Come Sail With Me | Turkey Day 13

2 August 2015

Nothing could beat a day sailing upon the crystal turkish sea, bathing on the boat's balcony, enjoying a bubblegum twister and jumping into the water bays for a good cooling down. I was in a very happy place this day - I loved jumping into the sea from the boat as I've always wanted to! The sea was so so salty so it tasted awful but it was all worth it to complete one of the many things on my wishlist.

Today's boat trip involved visiting 5 different coves, including Tarzan Bay, Samanlik Bay and Aquarium Bay, to stop off at and chill in the sea's waves for an hour or so. It was mesmerizing looking down into the water and being able to see so far beneath you. The turquoise blue of the water was so aesthetically pleasing to look at and to capture photos of.

Unfortunately, I woke up with an eye infection this day so was very cautious to jump in but I'm so glad I did it otherwise I would have totally regretted it. Also, I got the chance to snorkel because the boat offered the equipment to do so; I'd never snorkelled before so it took me a while to get the hang of it. The experience was fabulous - it was incredible being able to look so clearly under the sea (Little Mermaid reference - eek) and snoop at the little fishes lives. Here's to another wonderful turkish adventure today - cheers!

Sorry if you're fed up of my constant Turkey posts, I can assure you I will be back with some more beauty in a few days - BE PATIENT!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Turkey looks absolutely beautiful! Lucky girl! Wish I could spend the day sailing!


    1. It was, one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. Will definitely be going again in the future, I was so impressed. The boat trip was fab xxx

  2. The water looks so clear and beautiful! I wish I could go to Turkey. I'm literally living through your blogposts from there.

    1. The water looked incredible and sooo inviting! Aw that is so sweet, you will one day!! xxx


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