Sharing Some Blogger Love This August

30 August 2015

Photo credit : Pinterest
Today, I want to show some appreciation for some special bloggers I've been loving and reading religiously this month. I love each and everyone of these writer's styles, how they present their blog and the photos that go alongside it. They clearly work their ass off to create wonderful posts for us all so here's a heartfelt dedication post to my favourite hardworking bloggers of August 2015. 

In no particular order...

First up is Daisy who is a lovely new blogger friend of mine. If you're a sucker for beauty posts, head on over to Daisy's blog to check out her latest favourites, a sneak peek into beauty boxes and her amazing 'Best Of *brand*' series each week or so. Me, being a huge fan of anything with aesthetics, loves to even glance down wildflowermakeup just to admire the gorgeous photos Daisy takes to show off her much loved products. I'm sure you will agree?!

Next we have my latest blogger friend addition - my twin Charlotte. We just had to get along, considering we have the same names right?! I am in love with her benefit product reviews and little lifestyle posts, as well as enjoying her current back to school makeup routine. Char is such a lovely character who you can't help but love, as seen through her writing. Head on over to charbeautypicks to check her out and let her know what you think!

One of my favourite fashion, food and all round lifestyle blogger definitely has to be Abi. After working with her a few months ago on a big fashion collaboration (HERE) I have fallen in love with her blog and have read every post since. I can't stop envying her style and pretty outfit posts. Abi is always active on social media so it is very easy to be updated on her latest posts - which I love, seeing as I'm a secret fangirl!! Follow her on these links below:

Like myself, Maddie owns a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. She is the youngest of my favourites and I find it incredible that has created such a gorgeous and sophisticated blog. Maddie looks absolutely stunning in all of her images and I adore her monochromal themed layout. If you're looking for a great read from day-to-day, I would totally recommend checking out Maddie's blog. It was such a pleasure working with her earlier on in the year too. 

My final blogger favourite of the month is the infamous Sarah Ashcroft from That Pommie Girl. I have been an enormous fan of Sarah's 'outta-this-world' fashion sense for a year and a half and it just keeps getting better. She seems to be able to pull off anything and everything; a fashion blogger I'm 100% envious of. Even the simplest of outfits looks 10/10 on her!!! If you've been living under a rock and haven't so yet heard of Sarah, her links are below. Go on and admire her as much as I do!

Appreciating bloggers hard work is something that makes me smile. Blogging takes up a lot of time and effort, so appreciating ones work is something I'd like to do a bit more often. Hope you have fun looking at my favourite bloggers this Summer.

Who are your favourite bloggers? 

Lots of love

I Couldn't Help Myself... | Feel Unique

26 August 2015

Don't we all just feel the need to treat ourselves every once in a while?! Well, this month let's say I've treated myself maybe a little more than planned - resulting in my card sulking in the corner, pleading for me not to touch it for the next few months...

How could I not purchase something from FeelUnique at the minute though? They always have so many offers, deals and sales dropping into my emails I just couldn't resist. I also had a voucher from my last purchase that allowed me to reduce the final cost by £5 - a very happy bunny I was :-) 

Straight in my online basket was the most beautiful eyeshadow I've ever laid my eyes on - SERIOUSLY! The Moondust collection from Urban Decay is stunning and being an addict to all things glistening I just had to get it. The 'iridescent sparkle' and '3-D metallic' tones bounce off the eyeshadow in sunlight, making it super pretty to gaze at. The foundation colour of the shadow is a salmon pink but the layering glitters range from silvers, purples, blues and greens. Solstice really matches the intergalactic theme of the range and reminds me of everything space related. GET ON MY LIDS - that sounded weird?!

My second main purchase was the Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm. I'm in love with the gorgeous champagne colour the pigmented formula creates with a swipe of a brush. There is so much product in this compact so it is totally worth the money and also holds a large mirror for handy travel purposes. I cannot wait to wear this throughout the colder months to keep me glowing. Highlighting the inner corner and brow bone with this would further be an option for me; champagne toned highlights look beautiful on the eye. 

