headcrown and a deep mauve lipstick. Skater dresses are definitely my go-to when it comes to picking an evening based outfit; they always appear to work best with my figure.

Here's the best bit - these have been reduced on the site to just £9.99! Don't miss out on this wonderful offer; take advantage and click on the link here to look at the product from a different angle. Get The Label have an easily accessible site so you will be able to find whatever you need in seconds! 

Thank you so much to Etail PR for giving me this oppurtunity; if you're a smaller blogger who wants to get noticed and take part in collaboratiosn, sign up for ETAIL PR ASAP!!!

Lots of love

5 Beauty Products You Need This A/W

15 September 2015

If you are living in the northern hemisphere, you will know that it is time to hide away those vibrant corals and replace them with those ravising reds and berries. 

Welcome to Autumn everyone! Autumn is my favourite time of year due to so many reasons: the nights get darker (not great for taking photos with the poor lighting - but I love it!), the temperature becomes cooler, the knitted jumpers come out along with all the gorgeous autumnal colours. I'm a huge fan of all the autumn trends both in the fashion and makeup industry; so today, I would like to cover my top 5 things I love and you NEED this A/W on the beauty side of things.

During the cooler months, my skin always thinks it would be funnier to go VERY dry and make my makeup cling to patches on my face - FAB!!! To try and avoid this in 2015, I've prepared myself by keeping my moisturizers, primers and radiant illuminating creams at the ready. Garnier and Simple do some great skin goodies for an affordable price!

Another way I like to stay radiant and glowing is using golden toned highlighters. I feel these work best in the winter months as it brightens paler skin. These two high end must-haves are probably the most talked about highlighter and I completely understand why so many people talk about them. Even better, these two products work incredibly together; layer MAC's soft and gentle over Benefit's Watts Up and you're good to go!

Warm, plum blush shades are what you need this Autumn/Winter. They compliment golden highlight and deepen the cheek colour to make you have a flawless complexion. I'm not usually a fan of loose powder products but this E.L.F Blusher in PLUM really does me wonders at this time of year.

Eyeshadows are my favourite to change up seasonally, especially when Autumn comes around. Taupes, maroons, cranberries, coppers and golden glitters are the colours to go for - they correspond to the traditional autumnal shades and look great both daily and nightly. I absolutely love taupe and cranberry colours in the crease of my eye; they help to contour the lid so much and create the prettiest effect. Also, I adore wearing golden glitters on the eyelid too because of how simple is it to create.

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for - my favourite berry red lips for this Autumn/Winter. Want a matte finish? Go for Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in 107 or the Nars Audacious lipstick in the shade Charlotte! If you're looking for a more satin finish then you definitely want to opt for Mac's Rebel or Makeup Up Revolution's Rebel With Cause - how ironic that they have similar shade names?! Lastly, if you're a glossy type of gal, I totally recommend visiting Revlon and picking up Parisian Passion from their Lacquer range. 

What are your must-have beauty products for A/W?!

Lots of love

Just For £5?!

11 September 2015

This month I've luckily been introduced to an incredible brand; one that I've quietly been waiting to exist - a fashion place where EVERYTHING is £5! Fortunately, I was able to collaborate with 'JUST FOR £5' and chose a couple items I style and share with you all to give you a taster on what they have to offer. Each product sold is modern, fashionable and some are made to make a statement - I particularly love the huge variation in items, you can choose from dresses, trousers, shoes and bags. They seem to have covered everything! Not only does the brand hold one of the world's most afforable products, they offer a swift service costing only a measly £3.00 delivery - AMAZING!

First product - Monochrome Satchel 

To accessorise my basic attire, I opted for a small clutch monochrome bag. This satchel is perfect for events that requires little to carry; a bit of lippie, powder and my phone is all I need when attending a party. What I seem to love about monochrome accessorising is that you can pair it with any outfit in your wardrobe. It also has a golden chain so you can wear the bag on your shoulder, which is always handy too!

Second Product - Black Floral Print Shift Dress 

My 2nd item choice was inspired by the 'back to school' season, as I thought this little floral print skater dress would be perfect for sixth form. It fits wonderfully in the 'smart but casual' criteria as well as looking super cute and girly. Due to the upcoming winter months, I would possibly wear some knit black tights underneath too. Also, I've co-ordinated my outfit with my bag - such a 'me' thing to do! Finally, I adore the collared top and the way the dress hugs my figure in the right places.

