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3 August 2015

Recently, I've been reaching out to jewellery a little more than I used to. I always forgot the endless stacks of necklaces, bracelets and pairs of earrings I had stuffed into a little box. Since going on holiday, I've realised that jewellery can complete an outfit and make it look 10x better. Fortunately, I was contacted by the wonderful people at Body Jewellery Shop who kindly gifted me with three EarPiercing Jewellery for me to try out and give my honest opinion to all of you lot...Let's get cracking!

Body Shop Jewellery have a fantastic range of EarPiercing items that are unique from any jewellery I've seen before; they also hold other piercing products from nose studs to tongue bars if you are bit more exotic than me who only holds two holes in each ear. I must say I'd love more ear piercings and my belly pierced though...

  Jewelled Silver Stud - Pink Bow (£3.95)

My first item is a pretty little girly stud that is made of stunning pink jewels. This was my initial go-to sample as like most girls, I'm all for anything girly and subtle like this little gem. The silver framing and stud length really compliment the light pink shade used to create the bow. A fabulous choice for all those who love a bit of extra pink to accessorize with.

Silver Ear Cuff - Dragonfly (£2.49)

Possibly my favourite pick of the three - this fake silver cuff dragonfly is so elegant looking. Personally, I would 100% wear this to a special occasion, I can imagine wearing it to a wedding with my hair swept back and in a light coloured dress. The fragile looking creature could completely impact your outfit, despite its petiteness. I'm a huge fan of the ear cuffed jewellery, even though this is fake and I do not actually have a piercing here. Nonetheless, the dragonfly remains put throughout the day and is very comfortable to wear.

Zircon Steel Clip On Ear Cuff - 2 Rings (£1.99)

The golden cuff above is certainly the opposite of the previous two mentioned. Alternatively, the zircon steel 2-ringed ear cuff gives off an edgy vibe, a complete contrast to the girly products noted earlier. This is very different from my usual jewellery style and that is what I love about it the most - it is UNIQUE to my world. This would look super cool with a golden, chunky statement necklace, a plain tee and a pair of ripped jeans. Hopefully I can find an outfit that will totally bring the edgy side of me out, who knows?! Finally, I thought it was cool that I had a stud to mirror the two balls on the ear cuff (I AM S A D!)

Don't forget to check out Body Jewellery Shop for all of their amazing EarPiercing products and more! They come at an affordable price, as listed above, with a very small postage&packaging on top. The overall quality is excellent and there are no faults I can depict at this stage of wearing them.

Be happy and have a great day...



  1. I love them earrings they're so pretty

    1. I know, I was so lucky to get hold of them :))

  2. I really like the ear cuff, it's so cute! I got pierced there, because I got tired of wearing an ear cuff all the time, to fake the piercing, but this is great!


    1. I love them too! I really want to get a piercing there too, good on you ;) xx

  3. Replies
    1. I love it, think it has to be my favourite. It is so qwerky and unique, it is sooooo cute <3 x

  4. Cute little pieces! Love mixing things up with this kind of thing! X

    Portugal beach days over on-

    1. Aw, I'd love to check out your holiday posts xx

  5. aww these little jewelry pieces are so pretty


  6. These sound great! Might have to check them out...

    Hugs & kisses,

  7. That dragonfly one is so cute, looks like it really suits you-like the rest of them do!
    Charlotte xxx // charbeautypicks.blogspot.com


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