Finally, I decided to add a couple cheaper items to my basket so I could nab myself a couple of samples. I was in need of a new red liner so a Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner (Red Diva) was added followed closely by some flutter-y T-Burr lashes. I've wanted Bambi Eyes for a while now; they are so natural looking and perfect for wearing on a day-to-day basis when my eye lashes are looking sparse and feeble. My two free samples included the Emma Hardie Protect and Prime and a 50ml sample of the the St. Moriz Self Tanning lotion

Have you purchased from FeelUnique before?! What beauty products have you bought this month? 


My First Two Piece | Luxemme Fashion

25 August 2015

 As always, I was absolutely flattered to be contacted by the team at Luxemme to collaborate with them and their wonderful fashion products. This upcoming fashion brand claims to have items ranging from Parisienne Chic to Manchester Cool and I couldn't agree more.

On browsing the Luxemme website, selecting my desired two piece and receiving my confirmation email, the delivery came in two days - INSANE! I was completely stunned at how quickly the delivery was and the professional packaging the product was neatly wrapped up in. Luxemme offer a variety of clothes for affordable prices, something that anyone wants to hear when shopping, eh? My favourite section of their online shop must be the limited edition range; an area of their site which they change monthly according to celebs and other bloggers wearing their products. 

After a lengthy and tough decision, I opted for a gorgeous white two piece -  the Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece. The slim fit style and lace detailing are right up my street; I couldn't wait to get my hands on this sophisticated, elegant outfit. Personally, I'd wear this ensemble when going out for a meal, as it indeed 'epitomises class', just like they state on the website. Also, having brunette hair is another reason I chose this limited edition two piece; the contrasting in colours aesthetically satisfies me because I'm a strange human being that gets excited by the smallest of things...

On wearing my stylish new two piece, I noticed how much the material clung to my body in all the right places. It honestly made me look so much skinnier, tucked in my tummy fat and enhanced my not-so-visible curves. This was a wonderful surprise as I wasn't expecting it to improve my body confidence alongside helping me to look stylish and refined. Another fabulous trait of the Luxemme clothing is that the material is strong and of high quality.  This instantly made me trust the brand and believed they strived to achieve phenomenal quality when manufacturing their items.

Overall, I've been astounded by the co-ordinate that Luxemme have let me show off to you all and will not hasten to add that I most definitely will be purchasing more items from their site. They not only sell other wonderful two pieces beside this, they also offer a range of clothing from casual to classy. Below is a collage of items I've added to my own personal Luxemme wishlist - click the product names underneath the photo to be navigated there!

Top Row : 
Eloise High Waisted Pants
Elson Sleeveless Jacket Brown
Melisande Laced Hem Crop Top
Bottom Row :
Paris Ruched Side Wrap Dress 
Leila Open Tie Back Dress Side
Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Two Piece


Lots of love

Adventures in London

21 August 2015

What have I got in store for you all today? A little lifestyle post on my boyfriend and mine's trip to London this past Tuesday. We decided to come back a year on from our one year anniversary which you can read about HERE if you are interested. This account of the day will include many photos, some purchases and mini descriptions of what we got up to during the day. Hope you like it!

Outfit of the Day:

White Cowl Neck Top ~ Newlook
Navy Flower Patterned Trousers ~ Newlook 
Pink Blazer ~ Primark
Purple Handbag ~ Newlook 
Necklace ~ Wallis
White+Gold strapped sandals ~  Primark

(There seems to be an unintentional theme - oops! At least it is affordable, right?!)

The first stop and main event of the whole day was visiting London Zoo. We both are a huge fan of animals; I find them super interesting to watch and love looking at how different creatures move/survive etc. On arrival, Aidan bought us a guide that included many facts about the various animal encounters equipped with a map to help us around the zoo. The aquarium was our starting point - the tropical fish tanks were my favourite, the varying colours of both the coral and fish stood out for me. Oh, and this fish looked so strange and unique so I thought I would snap a photo of it!