Shoes worn are from Primark for £8 but here are a few from this site that are similar/school appropriate:

Overall, Just For £5 is a great place to go for people on a budget or who don't like to spend much on clothing. The items I received were of fab quality and I couldn't fault a thing. Sometimes I think it is too good to be true?! Like how can a brand sell such beautiful items for such an affordable amount - it honestly baffles me, but I'm not complaining!!!

Head over to their site 'Just For £5' or interact with them over on Twitter or Facebook
Thank you so much to Etail PR for giving me this oppurtunity; if you're a smaller blogger, who wants to get noticed and take part in collaborations, sign up for Etail PR ASAP!!!

Have you gone back to school/college/sixth form/uni this week or have you finished education altogether? Are you struggling organising an outfit everyday, just like me?

Lots of Love

Say Goodbye To Bad Beauty Habits | Guest Post

9 September 2015

All women are striking in their own way. But women who know their worth are by far the sexiest and most beautiful creatures out there.

With age and maturity there comes self-confidence; plenty lessons are learnt, many things tried and adopted or dismissed, and finally – there come advice that should be cherished by all women in the world – the advice on what to do to keep your outer beauty just as gorgeous as your inner one.

Talking to experienced women in fashion and beauty industry, these successful women who pride on broad perspectives, knowledge and experience, we’ve gathered a handful of super helpful suggestions and guidance that will be of help to any girl and or/women out there. This is what we’ve learnt:

Good face is power

No matter how shallow it might sound, but a beautiful face will make everyone around you weak in the knees. This is why you need to treat it with care – stop immediately with all the frowning, biting of lips and the inside of your cheeks, popping out blemishes or touching your face with dirty hands. 

Here’s why:

The more you bite your lips, the more chipped they’ll be, and you’ll look unhygienic and sloppy. Plus, no lipstick will look good, no matter how much you exfoliate. Popping up blemishes may lead to scarring and permanent discoloration of skin.

Biting the inside of your cheeks will stretch your cheeks and create lines around your mouth and nose. Further, it only sends a signal that you are nervous, and that’s really unattractive.

We shouldn’t even mention going to bed with makeup on is absolutely forbidden? Of course not, you’ve already mastered that one.

Propping your chin on your hands? Forget about it!

Too much propping your chin on your hands will mess up your chin line. Apart from that, your elbows will get rough and you’ll unconsciously begin slouching which will negatively impact your overall posture and look. Make it your business to always sit up tall, with your back straight. Also, make sure your shoulders are down at your chin level. 

Stop it with the duckface, already

The past decade or so has brought the trend of big breasts and big, pouty lips. For some reason the latter transformed into some ridiculous trend that doesn't seem to decrease in popularity. The idea behind it was to probably enhance the lips’ fullness by lightly pouting but it took a totally wrong turn. Not only do you look ridiculous but the extreme twisting of lips and unnecessary pouting creates lines around your mouth that will, in time, only get deeper and more visible.

Razor love? Never again!

While shaving may be a quick solution to remove the extra hairs off of your body, the simple act of shaving imposes constant stress on the skin. Given that shaving is a form of physical exfoliation, it may impact the health of the skin - ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and inflammation are just some of the visible signs of trauma going on on the surface of the skin.

“Shaving triggers a high level of visible irritation and can lead to over-exfoliation, as well as a compromised lipid barrier”, agree experts of dermatology. In fact, almost all of them will agree that shaving should be replaced with ipl laser hair removal. Not only will ipl laser hair removal help permanently remove hair but it will keep it healthy, elastic and glowing!

Thanks for reading! Chao x

Author BIO:
Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty and fashion. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is also regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and style.

Find her on:

What I Got For My Birthday 2015

7 September 2015

On Friday the 4th of September, it was my birthday and indeed was spoilt again by my wonderful family, friends and boyfriend. I'm very appreciative of all my gifts and this post is not in any way boasting about my fortune; I just wanted to share with you all my gorgeous new makeup bits and bobs, some fashion items and other things I received over the course of my birthday weekend. Some of the presents below, I bought with birthday money as I preferred going to London and chosing some things I wanted myself. Let's get started...


