A Collective Haul of Presents & Purchases

17 August 2015

Throughout this season, I've been purchasing, receiving and collecting gifts of all sorts to share with you during August. This could possible be the most random haul you will ever see - containing everything from books, to makeup, to clothes to glass bottles?! Sit back, relax, read and enjoy... 

Prior to my recent family holiday, I went away with my best friend to Turkey. Fortunately, we found a Wet N Wild stand out there and I managed to finally get my hands on one of their most famous eyeshadow palettes - Comfort Zone. 8 gorgeous neutral shades for a reasonable price - I couldn't say no! My favourite shades are the Eyelid, Crease and Definer colours on the left hand side of the palette. I will be sure to do a review on this little beauty in the near future!

A new discovery out in Turkey was the brand Flormar - a brand in which we found out was very popular out there. The packaging of their products seemed very professional, the shop was set out lovely and the prices were amazing! We both bought a few things: I decided to get a sparkly royal blue nail polish - I'm obsessed with this colour at the minute and thought it would look great after my tan had developed. Another thing that really intrigued me was this very shimmery blush - in a Mac looking compact, a large amount of product and multiple colours merged within, I was mesmerized and had to give this one a purchase. I fell in love from the aesthetics to the glimmering swatch!

In early July, I came across a miniature of the well-loved Nars Orgasm on Depop. Luckily, I got my hands on this authentic blush for a cheap price and am currently swooning over the beautiful colour it creates on the cheeks. I'm obsessed with this blush - I totally recommend buying the miniature too because you get the best value for your money!

During my family holiday last week, we returned to one of our favourite villages nearby - Wroxham. I always visit this shop there that sells a range of items from makeup, to furniture, to clothing to homeware...you name it! Anyway, when swooping in and out of the makeup aisles, I came across these NYX glitter eyeliners that were on the way to be cleared out. I wasn't going to allow these to be thrown away, so I indeed bought these and am looking forward to using them this winter.

Last up on the beauty front are these two lovely highend products. Jess' parents were kind enough to buy me MAC soft&gentle in duty free which I am super grateful for. I've been wearing it non-stop over the past few weeks and I can't get enough - why didn't I buy this sooner?! Also, an important date flew buy - July 5th - which happened to be mine and Aidan's two year anniversary. I was so so lucky to receive this gorgeous fragrance and it was so thoughtful, considering we smelt it the previous year for our one year anniversary. We happen to be going on a belated trip to London tomorrow to celebrate and I will definitely be blogging about this after the occasion.

Moving on to the fashion side of things, I'd been lusting after a pair of patterned trousers for ages. I finally found the perfect pair in New Look, alongside this white cowl neck top. This is the start of my sixth form clothing collection - look forward to seeing a fashion haul up soon in ready for my first year in sixth form.

OMG! This summer sunglasses have definitely been my addiction. I bought this new pair whilst I was away with my family and I'm lovestruck. The mirrored lenses turn from blue to turquoise, to green to purple in different lighting and I just love the way they look on. I couldn't stop wearing them - aaah! If any of you know any places to buy cool sunglasses let me know!!!

Recently, I've become a hoarder for anything that will look qwerky and different in my room. I managed to pick up a large glass bottle in which I hope to store flowers that correspond with the different seasons. I love the idea of flowers being held in a bottle instead of a vase. Another thing that tickled my fancy was this mini brown vase tied with a woodland creature patterened ribbon. Currently, I'm unsure of what to hold in this one but if you guys have any ideas, don't hesitate to leave me a comment below :-)

My final room ornament was this grey owl plate; this is a great place for displaying all of my statement rings/my most worn jewellery. This way, it makes it easier for me to access the jewellery I seem to reach for the most day in and out. Over the past two months, I've bought three statement rings; a jewelled peacock (my favourite), an oval, old-fashioned silver ring and a golden ruby ring which I purchased in the streets of Fethiye in Turkey. I also got my hands on this dainty pointe shoe necklace to display my passion for dance.

I finally purchased some books - reading is a hobby of mine and I haven't been able to enjoy it due to a severe lack of interesting books on my shelf. I managed to pick up some crime/murder mystery themed ones, they seem to be my forte at the minute! Reviews may be up if I enjoy them enough and who knows, you may see them in a favourites post in a month or two. 
The Other Woman is a film I very much so enjoyed; we watched it in the hotel room in Turkey whilst packing to come home. It was such a lovely Rom-Com and very different to the typical happily-ever-after ending. P.S I have a massive girl crush on Cameron Diaz!!!

My boyfriend went away to Venice with one of his friends this Summer and thoughtfully brought me back this intricately designed fan. I am in love with all of the detailing, colours and wonderful designs; I'm so so lucky!!! Hopefully one day I will get to go Venice, who wouldn't want to travel down the little rivers on a gondola?

Thank you for reading x

What have you bought this Summer?!

Love always


  1. Those make-up pieces look incredible!! That outfit really suits you, look gorgeous as always. We should do a swap box sometime in the future! Great post xxxx
    Charlotte // charbeautypicks.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so so much Charlotte, you are the sweetest :p!! Yes we definitely should do a swapbox char, maybe for Christmas or something?!xxxx

  2. hi i nominated you for Liebster award ♥

    Nique || http://2nbeauty.blogspot.com/2015/08/liebster-award.html

    1. aw thank you so so much, I will check it out now xx

  3. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)
    Lucy x

  4. The makeup looks amazing, so jealous!
    I always looking for quirky things to put in my bedroom too haha, great post xo


    1. Thank you so so much, that is so sweet. I love quirky items for my room, they are soooo cool. Thank you for reading Xx


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