A Spontaneous Day Trip To Fethiye Town | Turkey Day 11

2 August 2015

It was midday and Jess' parents thought - "hey, why don't we take a look at Fethiye town today?" So that is where we spent the rest of the day and evening. 

After hopping on a random bus in the middle of the road, we soon arrived in the beautiful town of Fethiye. Humidity was an understatement, the heat was intense and walking was a huge struggle - I thought I was close to dying! The only was to try and cool down was to find a shop to get a little air conditioning in our lives - the temperature was over 40 degrees celcius so hopefully you can empathize. 

Strolling through all the little allyways and eyeing up every cute trinket shop was a fabulous start to the day. I love how artsy the Turkish are, their carpet designs really fascinated me as well as all of the pots and designs they create. In the first photo above, you can see that one of the shop allys had a canopy made of multi-coloured umbrellas. This was beyond incredible and I noticed that this was quite a common creation in Turkey, who'd have known? To be honest, it is quite ironic really because who needs an umbrella in the blazing 45 degree heat?!

Gazing as the gorgeous views of the harbour got to our stomachs - we found a restaurant called Limon to have our dinner; I then became easily pleased when I was given a purple Coca Cola can complete with a co-ordinated straw - how fancy!! My meal was absolutely devine - I ordered a chicken pizza topped with tomatos, pepper and a spice. YUUUUUM!

The evening crept up on us very quickly and we head back towards the shops; the scenes were even more picturesque at night time so I snapped a few shots - the glowing lanterns being a highlight. I ended up purchasing a few new makeup items, one being the Comfort Zone palette by Wet N Wild! I've been wanting that baby for ages now.. I also picked up a few gifts for those at home and a deep red ruby ring. The last photo taken was when we departed the lovely town of Fethiye and returned back to the hotel - I was again easily pleased at how my outfit complimented the flowers..I need to get a life (Y)!

Until tomorrow...

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