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21 August 2015

What have I got in store for you all today? A little lifestyle post on my boyfriend and mine's trip to London this past Tuesday. We decided to come back a year on from our one year anniversary which you can read about HERE if you are interested. This account of the day will include many photos, some purchases and mini descriptions of what we got up to during the day. Hope you like it!

Outfit of the Day:

White Cowl Neck Top ~ Newlook
Navy Flower Patterned Trousers ~ Newlook 
Pink Blazer ~ Primark
Purple Handbag ~ Newlook 
Necklace ~ Wallis
White+Gold strapped sandals ~  Primark

(There seems to be an unintentional theme - oops! At least it is affordable, right?!)

The first stop and main event of the whole day was visiting London Zoo. We both are a huge fan of animals; I find them super interesting to watch and love looking at how different creatures move/survive etc. On arrival, Aidan bought us a guide that included many facts about the various animal encounters equipped with a map to help us around the zoo. The aquarium was our starting point - the tropical fish tanks were my favourite, the varying colours of both the coral and fish stood out for me. Oh, and this fish looked so strange and unique so I thought I would snap a photo of it!

Strolling around the edge of the zoo, we came across some alpacas, donkeys, llamas and camels. One of the donkeys was really playful and kept rolling around the floor on its back like a dog, it make me laugh a lot...

Penguins are one of my favourite animals to watch in a zoo. The enclosure was really big as it held a fair few penguins inside. There was a large area you could sit to watch them whilst eating but Aidan and I decided to stand up close by the tank and take a closer look. The water was so clear so we could see perfectly under water. 

One of my favourite sections of the zoo was Butterfly Paradise. A large blow-up dome with high temperatures was set up in the centre of the park - this held many butterflies in which you could enter, take photos of and have them land on you. Unfortunately, none of the butterflies seemed to like us so I had to capture photos of them on the leaves. Each butterfly had either stunning coloured or complex patterned wings which looked gorgeous to stare at as well as take photos. Here's a little selfie of us in a mirror - HEY!

Above are a small percentage of the other animals we watched during the day. I loved stroking the goats, they were so so cute! Aidan's favourite animal was the pygmy hippos; they were very small compared to the average hippo size.

After spending a lovely 4/5 hours in the zoo, we became a peckish pair and headed off for some lunch. However, before we grabbed somewhere to eat we took a couple photos of the Marble Arch since it was in passing. Today, I tried capturing many sights on my phone camera as I haven't seen a great deal of London, despite being born there. 

Whenever eating out, Aidan and I always end up opting for an italian restaurant and no shock, as you would have noticed from last year's trip, we ended up having lunch at prezzo. For starters, I ordered cibatta bread with balsamic vinegar and for main I had a margherita pizza with chicken as an extra topping. The thin crust is heavenly, the food is 100% worth the money and Prezzo will forever be my number 1 restaurant. I also took a gross toilet selfie so you guys could take a closer look at my outfit.

Shopping was next on the agenda. It had begun to get quite late so we were fully aware that it wasn't possible to shop for long. This gave us the idea to come down again in the near future to spend the day solely shopping and sightseeing, as we didn't get to do much today. Urban Outfitters was the best shop I've been in; I looooove all the qwerky bits and bobs they have scattered around the shop. The only thing that stopped me from buying something was the high prices of most products. Aidan also thought it was cool to take a photo of me next to the BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, BLOG sign - bless him!

I can finally state that I've been inside a real life Kiko Milano. Woo! I had so much fun finding some bargains here as there is a huge 70% sale both online and in-store at Kiko. I was stunned to pick up some incredible deals (I will show you them later on in the post). I hadn't had much luck with makeup until we got here; everything I wanted in Selfridges/Debenhams/House of Frazer had sold out!!! 

When finished walking around the shops, we wandered down different roads taking in the beautiful sights of London. Trafalgar Square was super pretty at night because of the changing-coloured fountains displayed in the centre. 

To finish off our tightly packed day, we saw Big Ben up close and my god it looked incredible. It was so fun taking photos of this famous monument - who'd have thought a gigantic clock could be so photogenic, eh? I also took a lovely snap of the Thames and the London Eye. London is such a beauty in the evening.

It was time to catch the train home; we grabbed a quick drink at Costa from St Pancras Station and headed towards our designated train. Aidan went for the raspberry fruit cooler whereas I decided on the watermelon and strawberry. It was a struggle not to fall asleep on the way back, I was sooooo exhausted and my feet killed from walking.

Purchases of the Day :

Kiko Eyeshadow ~ 124
Kiko Water Colour Eyeshadow ~ 204
Kiko Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow Stick ~ 38
Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection ~ 301 Flat Contour Brush 

Thank you for getting this far and joining myself and my boyfriend on our outing to London. I hope you all have a wonderful day and let me know what you're up to in the comments!

Do you like going to the zoo? Have you purchased any makeup products from Kiko Milano?

Lots of love


  1. Great post!! Really want to go to London :)

  2. Great photography, loved your outfit your style is amazing! By the looks of it you purchased some great pieces. You and your boyfriend are so cute xxxx
    Charlotte //

    1. Thank you so so much Char, that's so sweet of you to say :p! You make me smile so much <3 Love you xxxx

  3. Hands down one of the best posts I've read, ever. The pictures were so immersive I could really imagine how lovely of a day it was for you. The pictures are stunning! This has really made me crave a trip to London, haha. I love your little haul at the end, too. I'm dying to try some Kiko products! Thanks for such a great post,
    Daisy xx

    1. OMG, no way Daisy - you've made my day :-) Thank you incredible amounts, love you lots and lots. I'm going again soon and I cannot wait to spend the entire day shopping and sightseeing. The Kiko products are gorgeous, love you lots Daisy Xxxx


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