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25 August 2015

 As always, I was absolutely flattered to be contacted by the team at Luxemme to collaborate with them and their wonderful fashion products. This upcoming fashion brand claims to have items ranging from Parisienne Chic to Manchester Cool and I couldn't agree more.

On browsing the Luxemme website, selecting my desired two piece and receiving my confirmation email, the delivery came in two days - INSANE! I was completely stunned at how quickly the delivery was and the professional packaging the product was neatly wrapped up in. Luxemme offer a variety of clothes for affordable prices, something that anyone wants to hear when shopping, eh? My favourite section of their online shop must be the limited edition range; an area of their site which they change monthly according to celebs and other bloggers wearing their products. 

After a lengthy and tough decision, I opted for a gorgeous white two piece -  the Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece. The slim fit style and lace detailing are right up my street; I couldn't wait to get my hands on this sophisticated, elegant outfit. Personally, I'd wear this ensemble when going out for a meal, as it indeed 'epitomises class', just like they state on the website. Also, having brunette hair is another reason I chose this limited edition two piece; the contrasting in colours aesthetically satisfies me because I'm a strange human being that gets excited by the smallest of things...

On wearing my stylish new two piece, I noticed how much the material clung to my body in all the right places. It honestly made me look so much skinnier, tucked in my tummy fat and enhanced my not-so-visible curves. This was a wonderful surprise as I wasn't expecting it to improve my body confidence alongside helping me to look stylish and refined. Another fabulous trait of the Luxemme clothing is that the material is strong and of high quality.  This instantly made me trust the brand and believed they strived to achieve phenomenal quality when manufacturing their items.

Overall, I've been astounded by the co-ordinate that Luxemme have let me show off to you all and will not hasten to add that I most definitely will be purchasing more items from their site. They not only sell other wonderful two pieces beside this, they also offer a range of clothing from casual to classy. Below is a collage of items I've added to my own personal Luxemme wishlist - click the product names underneath the photo to be navigated there!

Top Row : 
Eloise High Waisted Pants
Elson Sleeveless Jacket Brown
Melisande Laced Hem Crop Top
Bottom Row :
Paris Ruched Side Wrap Dress 
Leila Open Tie Back Dress Side
Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Two Piece


Lots of love


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