Strolling around the edge of the zoo, we came across some alpacas, donkeys, llamas and camels. One of the donkeys was really playful and kept rolling around the floor on its back like a dog, it make me laugh a lot...

Penguins are one of my favourite animals to watch in a zoo. The enclosure was really big as it held a fair few penguins inside. There was a large area you could sit to watch them whilst eating but Aidan and I decided to stand up close by the tank and take a closer look. The water was so clear so we could see perfectly under water. 

One of my favourite sections of the zoo was Butterfly Paradise. A large blow-up dome with high temperatures was set up in the centre of the park - this held many butterflies in which you could enter, take photos of and have them land on you. Unfortunately, none of the butterflies seemed to like us so I had to capture photos of them on the leaves. Each butterfly had either stunning coloured or complex patterned wings which looked gorgeous to stare at as well as take photos. Here's a little selfie of us in a mirror - HEY!

Above are a small percentage of the other animals we watched during the day. I loved stroking the goats, they were so so cute! Aidan's favourite animal was the pygmy hippos; they were very small compared to the average hippo size.

After spending a lovely 4/5 hours in the zoo, we became a peckish pair and headed off for some lunch. However, before we grabbed somewhere to eat we took a couple photos of the Marble Arch since it was in passing. Today, I tried capturing many sights on my phone camera as I haven't seen a great deal of London, despite being born there. 

Whenever eating out, Aidan and I always end up opting for an italian restaurant and no shock, as you would have noticed from last year's trip, we ended up having lunch at prezzo. For starters, I ordered cibatta bread with balsamic vinegar and for main I had a margherita pizza with chicken as an extra topping. The thin crust is heavenly, the food is 100% worth the money and Prezzo will forever be my number 1 restaurant. I also took a gross toilet selfie so you guys could take a closer look at my outfit.

Shopping was next on the agenda. It had begun to get quite late so we were fully aware that it wasn't possible to shop for long. This gave us the idea to come down again in the near future to spend the day solely shopping and sightseeing, as we didn't get to do much today. Urban Outfitters was the best shop I've been in; I looooove all the qwerky bits and bobs they have scattered around the shop. The only thing that stopped me from buying something was the high prices of most products. Aidan also thought it was cool to take a photo of me next to the BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, BLOG sign - bless him!

I can finally state that I've been inside a real life Kiko Milano. Woo! I had so much fun finding some bargains here as there is a huge 70% sale both online and in-store at Kiko. I was stunned to pick up some incredible deals (I will show you them later on in the post). I hadn't had much luck with makeup until we got here; everything I wanted in Selfridges/Debenhams/House of Frazer had sold out!!! 

When finished walking around the shops, we wandered down different roads taking in the beautiful sights of London. Trafalgar Square was super pretty at night because of the changing-coloured fountains displayed in the centre. 

To finish off our tightly packed day, we saw Big Ben up close and my god it looked incredible. It was so fun taking photos of this famous monument - who'd have thought a gigantic clock could be so photogenic, eh? I also took a lovely snap of the Thames and the London Eye. London is such a beauty in the evening.

It was time to catch the train home; we grabbed a quick drink at Costa from St Pancras Station and headed towards our designated train. Aidan went for the raspberry fruit cooler whereas I decided on the watermelon and strawberry. It was a struggle not to fall asleep on the way back, I was sooooo exhausted and my feet killed from walking.

Purchases of the Day :

Kiko Eyeshadow ~ 124
Kiko Water Colour Eyeshadow ~ 204
Kiko Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow Stick ~ 38
Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection ~ 301 Flat Contour Brush 

Thank you for getting this far and joining myself and my boyfriend on our outing to London. I hope you all have a wonderful day and let me know what you're up to in the comments!

Do you like going to the zoo? Have you purchased any makeup products from Kiko Milano?

Lots of love

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