My bestfriend is an honest God for buying me Urban Decay's latest Naked Smoky Palette release. I was so happy and overwhelmed that she got this for me, as they are pretty darn pricey. I'm in love with the colours and names, as always! Cannot wait to review this in the near future; URBAN DECAY are an honest blessing to the makeup world.

The left purchase was one I made my own in London; I've been wanting to try the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils for too long now and I'm so glad to finally have my hands on one. The pigmentation is insane and I'm a sucker for crayon-styled lip products - they really aid appliance, I think. My boyfriend was so sweet and bought me this Nars Eyeshadow that was out of stock a couple weeks back when I wanted to buy it in London. Nars Callisto is a gorgeous icy silver/pink shade that will perfect in the winter months.

Mac's Mehr seems to be a new craze recently?! Well, from what I've seen over instagram and youtube, a lot of people are hyping of this MAC number. I thought this would be great for sixth form as it is a neutral, classy pink/mauve shade. This is also another purchase of my own from Selfridges, I just couldn't leave it, could I?!

Another friend, Karis, was absolutely fabulous and gifted me these two Urban Decay products. Urban Decay are possibly my favourite high end brand, along with Mac and Nars, and I was so happy to receive these beauties for my birthday. On the left is a recent want of mine - Daisy from Wild Flower Makeup uploaded a review on this and I couldn't help but swoon over this popping purple colour (BITTERSWEET). Additionally, I've become an avid lover of these eyeshadow (see my recent purchase here. A pretty space grey silver with glitters running throughout (MUSHROOM).

Jess, another close friend of mine, obviously listened well too when I mentioned my lust for Mac's Nightmoth Liner. I didn't have any dark lip liners so I struggled to pull off dark lips all night long. Thanks to Jess, I don't have to worry about my dark lippies smearing/cracking over my lip liner throughout the night. 

When in Superdrug, I noticed many a deal so what other can one do but to take advantage?! I decided to nab this very wanted foundation when it had been reduced to £10 this week. The finish of this is amazing and very good for people like me who love a full coverage.

Jess very kindly bought me this second gift too. She was very thoughtful and matched Revlon's Miami Fever Lip Lacquer to my very bright Mac Lady Danger. These would look incredible together; a hot glossy lip would look insane in the evening. 

Other Beauty

Aidan also bought me this Body Shop product from one of their new ranges. A woman wiped a bit 
on my hand outside the store and I was woo'ed at the scent and softness. This is a fabulous moisturizer for both the face and body; I can't wait to be using this throughout Winter when everything seems to dry up.

Garnier Micellar Water and Eye Makeup Remover minis were extra additions to my superdrug basket. Everyone always talks about the micellar water so I thought I would give it a go - makeup wipes really irriate and redden my face. Time for a change, eh? I will be sure to let you all know how I get on!

A long-term friend came round on my birthday and gave me a present which I thought was super sweet. She gave me the loveliest set of Jack Wills fragrances..looking forward to trying them out!







As seen in the first image of this post, I also bought a new school bag from Wallis in BHS. I loved the basic colours, making it universal, so it is very easy to match to every outfit. Ironically, I adored the grey snake print, considering I'm absolutely terrified of snakes - I HAVE A PHOBIA!!!


Another thoughtful idea from my very-loved boyfriend were these two books. I love how qwerky and different the books are in Urban Outfitters and these two were the best picks. The one on the left sounds so interesting and I can't wait to read all the different feelings and hopefully relate to the author. 'THE GOLDEN RULES OF BLOGGING' will be a great late night read to keep my blog posts in ship shape. Thank you Aidan <3

Megan thought up this great idea to buy me a brownie baking mix in a jar. If you didn't already know, brownies are my absolute favourite and the jar just makes it so much better; who knows what I'll store in it once I've made the delicious treats?!

Finally, my boyfriend's mum was so so kind to buy me a new pandora charm for my bracelet. This has my birthstone - Sapphire - in it and I can't love it anymore that I already do!

My final thing I couldn't quite photograph was the main present from Aidan. He bought me a MUJI aroma diffuser with wonderful scents to fill my room with and help me relax. The beautiful smells could easily send me off to sleep and most definitely will help me with the stress of A levels over the next two years! Oh, I'll also start my driving lessons soon as I've just turned 17..aaarrghhh!

Thank you for reading, sorry it was a long one today :-)

Lots of love

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